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call any pharmacy in fulda germany, and they could tell you about the liquid diet x112.HBAEQ

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There are so many people asking about this product here in the forum. Based on my research, you do have to go to Germany (and may even have to get a prescription for it there). But after reading more details, it might even be banned now.

Below is a response from another user in this thread who states that it is currently banned:
"If this helps, X112 was taken off the market. It was banned from several countries becauase, as that one person correctly said, it was a form of speed. That's why it was illegal for millitary to take. When I was stationed in Germany in 1999, it was not over the counter. You had to go to a German doctor and get a prescription for it. Several years ago, I was informed by my sister-in- law who was still in Germany that Germany was then banning it as well."

You can view this popular discussion thread by clicking on the link below:

Hope this helps anyone out who's looking for more information on this supplement.

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its not banned.

its now with new name

Riemser Arzneimittel AG
PZN 7777329
15 ml drops

VAT for customers with private prescription. Cost: € 23.69
incl 19.0% tax (3.78 €)

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Name: alvalin

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Hi are you sure this is the same drug. If so do you have a link to order it

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Did you get an answer to your question regarding the new name of the X112?

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