Male Star Supplement

sunn Says:

Is this Safe, will it cause BP to raise, are there any hidden ingredients not listed which may be harmful.. Will it work as claimed,,saw a review was'nt helpful or favorable....

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George Says:

If I have diabetes and high blood pressure can I use this pill

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David Says:


Where did you first hear about this "male star" supplement? I'm not finding any specific details about it online whereas it seems completely non-existent... If you happen to have any additional information you can provide on the ingredients that ARE listed as well as other supplement facts, please post back so others, including myself can be of more assistance.

Also, if it does contain any stimulants, this may be a red flag for those with high blood pressure.

Will look forward to hearing back! Thanks!

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michael Says:

I have been sent a bottle of male star, with an order number of 4302724, on 05/07/2015 and shipping date 06/07/2015. I wanted to stop any further transactions being sent to me and to stop the company I had ordered it from, from trying to take money out of my bank account. I have informed my bank to stop any of their transactions or they will instruct their fraud department. Thank you for your help.

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David Says:

Sorry to hear about your situation michael. Where did you order it from? It sounds to me like the company behind male-star's production has failed to deliver their promises. I don't know what type of help you might be looking for in the matter of the cause, but perhaps the Better Business Bureau (BBB) may be a step in the right direction. At any rate, thanks for the heads up! I know I will not be buying male star after reading this.

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nightwolf007 Says:

Im very disappointed on my review on this product and I tried too do some research on it and it's know ware too be found on the web but this sight.Do not send me any of this stuff too me ever again.I
will call too late you know to not bill my card after this one. Thank you an have a good day.

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David Says:


This site does not manufacturer or sell products of any kind… So my stance is that you must be mistaken in how you worded your post. Maybe you can clarify or reiterate the details in your description?

For example, how could you possibly order a product and not know what site you ordered it from? Can't you check your browser history or product receipt?

Lastly, doing research on a product is different than ordering a product…

Thanks for any feedback you might have on this!

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Notbornyesterday Says:


I ordered a product called TestoXL. I received Male Star. I looked all over the internet for Male Star and could not find anything except here!! I called customer service and was told TestoXL just changed the label and it is the same thing. I asked then why cant I find anything on the internet showing this. She replies it happened a month ago. I replied I ordered last week, she replied its ok its the same thing.. I advised I was not taking anything I have no info on. For all I know it's a bait and switch. She tried everything to convince me to keep it. I advised I'm returning it no questions asked. I received an email with a RMA and that my account was canceled. Here is my order conformation.

Thank you for purchase.
Your order has been accepted.
Order Number: MHG1277

1116 TestoXL 1 $0.00 $0.00
TOTAL 5.95

You will be billed as: male nitro pill 800-618-5378

Dear Valued Customer,

On behalf of everyone at TestoXL, we would like to congratulate you on choosing our product. We want to take a moment to thank you for your recent order. We greatly appreciate your business and the opportunity to assist you with your needs.

At TestoXL, we welcome your feedback regarding your purchases and we want to hear from you! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order or just want to share your thoughts about our products, do not hesitate to call or email your comments at anytime. Our Customer Service agents are here to help you Monday-Friday 7:00AM-5:00PM PDT, and we can be reached at 1-888-373-7817 (TOLL FREE).

We would love to hear from you!

Thank you,
Customer Support

Monday-Friday 7:00AM-5:00PM PDT
Phone: 1-888-373-7817 (TOLL FREE)

This is an automated message.

Good luck I was also told I have an additional 14 days to return the unused portion before they try to run my card..

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