Male Star Dietary Supplement
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laniel Says:

I got mail star and did not work for me so I asked for a refund. Was sent another bottle and I called told you again doe not work for me, asked for refund was told I got one refund in March but didn't. I should have 2 refunds and got none, my records show you taking out the price of your male star twice and so I expect refunds for both bottles, the second was returned unopened. My records show no refunds. I will sue for fraud, was told got one refund and got none got account info and just showing you pulled $89.95 twice out of my account and no refund.

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CommonSense Says:

It takes more than a month. One bottle isn't gonna do the trick. If you're looking for that miracle, just keep praying. Maybe one day, Jesus will give it to you. It's just like exercising. One month isn't gonna blow you up and make you look like Arnold schwartz.

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Kadeem Says:

is there a number or any type of contact information?

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Butch Says:

I thought I was purchasing a trial sample, saw the credit card charge for shipping, but, the 14 day CANCELLATION NOTICE was HIDDEN on the SECOND PAGE. I received an email receipt, but no notice about the cancellation since I unknowingly had subscribed to a monthly charge and I assume drop shipment! Well, I got charged for the trial shipment + freight, etc. WARNING;, READ the SECOND PAGE and SMALL PRINT BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!!!!

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Kevin farm boy Says:

Cancel the stuff that u are sending me it not working at all okay thanks

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PinkCinnamon78 Says:

This is my update: My man started taking Male Star on Aug 17, 2015 & I can't say that I see a lot of difference - he does want to have more intercourse but it doesn't last any longer, he's not any fuller or harder then before so we are NOT going to buy any more at this time - we might if we see that his libido slows down or stops -- he saw a difference cause he wants more intercourse. I was always making the first move - we have intercourse the same amount but now he's asking me & I do like that - so I say they're ok if you have a low libido -- the bottles will be empty soon so I'll post more later & let you all know if his libido changes without the pills XXX

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Henry Says:

Yes male star did the same thing to me they changed 89.95 to my checking account and I never authorized the order. Who can I talk to regarding this complaint

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PinkCinnamon Says:

I was told by a male friend that MALE STAR works for him it he also used "NITROXTENDS" the work best when taken together, so I say don't count them out till you try them with NITROXTENDS - my man just took them & I'll post the finds soon (within the week) - good luck guys

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Taniel Says:

Hi guys i have a quick question my mate who is 16 and he is a male, can he take this "MaleStar" or not? Can it out him at risk or not ? Please get back to me ASAP thanks..

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laniel Says:

Don't be an i****, male star is crap and does nothing for me except raise my blood pressure. For some people it may work but I doubt it. They should be sued for false adds. If I was to continue using this crap I probably would be dead so knock yourself out. Now the damn co is saying I didn't order the crap and got proof I should sue the dumb rear ends. They are trying to soften the blow because it does not work and the people who says it does are probably connected to this scam co. and getting paid to lie about their product.

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villi Says:

hii can i have a contact number to call?i didnt order any supliment last week but i recieve a two bottle of male star and i havent open them so they bull out £91 from my account i really need to refun my money asap and i will sent it back next week

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M Says:

BC u have to follow the guidelines for it to work and they must of didn't

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Robbie Says:

How long did male star take to work?

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rj Says:

What was the number of the place?

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Haythem Kenway Says:

I ordered from a website to boost my male genital part up cuz I was having difficulty. That I was not getting enough blood flow towards that specific spot. The bottle is very different of what I've seen in the picture. I'm not sure if I should take this supplement by the reviews that were shown. I would like to get what i spent money on.

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joshua Says:

I used male star and it worked for me I dont know what all these other guy's problem is but it works.

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laniel Says:

I tried it, did not do a thing, asked for the refund and was told I got it and my records shows they took it out but no refund..... Complete waste of time and money these people should be put out of business for fraud.

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Valentino Says:

Just got some and this s*** doesn't work and it's too dam high at $89.95 for one, but I already opened them... Do u send them back or what do I do? Help please.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Laniel! How are you? I'm sorry about the problem that you're having.

However, you didn't order anything from this website. It is an information only site that does not manufacture, nor sell any products.

Have you looked at the account information on your statement? They should list the name of the company and usually a contact phone number, as well.

Does anyone know how to contact the company that makes this?

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