Levorphanol Shortage?

Susan Says:

Where can i find levorphanol? I have a prescription to br filled for 180 2 mg pills and was told by my pharmacy it was on backorder from the manufacturer and they do not know when it will be available. Is there shortage as of 2/2016? Is there more than one manufacturer?

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heideana Says:

No problem filling in San Francisco. From what I'm understanding, Roxanne sold levorphanol to another pharmaceutical company and there was a price increase. Also, another pharma is currently working on a extended release form of the drug...

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Verwon Says:

The FDA doesn't list there being a shortage, but companies aren't required to report them, either. It's just an optional thing.

This medication is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Have you checked with other pharmacies in your area?

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cajane Says:

the cost at local pharmacies went from 400/month for 180 to 8000 for 180. What can I do to get this at old price.?

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cajane Says:

do you know the cost in SF? i live south of there and I am having trouble finding a place where I can get it filled for less than 7000.

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cajane Says:

I found a company thru this website that offers a discount for those with insurance companies with $5 copay. I am on a medicare drug plan. They have to review my finances to see if I will qualify for the discount. If I do they will contact my doctor and either send it to me or send it to a pharmacy of my choice. I will have more info within the next few weeks. The san francisco person never replied to where they get it.

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Ziggy Says:

There has only been one manufacturer of levorphanol for years, which was Roxane Laboratories, Inc. In June 2015 Roxane stopped production of levorphanol tartrate and sold the rights to manufacture levorphanol to Sentynl Therapeutics, Inc. This was due to the fact Hikma Pharmaceuticals of Jordan agreed to acquire Roxane Laboratories Inc. and Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane Inc. from Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation for $2.65B. In July 2015, CA based Sentynl Therapeutics, Inc. began manufacturing a new formulation of levorphanol while raising the average price of a 2mg tablet from $2 to $46. They had a $0 copay program active the past 2 months, so I'm assuming their $0 copay program lasted one year from July 2015- July 2016. Now there is a $5 copay coupon card you can download off the internet. It's restricted to ONLY patients who have health insurance via a major provider and NOT allowed to be used in conjunction with Medicaid or Medicare, etc. It's also true an extended release levorphanol drug is in FDA clinical trials at the moment. Relmada Therapeutics will be opening phase 3 trials of "LevoCap ER" by 2017.

In regards to currently finding levorphanol at a pharmacy, the best bet is to find a smaller independent, mom & pop type pharmacy. They have much easier access to multiple distributors since most aren't locked in a contract(s) like big chains "Stallgreens" "C-full of BS", "S***eAid", and grocery stores. I just switched part of my meds over to levorphanol and I use an independent pharmacy. They are great and order any medication I need and it's usually by the next day. As long as the owner of an independent pharmacy is assured it's covered by insurance and/or will be paid for they should order it for you with no problems. Otherwise, I'd suggest using a grocery store or going to a smaller and less used location of one the bigger chains. They'll be able to order more C-II drugs than the more popular locations since each store has a monthly limit of C-II drugs they can order- at least that's how it works for the biggest chain pharmacy company.

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Kit Says:

Try avella out of st. Louis. I just started on levorphanol and they have fed ex delivery. I called yesterday and had it today.

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Commonsence Says:

Re: Verwon (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

The person posted a question. Did not ask for information about side effects. Get off your high horse. You choose to place games because you really don't like opioid based medications.

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