Lyka Labs India - Do They Make 1 Mg Alprazolam In Cards

yozzer Says:

I have alprazolam 1mg tablets that are round with a line going thru one side. They are white round pills in a tray of ten and it says made in india in lyka labs. Can any 1 tell me if they're the real deal? Thanx.

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Tony Says:

They are as good as tranax brand.

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Lexi Says:

Yes I take them when I run out of Valium and they are a good brand.

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Lexi Says:

Do Alprazolam have codeine in them? I just wanna make sure they don't cause I only take them when I'm out of Diazepam.

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AGENT911 t Says:

So guys they are a good brand then? Thanks for the input.

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Walshy Says:

No codeine in lyka alprazolam tables, they work just as well as valium

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Da dogg Says:

Yes, they are good. I am prescribed them and never had a problem.

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Da dogg Says:

No there is no codene in lyka alprazolam, but there are dodgy upjohn 90 s going around with codine in them in dublin

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Bardel44 Says:

I've been addicted to Zopiclone for the last 2+ years now. I had been taking between 8/10 pills a day and last week begged my Doctor for help in coming off them. I get a monthly script of 28 7.5mg's. My Doctor refused point blank to help me so i had no choice to start weaning myself off them in the last week surviving on 4 a day/night than my usual 8/10! Today instead of getting Zopiclone i received Alprazolam 1mg in the hope i can gradually come off them asap. I understand that no matter what im going to do I'll go through some withdrawals when i stop altogether. Can anyone please help me out and tell me if im doing the right thing by switching from a Sleeping Pill to an anti anxiety, Alprazolam? I am so determined to knock the Zopiclone on the head if possible. Any help id greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance guys. I hope someone can put my mind at ease. I was taking the Zopiclone just so i could function as they no longer give the desired effect. Funny enough from cutting my dose to less than half of what i was taking last week i actually feel OK although im not going to lie im having extreme sweats, headaches and seem to have manic rages but i blame the Zopiclone for that because i only have them since becoming dependent on the Zops. Im truly hoping by switching to an anti anxiety which i only intend of taking until im finished detoxing myself on the last 3 trays on Alprazolam and ill be stopping taking them when they are gone. Any helpful and useful information from People who know the effects of Alprazolam would be Hugely Appreciated. I hope someone out there can put me straight if im doing the right thing. I'm 44 years of age and NO longer want to be dependent on any pill. Thanks to anyone who hears my desperate plea for help.

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Eamo Says:

Ya i agree wit the dub above ^^ there thae same as tranix just slow release

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Ruairi Mullan Says:

you know a 1mg tab of lykrashould be double the strngth of a valium d1o so i don't think they are real deal at all their certainly not phizor standard

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Ruairi Mullan Says:

is it alot slower to come on as tablets are twice as big and obviouly ase concentrated as the small puple 1 mg xanax by phizor the best in work in my opinion unless some one with more knollage can redirect me

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Buzzy Linda Says:

Pills are only meant 2 be used up to 12 weeks but doctors don't use these guidelines in many cases. I would urge you not to buy street drugs if at all possible. No matter the pills, withdrawals will follow.

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ALPO Says:

I also take them and find them to be as good as valium.

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Pillg Says:

I have taken fits where I collapsed on these pills avoid taking rumoured to thin blood

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Zimmerman Says:

Sorry u seem ti hve fit or fits not allergic to benzos? U may hve epilepsy or may b u been taken too many although benzo fits common enough it's withdrawal or just some evil worker spiking dem or mislabled dats bout all I can think of hopefully one is reason

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Brunny Says:

I'm dubious about these, they have no box, no name and does not state extended or sustained release. No reviews online either. It says it's made by modi lifecare ind, but has a Lyka labs logo on it, but they don't make alprazolam according to their site nor do modi lifecare. Would love to know more about them myself.

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Tic tock Says:

Re: Bardel44 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Best to take diazepam when detoxification is your goal. If you Google a detox plan it will explain how many diazepam are equal to zimovane, etc. When u detox off the diazepam it's good to use the strongest antihistamines the chemist will sell, because your smell and senses are dulled when taking zimos or benzos.

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Sean Says:

Re: Da dogg (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

There is no codeine in them but they are not a legitimate benzodiazepine. For example they don't show up as a benzo in lab work.

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Jekel Says:

Re: Ruairi Mullan (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

Alprazolam has a 20 times multiplier on valium. So 1mg Xanax = 20mg Valium (2 blues or 4 yellows) This is fact. Alprazolam is quicker acting, shorter half life while valium has a much higher half life. Taking too much of either of these in one go is a waste as the body can only metabolize at a specific rate. So slow and steady, no point taking loads, it's a waste. Much better to spread out over several 4 hourly intervals. Safe playing guys.

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Pumpy Says:

Re: Bardel44 (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah mate, it's heavy. Best keeping just a few in reserve more for psychological reason and if you have an occasion where you need to keep yourself together (i.e. funerals, etc.) and + if u know u can hold back when it's there you're good to go.

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