Lisinopril & Grapefruit?

ethyl Says:

Are there food restrictions such as grapefruit when taking lisinopril?

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peggy Says:

can eating grapefruit or juice react with this drug?

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Verwon Says:

I have checked several sources and there is nothing listed about there being a problem combining the two.


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Monique Says:

I'm confused, I've read several different things about drug interactions with lisinopril. My concern is dieutics, and possassium. Can you still take them when taking Lisinopril?

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Connie C. Says:

I worked in health care for years & was never told of an interaction. My husband LOVES grapefruit but has started taking Lisinopril & had severe pains, shortness of breath, & spikeing blood pressure, sweating & vomiting. We had to rush him to the urgent care center near his work when he had an episode & they gave him 2 nitro pills under his tongue & made him chew asprin. 3 hours later they let us leave but ordered stress tests for him to have done in 2 days. He had the tests done & they said that he was fine, they could find no cause for the episode & follow up with our regular dr. The Dr couldn't understand how he could not have any new issues after the episode. My husband had a friend stop over to check on him & happened to see my husband peeling a grapefruit, he started having a fit! He happenes to take the same dose of Lisinopril that my husband takes & HIS dr gave him a list of things he couldn't eat or take & lo and behold grapefruit is on the list. We took a copy of it to our Dr & they confirmed that he in fact should not have been eating grapefruit & someone in their office SHOULD have given him a similar list along with his prescription. I am so glad we found out before it was too late.

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Sonia Says:

Are we not supposed to eat fresh grapefruit when taking lisinopril 20mg

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Hank Spiccero Says:

What constituent of Grapefruit, or its juice is responsible
for the general elevation of the effect (desired), of grapefruit on certain meds; and just how harmful can some of these meds be when taken concommitantly to this fruit. A list of the most reactive drugs, please.

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Pivot Enabled Says:

There is no conceivable relationship between your husband's eating of grapefruit and his symptoms. That is not to say that grapefruit would not increase the apparent dosage of Lisinopril, however those symptoms are not consistent with an "overdose" of Lisinopril, which in any event would certainly require more that just eating grapefruit. In fact some people (myself) eat grapefruit with the express purpose of increasing the absorption of some medications. In my case that happens to also include Lisinopril.

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Noreen Satterlee Says:

Can Grapefruit infer with Lisinopril and Hydrochlorithiazide

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Baxter Says:

Metformin and Lisinopril and greatfruit juice

I am a 52 YOA, W/M, red hair & frickles, 6' 2", 220 lbs and I just started taking Metformin 1000mg for type 2 diabetes and taking Lisinopril 5mg for high blood pressure.
And I have 2 greatfruit trees, one a pink greatfruit and the other a Duncan greatfruit tree. I, too have heard that greatfruit can produce side-effects that react with both medications.
So, I had 3 glasses of pink greatfruit juice over a day and half, breakfast, lunch & breakfast.....the results were mild, not that bad, but enough to where I won't be drinking anymore greatfruit juice with my medications.
I think the reactions are different for everyone.
It felt that it stimulated the lisinopril and improved it's effects, but it felt as though it interfered with the metfomin, as my glc was higher.
I posted my stats, so the effects, I think, are different for each person.

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Mike Says:

It is not a "side effect" and it does not "react with the medications". What Grapefruit juice does is interfere with an enzyme that is involved in breaking down *certain* drugs thus causing the serum level of the drug to be higher than expected for a given dosage. So.... it would be similar to taking more Lisinopril and more Metformin... However! There is no evidence that the enzyme (CYP3A4) is involved in the normal breakdown of either Lisinopril or Metformin so, it should have no effect whatsoever! (other than psychosomatic or placebo)

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Susan Says:

I am taking lisinopril and hyrochlorothiazide 20/25 mg can I also eat grape fruit while taking this medication??

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Rick H Says:

I am taking Lisinopril/HCTZ 20/12.5mg and I want to do a liver cleanse that requires me to take Grapefruit juice as part of the cleanse. Can I stop taking my Lisinopril for a couple days prior to doing the cleanse and then resume when it is complete which is a one day cleanse without having possible effects from the grapefruit with the medication?

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Mike Says:

1. Neither Lisinopril nor Hydrochlorthiazide show an interaction with Grapefruit juice.

2. Neither Lisinopril nor Hydrochlorthiazide are metabolized by your liver (or any other organ for that matter) so you are doing NOTHING for your liver by not taking a drug which you were prescribed for a purpose. You should not stop taking your BP meds!

If you want to cleanse your liver, get some exercise, lose weight, quit drinking alcohol and stop taking acetominophen.

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Verwon Says:

And I have to strongly advise against abruptly stopping a blood pressure/cardiac medication like Lisinopril for any reason, even for as short a time period as one day.

This can cause severe rebound effects, which can result in severely elevated blood pressure and heart rate, so you may put yourself in serious danger.


Is there anything else I can help with?

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Rick H Says:

I already exercise daily and the purpose of doing the liver cleanse is to release the hundreds of stones that Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. says can be purged with this particular liver cleanse.

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Kevin Says:

My roommate is out of lisinopril, i take topril 25 mg, can he take this medication. Looking for a professional opinion?

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Baxter Says:

lisinopril is FREE in many pharmacies with a prescription, as are many antibiotics and metformin, a diabetic medicine....being out is silly, just contact the doctor for a refill and find a participating pharmacy.
Try target or Walmart.

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Mike Says:

Well it is fashionable I suppose, but I have decided once a doctor dies I should really start reexamining everything she told me!

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Bonnebelle1 Says:

Lisinopril and Metformin are free at Publix

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Chelle Says:

Actually.... ANY citrus fruits cannot and should not be eaten while on Lisinopril as they contain potassium. lisinopril retains potassium and too much build up in the system can put someone in renal (kidney) failure fast! I was given a specific list of potassium rich foods to avoid while taking this drug.

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