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Michelle Says:

I have 3 herniated discs c4-c6 and myofasacia that was diagnosed from a car accident in October. 2014. My pop will not prescribe narcotics, I am currently in a pain management program who has sent me to physical therapy, a neurologist, and provided a tens unit. I am in pain 24x7 and cannot sleep because of the level of pain. My pain management Will not prescribe any pain medication. I have discussed this with my psychiatrist and psychologist who cannot believe they have left me in pain for so long. The pain has gotten so bad I have gone to their office 6 times with all my documentation, given 5 days of mess and told to call my dr, who says TO TAKE TYLENOL. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I CAN DO? I can't take the level of pain increasing.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Michelle! How are you? I'm so very sorry that you're in pain.

Have you considered seeing a different pain specialist?

That is always your option, you are not obligated to continue seeing the current ones, if they aren't helping you.

What is your general location? This information may enable someone to suggest a good doctor in your area.

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P450 Says:

Michelle I saw your post and realize it has been some months since you wrote.

First of all you are not alone, don't ever give up ok. Second, you clearly were referred to a PM center or clinic that does interventions without opioids. Third, please write back so we know if you got another option such as a new referral.

If you have a humane psychiatrist he or she can refer you to a new PM specialist in your area or if you must travel somewhere to get that pain relieved. The new FDA suggestion for 120 mg. morphine equivalent has caused much fear in the medical community.

Keep a chart daily of your pain levels 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain imaginable. Write down "exercised and stretched," "hot bath up to neck 20 minutes," and again if that pain is sky high next to it "10." If you are prescribed medication for pain and you take a pill and an hour later "slept for 3 hours awoke with less pain" make note of this. Keep this journal for at least 2 weeks and bring this to your other physicians. Also if you have a family member who sees your suffering arrange for them to go to an appointment with you to reinforce the suffering.

I know you will get help, sometimes it takes time to get what you need.

Peace sister.

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Daveliss Says:

I have a pain management doctor in Utah. I have been his patient for 2 years now. I have what they call 6 rotated vertebrae. I have degenerating discs, I have all 9 pairs of fibromyalgia, I have constant pain in my feet due to 7 foot surgeries, I have levoscoliosis and I have a deformed hip that causes major sciatica and nerve pinches regularly, I also have arthritis in my feet, in my knees, and all true my back, and I have Crohn's disease., I also have arthritis in my feet, in my knees, and all true my back, & I have Crohn's disease. So my plate is full. I have been telling my doctor for more than a year that the beautiful morphine he has me on does nothing. I have heard from other people that they have success with that. I am happy for them. I on the other hand have no success and lay in bed at night and pray to God I don't wake up every morning. I have looked for a decent p.m. for 8 years in the Salt Lake City area. I know due to the DEA and all the changes with the class two and three drugs that doctors are more hesitant than ever. That being said I have been suffering with chronic pain for 15 years and I have been at the level of 4 percocets 10 milligrams a day for ever! I told my last pain doctor if he was not willing to add at least 2 to my regular prescription to refer me out. He sent me to this doctor who thinks he's a rehab doctor, and no he's not a rehab doctor. This dip told me if I don't like it he will just take me off all opiates to all together and I could just suffer. I did find out that last year he wrote over 4,000 prescriptions under Medicare D plan and collected $511, 000. Wow when did are doctors start being on the take?? He obviously is not writing those prescriptions for real opiates. Can anybody or does anybody know a real qualified pain management physician in the Salt Lake City area that they could recommend me to?? The other problem I run into here quite frequently is the doctors who belong to the Church of Latter day Saints do not want to prescribe you anything. They want you to suck it up do water aerobics and apply ice. Oh if I could only do that that would be fabulous but I can't. I am in so much pain today that I've had fantasies of running my doctor over with my car and then telling him you can only have buprenorphine for pain oh you're in pain too bad you can only have buprenorphine. The chronic pain sufferers and this country are being so screwed over! We're screwed over by the DEA and we're screwed over by are pharmacies and were definitely screwed over by our doctors. I would not be so grumpy but considering I've been at the same level of pain treatment for over 15 years, they have not given me any sort of a high since 2002 and I was happy that side effect went away! Yes I am a control monster and I don't like anything to interfere with me being in control! The problem is I do not have control over what pain medicine is prescribed. All I know is this drug has not worked for me for a very long time and I have journals and statements to prove it, yet my doctor falsified my records so he could justify prescribing it. He listed that I am allergic to drugs that I am NOT allergic to or have never even taken. He also listed that I am bipolar, which is funny. He is not a psychiatrist. I have seen a psychiatrist for 15 years and even she does not have me listed as bipolar!! I think he knows I want to file a wrongful suit against him for neglecting to treat my pain and he is already stacking the information file against me. Well thank God you didn't refer to me as a drug addict, I would have walked into his office and burned that s*** down. Everyone is beyond pissed off at this point. Even my BFF that I have known for 20 years keep saying well just go get another doctor. If that was only so easy. Oh well maybe I just won't wake up tomorrow.

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P450 Says:


The FDA 120 mg. morphine equivalent is the problem scout around the various trending topics to read up on some of what I've written. Utah is a hellish state, when I used to do pain referrals world wide and our country was Odumma LESS and we practiced scientific medicine this did not happen. I had the top PM in the country (California) for over 5 years for I am very rare I can die from intractable pain, and he threw 30 of us from out of state to the toilet without proper referrals 10 months ago. Because I am a P450 metabolizer and am ultra rapid I've been on Duragesic and liquid Oxycodone pills do not work for those like me, and only through my judicious putting aside a percentage of patches and liquid am I still alive but now crippled for the taper down on these dangerous drugs can kill you.

You likely need to seek out of state help although many are hankering down on that. With your history you do need a LA medication and a BT medication if you were treated properly, however, you may be better off on just the few pills you've been getting (you are tolerant that is why you now need a few more to get to the point where you are not feeling WORSE then better) and an addiction doctor which is NOT ACCORDING TO THE AMA a legal specialty. It's a group of creeps who like watching people in pain and addicts suffer under their rule would tell you that you're over saturated and are getting more pain.

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P450 Says:

Medicare Records wrote Long Acting Opioids up through 2012

301 N 200 E SUITE 2A
St George, Utah, 84770

Saint George, Utah, 84790

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Stacey Says:

Michelle, tens units and Tylenol are absolutely worthless for your type of pain source. Herniated discs (had a ruptured disc at L-5 S-1) cause pain radiating down the butt and legs, as I'm sure you know. Tens units are for Muscle pain and spasms, not nerve pain. Your Dr is either ignorant of the available treatments, or just doesn't care. I've posted on this site under 'Chronic Pain Sufferers' Please Read. Long story short, you either need to have your discs repaired, or find a pain specialist who will treat you more aggressively. Get with your ins company and get a complete list of Dr's that may be able to help you, and Google Pain specialist in your area. Specifically look for someone who uses the Spinal Chord Stimulator or the Intrathecal Morphine Pain Pump. These are long term solutions that are for people who have run the gamut of pain meds and therapy. I DO NOT WORK FOR THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THESE ITEMS, AND I DON'T GET ANYTHING FOR TALKING ABOUT THEM. I have a genuine concern for people who are suffering like did. I came across these treatments by accident. I actually overheard my Dr in the next treatment room telling someone else about it. So I asked him when he came in if I was a candidate for it, and he said Sure!! Good luck.

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MB Says:

Hi I am 47 yr female. With a total fail need replacement, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, and two bulging disc in one herniated disc on each side. And believe most of these are caused by my underlying condition of ALS/Lou gergig disease. I need to find a pain management doctor in the Richmond area who gives pain medicine. I've had several doctors but most want to treat short-term because of the ALS. I believe it must be too much of a bother opposed to just having to deal with ruptured/herniated disc because of life expectancy or complications or both. I have been on oxycodones 15mg - 180 month; and 50 mg fentynal pain patch for about 1 1/2. Could someone please help as I have run out of options. Tearing physician says can't do anymore due to new laws coming into effect soon!!!??

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Cherry Says:

What state are you in? I may have a name for you. I'm replying because you and I sound very very much alike! I'm 57 years old and have been in pain management for 23 years. My pain mgt. Dr died and my family Dr. Has been prescribing for me very well but now the new FEDERAL LAWS that recently took affect are screwing all of us REAL CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS because of the pill seekers and sellers out there. Keep your chin up you will find a GOOD PAIN SPECIALIST who prescribes what people like us need that don't want those horrible spine surgeries or have other non-surgical problems.

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Emma Says:

Cherry, ( or anyone who sees this please) would you send me the name of a decent doctor within 100 miles of Springfield, Missouri? I lost my pain management doctor because I was going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage ( I just love my Husband's selfish midlife crisis that I didn't deserve) I tried to be a good wife and be there for him, be kind and loving, but he didn't care and he was very abusive and hurt me all the time.
Anyway, I had a perfect record with a pain doctor for almost 9 years, but he doesn't see out of state patients, and I had to move to Missouri to live with family because my husband took all of our money out of the banks, even savings, then he tells me the next day that he was leaving me and our girls and going to stop paying the Mortgage. So we had no choice in moving to Missouri or would have been homeless and evicted. I have a lot of health problems well documented, but I cant find one kind or decent Doctor here in Missouri so far. I have tried two pain management doctors here near Springield, Mo; but they treated me like I had done something wrong! which I did not, the only thing I'm guilty of is finally getting me and my girls away from a very abusive man. I don't deserve to have to endure constant pain, it is so bad that I cant stand it; things like this are why most women never leave until they are dead. I am at the end of my rope, and cant stand to live like this. Please if anyone has a recommendation for a doctor that will actually write pain meds for honest patients in Missouri, please tell me

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Twenty yrs experience in pharmaceutical expertise Says:

Re: Daveliss (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Dilaudid (hoping I spelled right) morphine is terrible i don't know why they even bother with it. Dilaudid muahh one and... tell later. No pain. I was in an accident, a garbage truck going backwards up a one way street ran me over, I broke 39 bones and severed 2 fingers which thankfully were in great condition to be reattached. However for a month in the hospital I was given Ultram... no help finally a roommate came in, and I don't know who had it Wise, but agree was on Dilaudid, she was kind enough to ask the Dr why I am not on that? I was changed that day to Dilaudid and will be direct grateful to that young girl

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