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Please let me know the adverse effects of memo plus gold and the exact time to take memo plus gold for best results... thnx!

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Verwon Says:

Memo Plus Gold is a natural supplement said to help with memory enhancement.

It contains the extract of Bacopa Monierra.

That said, as a supplement, it is not proven to help with anything, nor are there any studies done on the possible side effects.

The recommended dosing, according to their site, is to start at 2 capsules daily, one with breakfast and one with dinner for the first 3 months.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

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phine Says:

wala po bang side effect ang memo plus gold? ty

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davenben Says:

Memo Plus Gold has been proven in published clinical trials in India and Australia, that it can help improve or enhance short and long term memory, alleviate forgetfulness, improves concentration and learning, fights anxiety and stress. It has no side effect and very safe to use daily for many years. Product page at

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john Says:

ok lang bang uminom ng alak ?

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chiena Says:

ok lng b uminom ng memo plus gold ung mga breastfeed mom?my side effects b ito s mommy at s baby?pls answer..thank you

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may suizo Says:

no po bng side effects ng memo plus? kase im using it for 3 consecutive days, then parang lagi dry throat ko and ngkakaroon ako ng pantal pero konti lng nmn.

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vengilita Says:

mag kano po ba yung isang box nitong memo plus?

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I want to clarify on the comments by Verwon.

There are over a hundred published studies on Bacopa monniera. The clinical studies on Memo Plus Gold demonstrate conclusively that Memo Plus Gold facilitates learning, improves consolidation of learned behaviour and delay its extinction by enhancing the protein kinase activity and new protein synthesis, particularly in the brain cells in areas connected with memory. Two notable published clinicals studies are Chronic Effects of Brahmi ( Bacopa Monnieri ) on Human Memory conducted by Steven Roodenrys Ph.D and Others at the University of Woolongong, Australia and The chronic effect of an extract of Bacopa monniera ( Brahmi ) on cognitive function in healthy human subjects conducted by C. Stough and Others at the Brain Science Institute, Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia.

Acute Toxicity Studies were conducted on Bacopa monniera and the studies show no adverse or side effects. Memo Plus Gold is a patented product of the Central Drug Research Institute of India, a premier research body of the Government of India. The product is certified safe by the Central Research Institute of India. Furthermore, the product is registered with the Health Ministry in Malaysia and has been sold there for 14 years. There has been no cases of any adverse or side effects reported in Malaysia throughout the period.

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A report entitled Data on Teratogenicity Study of compound Bacoside by Oral Route is available.

The conclusion of the Study is:

It has been observed that the oral administration of the compound ( Bacoside ) at the dose levels of 50 and 100mg/kg body weight/day in rats and 26.66 and 53.32mg/kg body weight/day in rabbits during their period of major organogenesis has not revealed any teratogenic effects which can be linked to the nature or dose of this compound

In lay-man terms, Memo Plus Gold is safe for pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers and child.

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jenifer Says:

after 3months drinking the memoplus gold...when should i need to stop taking the capsule?

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Only after taking Memo Plus Gold for three months, you will see the optimum beneficial effect in terms of memory improvement.

Memo Plus Gold can be taken everyday and for long periods of time without any adverse or side effects. More importantly, Memo Plus Gold will help you manage your daily stress much better! You can stop anytime you want without any withdrawal symptoms.

If you are a student, it is better to take Memo Plus Gold at least 9 months before your final examinations in order to get the best result!

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I believe that Memo Plus Gold is the best product for memory enhancement without the fear of any side or adverse effects.

I have two children. In the teen years, their performance in school were somewhat average. After taking Memo Plus Gold, I saw a marked improvement in their studies. Both my children are Masters graduates from the top universities in the United Kingdom. My daughter now works for a large investment bank whereas my son works for the national sewer company.

I have recommended Memo Plus Gold to all my friends. Without exception, all my friends are very happy for they too have seen significant improvement in the studies of their children and these friends are ever so grateful to me for recommending Memo Plus Gold to them.

My mother and my mother-in-law also live with me under one roof. One day, my mother-in-law had a bad fall in the bathroom and as a result, her memory was adversely affected. I was saddened that she could not remember many names and past events. After taking Memo Plus Gold for about one month, I saw many positive changes in her. Today, her memory is sharper than ever and she is very active and alert.

Some years ago, my mum was very forgetful. She often used to misplace her personal items like her purse, jewellery and keys. After taking Memo Plus Gold, her forgetfulness is now a thing of her past!

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Memo Plus Gold to you.

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Baby Says:

Hi! I have a problem, just this morning, I have mistaken my Memo plus gold as my C-lium fiber supplement. They look exactly the same. The problem is, I took 5 capsules which is what's needed for my fiber intake. I am worried that there might be any side effect or if it may be harmful to take in that much. It was an honest mistake. Right now I am experiencing diarrhea and I'm starting to worry. Please help. Thanks!

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Baby, there is no cause for concern.

As I mentioned earlier, in an animal study, rabbits were administered with 53.32 mg/kg body weight of bacopa monniera and the studies showed no adverse effect whatsoever on those rabbits.

Therefore, if your body weight is 50 kg, the study proves that you can consume up to 2666 mg. Every capsule of Memo Plus Gold has 125 mg of bacopa, so you can safely take 21 capsules at a time without any health threat.

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I am a chain smoker. I smoke between 40 to 60 sticks of cigarette a day. In the recent past, my health was very bad and felt very weak, tired and lethargic all the time..

About a year ago, my buddy introduced me to Memo Plus Gold. He gave me a published research paper titled Effect of bacoside A on the brain antioxidant status in cigarette smoke exposed rats. He also told me that there are a few more published studies on the beneficial effects of the bacopa monniera in smokers. Ever since I took Memo Plus Gold, my overall general health has improved tremendously. Nowadays I can climb a long flight of stairs without much effort. Before I used to be breathless.

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Flawless Says:

I want some Memo Plus Gold, where can i get them i am in the UK.

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cyrell anne Says:

it is ok if i take memo plus gold and vitamin B complex at the same time??? and after I start taking it i usually sleep around 1:30 am.. could it be the side effect of those drug.. shoul i continue taking those drugs??

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There is absolutely no side effects in taking Memo Plus Gold.

Memo Plus Gold makes you alert and activates your brain, when taken.

So it is advisable to take Memo Plus Gold at least three (3) hours before bed-time.

The best time to take the daily dosage of two capsules of Memo Plus Gold is immediately after breakfast.

Memo Plus Gold can be taken with any other supplements including Vitamin B.

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irine munsayac Says:

ok lang po uminom sa umaga ng memory plus old kahit medyo gutom at sa gabi kahit gutom kasi nag dadiet po ako, konti lang ako magkakain at nag aafter 6 diet ako sa gabi. ok lang po ba yun inumin kahit gutom? before po b or after meal

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irine munsayac Says:

so is it yes na ok lang uminom ng memory plus gold kahit gutom ka, kasi planning to take exam this november, i just want my brain to function more, is it okay

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