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My mother treated us with BGO salve when we were children. She used it when we had poison oak or poison ivey. She also used it for insect bites as well as redbugs. It contained sulfer and it came in a small round container about an inch high and 3/4 inch wide. I found it online several years ago and it was made by a company in Atlanta, GA. We ordered a case. I can no longer find it and have very little left. It would be great to find a source for this wonderful salve. Oh yes, and it is a pinkish to salmon color in the the container.

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my grandfather used poslam salve and said that he used this salve for boils and to remove foreign things from the body, ie splinters, metal shavings, etc. he is interested in finding more, but has been unsuccessful. if anyone has any info on how to obtain this medication, i would like to know. thanks.

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Sorry, I tried searching for it, but can't find any place that has it for sale, it is possible that it is no longer made.

However, what it sounds like is a Drawing-Out Salve, there are many of these available by various companies, including store brands. We picked some up about 2 months ago at CVS.

It does exactly what you described and works really well.

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the last time I purchased this medicated Poslam, skin ointment was in 1987 & it cost me $1.60. I brought 3 jars of it and still am using it and it works. I use it for acme when I have a break out. I purchased it at Longs in CA. Some times the pharmacy can make it up for you with ingre. this is what it says on my jar. tar distillate, sulform, saliclic acid,phenol 0.35% zinc oxide menthol, lanolin.

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I used Poslam faithfully every evening in the 1950's specifically for pimples. Gave me beautiful skin.

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