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PLEASE, I NEED TO KNOW IF LIQUID METHADONE COMES IN PINK OR IS IT WATERED DOWN because i have always got cherry red and never saw pink methadone until i got to this clinic and i take 150 mil. and with in 15 hours i need another dose. When i got cherry red i was able to take it every other day and i was fine. So can you PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON? THANK YOU.


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Pratt82 Says:

The methadone @ my clinic is a dark pink and they always add water in front of me after it comes out of the machine and that turns it light pink...

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Pratt82 Says:

Doesn't sound like that sticky pink syrup would be to good for your vains? Please explain, is there a filter process or something that's being left out? I don't understand.. Who in there right mind would even try that!?

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big o Says:

Some judgemental people on here.if u take any opiate u r addicted and if u say ur not..that bs

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Mike The Psych Says:

When you take your dose at the clinic, you add your own water at the end. When you get takehomes they add a little water. Either you still get a true dose, just watch them next time. I have a pic of takehome but don't see pic option in forum.

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claxxx Says:

At my clinic they hand you a sealed bottle with the impritinted dosage, they pop the seal and hand you the bottle, then if you want to add water yourself you can, then hand the nurse back the empty bottle. I would hate for any doc/nurse to handle my dose before hand.

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1stigmata1 Says:

I go to a Los Angeles based clinic, and my takehomes are more pinkish than red. That's at 85mg's. When I'm dosing at the clinic it's more of a cherry color. I wouldn't worry about your dose being adjusted, especially at a clinic!!

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Kappa Says:

There are tons of different types of liquid methadone , clear & nasty, pink that taste like watered down cough syrup, red cherry, even green & orange

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BlueRoxie Says:

I am not ashamed, I am an opiate addict and have been for seven years. I recently started going to the methadone clinic so that I don't have to spend so much money and time on pain pills illegally. I am dosing at 50mg currently, and it's just white wafers that they dissolve in warm water.
I am going on a vacation and do not get take-homes yet, so I got some liquid from a friend I know.
I am concerned bc i have never taken the liquid and I was told :
A. That 1 ml = 10mg
B. Its a light pink color. Like watercolor paint. Not see thru but still light.
C. Doesn't have a real strong smell. I was told it was supposed to be a strong, pungent smell and it's not. It's not even as strong a smell as over the counter cough medicine such as Robitussin or something like that.
D. It doesn't have a strong taste. Matter if fact it taste kindly good, sweet. It is cherry flavor, but I feel like it should have more of a medicine taste, but I don't know.
E. Lastly, it's not thick or syrupy. It's more free flowing like water. It's not exactly the consistency of water, not that thin - but again, it isn't like Tussinex or hydro codeine cough syrup.
Did I get screwed? Or am I just being paranoid?

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Gemma Says:

I live in England my methadone is green not pink and tase really sweet I have been on it years I know my methadone

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The same thing is going on at the clinic that I am a patient at. One day it's dark red and I have a great day and don't even think about my dose. But on days that my clinic gives me pink colored methadone I'm needing another dose within 10 hours. I really do think that they are playing some kind of game with us. I think they are afraid to give the same high dose everyday due to overdose or the pharmacy they use is not agitating the tank enough to assure that the same consistency of the methadone is being dispenced into the bottles. I don't know either for sure. Thankyou.

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miss moose Says:

hate to rain on your parade, but your statements "i am not an addict" and "have never been an addict" can't be true. if you're taking methadone regularly, every day, for years, you are ipso facto, methadone dependent......sadly, you will find that out (rather painfully and miserably) for yourself, should you stop taking it.

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Gem Says:

Methadone round my area is green and taste sweet there's also green what isn't sweet if you can't have suger. I live in sheffield in South Yorkshire I know cos I am on 10 ml was on 80ml but reducing hope this helps

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Gem Says:

That's a lot of methadone 150 ml and you need more in 15. Must be watered down. It should taste strong, not watery and you could easy go a day and a half if it's the right stuff.

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coldone Says:

im on 300mg a day and everybody i tell that to always is like damn that is alot but iv been taking that for 3 years would different flavors be stronger so i could take less

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Kelly Says:

Here in Washington state you cannot Go for pain.

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Kelly Says:

Your in denial of being an addict. An addict is someone who can't go without. You are an addict. Wakeup

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mikemcc Says:

Dam right I love when people say they are on Methadone for pain so they aren't addicted to it. Try to stop taking it for a week I bet these "non addicts" wouldn't last 2 days. No matter why you started down the Methadone path if you take it for more than maybe a month or two no way your gonna stop without withdrawal.

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Trust me Says:

Rhonda, The biggest give away is they usually use big needles. Like needles you would find for cows. They use these so they can administer more methadone. Look for big marks left on him. Good luck

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jesytika Says:

No you can't. Do your research before you go spouting off LOL

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jesytika Says:

But it's not to say he isn't taking something else intravenously....

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