Maroon Round Pill Has P97 Only Printed

Melanie Says:

Has p97 only printed on one side.... And is maroonish brown all the way thru.....

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Cynthia Says:

Pill P97 on one size nothing on the other color maroon, would like like to know for what older men take it. Does it cause some type of infection?

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David Says:

The closest matching description I see here is a round pink pill with P97 on one side and a small "[w]" on the other (enclosed in a box - all in black ink). Apparently it contains 26.3mgs of Primaquine phosphate; which is an antimalarial drug used specifically for treating vivax malaria. Just for reference, this pill also carries a National Drug Code of: 00024-1596. You can click the Drug Code link for more specific details and a pill image.

Do either of you happen to have any additional clues as to the pill's origin, where it was found/purchased or what it was believed to be?

I hope this helps!

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Katt Says:

I believe it is an over the counter Peridium (uti) pill. I was also trying to identify the same pills and the ones onthe internet do not show this exact pill from what ive found.

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Sabrina Says:

Re: Katt (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

You are correct, it is an AZO brand OTC UTI treatment.

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