Loestrin Fe Breakthrough Bleeding

Kaitlyn Says:

Hey there! This is my first time on birth control. I've decided to go with Loestrin Fe. I started my period at 2am on a Monday, but didn't take it until 10:30 that night. It was twenty hours after I started, not 24, so it's okay! Anyway, I've been on my period the entire time. I started on April 7th and it's April 15th today. Before birth control, my period lasted six days. It's my eighth day and I'm still bleeding. Is this breakthrough bleeding and my body getting adjusted to the pill? Just making sure! I've taken the pill every night at 10:30pm so I haven't missed one. Thanks!

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Kaitlyn! How are you? Are you still experiencing bleeding?

Yes, it could be due to the contraceptive, since you just started it. However, if it keeps going as a full flow, then be sure to contact your doctor as it may not be the right one for you to take.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Kaitlyn Says:

That makes sense. Thank you! My period eventually stopped and then came back when I took the white and brown pills of the pack. One more question. I'm still on the same pill, but into the second month and I started my period in the middle of the pack. I have 12 blue pills to go... Now is THAT normal? Cramping is really bad and I've been getting nauseous. Maybe I'll give it to the end of this pack before I call my doctor? Thanks again!

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Nat Says:

Hello! I just got on Loestrin Fe 3 weeks ago due to a cyst on my left ovary which caused me to have periods for 2 months straight. I am 20 years old & not sexually active. My period stopped the next day after I took my first pill. Then the next week, oh boy clotting began. It's been 2 weeks and im bleeding so bad that I have to change my pad every 2 hours. Help me, I don't know what to do.

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