Medicine For Stomach Pain And Loose Motion For My Wife (Top voted first)

Rahul Says:

Sir, my wife age-26 yrs suffering from loose motion & stomach paid. I have given her pantoprazole & norflox-TZ but she is still not getting relife. Kindly suggest some medicine.


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Nitin Vohra Says:

i am 21 year old suffering from loose motion and stomach pain. i deliberately uses toilet for 5 times a day. this has happened since 3 days any medicine i have not taken till now please suggest me some medicines.

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Abdul Mannan Says:

I am suffering from losse motion frm last 3 days In 1 day i hv to go 4 to 5 times toilet please help me out.Give 1 nice medicine for whole lyf that i dnt suffered.

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Rams Says:

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Hi sir My Name Rams my wife suffering from Stomach pain and also loose motions from 4 hours onwards 4 times Iam in Chennai my family is in Hyderabad so please suggest one medicine her age is 32

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Lloyd Pinto Says:

I have been getting severe pain in the stomach with watery loose motions since the last 4 to 5 days

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abhi Says:

Dear sir,
Last night I had taken alcohol from 7 pm to around 3:30 am after taking alcohol I am not able to take any thing but I had filling be hungry, today I have so bedly filling acidity than I am taking Pan- D tab till now I have stomach pain along with loose motion, kindly advice what I going to do this problem.

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