Light Blue Square Pill With B|p On One Side And 20 On The Other

sam Says:

I found these light blue square pills that have B|P on one side and 20 on the other my husband said they are dite pills someone gave him years ago when he was trying to get into shape but i cant find any info on these pills. Does anyone know what they are really??

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David Says:

I don't have a definitive ID on this pill, due to a lack of available information. But others with this pill have stated that it was 20mgs of Clenbuterol (a commonly abused steroid).

All the photos I've seen for Clenbuterol happen to be round in shape, but none the less people still mentioned that square pills do exist. Without much info on this pill, it's hard to justify that. But given the circumstances, I'd imagine that this tablet was bought off the net from a possibly questionable source.

I hope this helps! If anyone else has more information to offer please do share :)

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Not a real name Says:

All square tabs that have B|P on them are balkan pharmaceuticals. A popular steroid manufacturer. I can personally tell you thier clen is purpleish in color right now.

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Curious Says:

If this is illegal in the US how do people order this online? Am I that naive? I have found similar pills and they are always explained away...simply put, are these legal or not?

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