Looking For A Doctor To Help Me Get My Xanax Back I Do Not L

gloria muller Says:

need a doctor zip 1772 on wellcare insurance i do not like the one i go for mental health

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Sherry Says:

Gloria,You have to be careful where and who the Dr. is you see. My Dr is out on medical leave. He has been gone for 6 months. I was doing fine on the medications he gave me.Xanax for panic attacks.It worked. But I had to go see a new pychiatrist and he decided to change all of my medicines!! ALL OF THEM! Several of them have made me deadly sick. I do not know what to do either. I do not like the Dr where I am going. And there does not seem to be anyone else I can go to. I pray that my Dr comes back soon. Nothing he gave me ever made me sick! Please be careful.!! I care about other people who are suffering from severe panic attacks and NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND THEM UNLESS THEY ALSO HAVE PANIC ATTACKS!!

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sunshinetoday Says:

The Dr. I see now, Mine is out ~ So the one I am seeing now is horrible. They gave me one drug called Neurontin. And it paralyzed me all night long. I couldn't move my fingers or feet. Couldn't move anything!!! They are giving me Clonazepam to replace xanax. And I wake up gasping for air in the middle of the night. They said to keep taking it and if I couldn't breath to go to the emergency room. I think I would be brain dead by the time the ambulance got here! There are some nasty Dr.s out there. I heard that they are not wanting to give anyone xanax at all. What about us people that suffer from panic attacks?? You can actually die trying to get off of the stuff!

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Spider Says:

Is your doctor back? I cannot find one to manage me effectively.

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