Levorphanol Price Increase

cajane Says:

the cost has increased from 400/month to 8000/month... what can we do.

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Heideana Says:

For what its' worth, Sentynl, the new levorphanol "owner" has a patient assistant cost program, a $5.00 co-pay card for non-CMS folks and the site says please call them to problem-solve patient cost issues.

Their url is: sentynlpatientservices.com for anyone interested. Hopefully its' all on the up and up for those of us needing assistance paying for our levorphanol Rx's...

I also saw that Relmada is slowly moving fwd. with their extended-release version of levorphanol but no idea on how long it'll actually take them to bring it to market...

Hopefully this information is useful for someone...

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David Says:

Hi cajane,

In addition to what Heideana suggested, this site actually offers a drug discount card that can save you an average of 15% to 75% off your prescription, potentially bringing the cost below its previous price tag.

You can view more details about it on the following page: RX Savings Card

I would just print out that card and take it with you whenever you go to fill your prescription and see what type of discount they can give you. It's possible that the percentage of savings may be different at each pharmacy.

Hope this helps!

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wendy Says:

If anyone needs to get levorphanol filled, dunn-meadow in nj will fed-ex them to you. They are great people. They get them to me so I don't run out.

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