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Danielle Says:

Hi, I have been taking this birth control for about 5 months and I am intimately active with my husband. The other night I took a white pill instead of the blue pill because it is by the bed side and I didn't turn a light on like a dummy. I started something like a period the day after the missed pill, that's when I noticed I took the wrong one. The blood is very dark and been going on for about a week and 1/2. I only have 8 more blue pills left to take before I start the white one and go to the brown one. Is the dark blood a sign I'm pregnant? I've continued to take the pills every day and that was the first time I've missed a pill, well taken the wrong one.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Danielle! How are you?

When you're taking oral contraceptives, your period is actually a breakthrough bleed, it starts from not taking any active hormones. Thus, you accidentally took an inactive tablet and induced one, then you went back to your active tablets and have thrown your hormone balance off, which likely explains the prolonged bleeding you're experiencing. The darker blood is usually just due to higher estrogen levels, as reported by the NIH.

There is a risk of pregnancy, but if you're having a period, then it isn't very likely.

If the bleeding gets heavier, or continues into your next pill pack, you should have things checked out by your doctor.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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Danielle Says:

Thank you ... I've called the doctor and they are going to change my pill. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative so hopefully the change will help. That's again for your time.

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Francesca Says:

I accidentally took my white pills each a day early I realized on the last day of my pack the day I should be taking the 2nd and final white pill..I still had a blue pill so I took it instead ending the month with a blue active pill..I was intimate on Saturday o Tuesday is when I took the white pill by mistake..so I didn't skip a pill I just took a weaker pill a day early..am I at risk?

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