List Of Doctors Who Prescribe Oxycodone In Massachusetts

Jerry Says:

I have severe cervical spinal stenosis in my neck and back disc herniation and other pain and I need a REFERRAL for a Good Primary care doctor in "MASSACHUSETTS" who will write Oxycodone. I am in Agony. I love my Primary, he is a great guy.

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Joan Says:

Hi, I'm originally from Massachusetts but moved to GA for the last 8 years and am moving back to MA now. I've had many neck, shoulders, arm surgeries and have major back pain and am looking for a pain clinic in New England. I've had ongoing chronic pain for over 20 years now. My pain clinic in GA is currently giving me 30 mg oxycodone 3x a day, so 90 a month. I'm not a drug seeker but am in agony without medication. I understand the laws have changed but people in pain still need pain Dr's and management. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Denise Says:

Hi, my name is Denise. I had to have xr lumbar spine 2 3 v ag av EU fv hl lu mm, so I am in pain on my left side. My nerves in my feet are severely damaged and they stay numb. The doctor that did my surgery doesn't take my insurance. He took care oh me for three months.

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bigdog 2018 Says:

I'm looking for a doctor in Burlington, Massachusetts (01803 zip code) who will still prescribe oxycodone for moderate to severe pain for chronic lower back pain, diabetes, neuropathy and psoriatic arthritis. I was on 300 mg per day, last 2 primary care physicians for the last 6-7 years had no problem writing them but both left the hospital. I've been seeing a np for 6 months as she was the only one accepting new patients and my luck had it, she is dead against opioids.

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JuJu Says:

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Unfortunately MA doctors are no longer giving prescriptions for ANY type of narcotics. I have friends in MA who are sick and are coughing all night and they can't even get prescriptions for cough medicine!
Sadly with all these new laws due to drug addicts people that suffer with pain are paying the price.
You could try a major hospital with a pain clinic or try New Hampshire.
I'm sorry about your pain, I totally understand.

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Bella Says:

Re: JuJu (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

It’s not the drug addicts that are stopping these doctors from prescribing pain meds. It’s the medical board and the AMA who is doing this. Stop blaming the addicts. Can’t stand people who put blame on others when don’t know the truth!

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