Lipitor And Abdominal Pain

Spencer Says:

I have been precribed Lipitor several times in my life and couldnot take it ...I've tried to do do my best to take it..I found the pain in my joints, lower back and now im having severe pain in my abdominal area...I was placed on another round of Lipitor after having a Heart Atack in May of 2017...from that date on im having disconfort in my abdominal area, diarrhea & 3:00am last night the abdominal pain went to a 10 on the scale...I was in a lot of pain on my left side... When I woke up and got out of bed, the pain was not as bad but was now in the front Abdomen...I've decided to stop the Lipitor today...I will see my Dr. in a few days and explaine to him, and ask if he will prescribe Welchol for me...

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Spencer Says:

Has anyone had this problem with Lipitor, if so Please reply !

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Verwon Says:

Everything you've described can be normal side effects of taking Lipitor, according to NIH reports. Many people have had to stop taking it, due to the severity of such symptoms.

In such cases it is usually better to try a different medication.

Is your cholesterol high? What caused the heart attack? New studies show that they aren't always due to elevated cholesterol, so such medications don't always help.

Are you on any other medications?

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