Lisinopril Pill Size Change

Szf Says:

I too just received the refill for my Mom's 10 mg Lisinopril tabs from Lupin Pharmacy,and have discovered they are half the size of the ones she has been taking for years. She is 93 years old, is very feeble, and uses a walker to get around. I am extremely concerned about whether or not to give her these new pills as I have read all the side effects people are experiencing. If she was to get dizzy or lightheaded the results could be disastrous. Does anyone have an alternative to this brand that may still be the same as the old larger Lisinopril tabs?

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April Says:

I started the new pills a few weeks ago. I ended up in the hospital with blood pressure 201/103 which is stroke and heart attack level. Something is wrong with these pills. I have taken lisinopril for many years and never had any issues. Something is seriously wrong!!!calling the FDA today.

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April Says:

I had stroke level blood pressure readings a week after starting the new smaller pill after being on lisinopril for 15 years. Went to ER since it was so high to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke. My general care Doctor changed manufacturer. BP has come down and mostly normal... has not been that high since, still not idea sometimes, but has not been that high. Had stomach surgery previously, and the rate of absorption may affected how my body processed the smaller pill without the fillers.

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VerFree Says:

What are the markings on the new tablets in question? Can you please post back and clarify?

I'm sorry, but since Lisinopril is a generic medication, it is manufactured by several different companies, so I need more information in order to find any specific details on the tablets you are having a problem with.

Szf, as to your mother, it really depends on her body, how any given generic works can vary from person to person, so the only thing you can really do is have her try them to see how they work for her. If she has been taking the medication regularly, then not giving it to her and letting her go without would be far more dangerous than any possible effects it may cause. Skipping doses could cause rebound elevations of her blood pressure and heart rate.

How is she doing?

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