Large Oblong White Pill

Comments Submitted Says:

has an upside down v with a p in the middle a line through the center,then the numbers 152.Blank on the other side.

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Original kitty Says:

Advanced pharmaceuticals 152

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aaron leventry Says:

what is the pill for

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Bojangles Says:

This tells me nothing about what this pill is for

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David Says:

Found a match! The pill in description is reportedly identified as Guaifenesin (400mg) made by Advance Pharmaceutical Inc.

Guaifenesin is an OTC expectorant used for mucus relief.

Imprint: AP 152 (note: the appearance of 'AP' is situated in such a manner that it looks like an upside-down 'V' but it's just the logo for the manufacturer's name)

NDC: 17714-152
Shape: Oval
Size: 17mm

Inactive Ingredients
-Silicon dioxide
-Magnesium stearate
-Cellulose, microcrystalline
-Stearic acid

I hope this helps!

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