Lamictal And Smoking Majiuana

Leilani Says:

I wanted to see if anyone can tell me the known side effects with smoking majiuana and taking lamictal, if any. I have been trying to get info on this for about 2 months and can not seem to get anything back on it. Of course my doctor and counselor says tht it is not good to do ANY drugs...but I have to be honest, I smoke and dont plan on I would like to know what to expect when these two are combined. Thank you and I would love to hear a responce about this. By the way, I do not smoke alone so I need to know what to expect so I can educate my husband. Thank you again, Leilani

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Verwon Says:

I could provide you with an answer, however, our site is not here to help someone abuse drugs or any type, or assist them in using illegal drugs. Sorry.

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Verwon Says:

Just to add, so you do know for sure, there aren't any interactions with Marijuana and prescription meds, so there is no danger.

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Leilani Says:

I aprreicate your honesty. I have needed an opinion other then my therapist saying it is not good. Again, Thank you, Leilani

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Verwon Says:

You are very welcome, just so you are aware that this site does not condone its use, however, you will be safe.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the Just Say No and the Anti-Drug campaigns, it does not react with most meds at all, other than sometimes to enhance the high or drowsiness, but it will not cause serious adverse effects, or overdose.

If you think about, you will realize that is why so many people would like to see it legalized for medical usage, and why so many patients with Glaucoma and Cancer want to use it, they can relax and ease their pain, without worrying about unwanted side effects or interactions with other meds.

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noname Says:

It has no effect on pepole wo take it and smoke maryjay, my friend is on it and he smokes more than i do and his doctors say what your theripest said but he has been on it for 4 years and has never had a problem.

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ttilson7 Says:

Maryjane is a natural drug. I dont care what anybody says it does nothing to your brain or body besides make you lazy and want to eat. I smoked for years and graduated college at the top of my class at 34 yrs old so I'm living proof all the crap you see on tv is pure bull. I've been on all kinds of meds while I was smoking and had no affects. All I can say is keep on smokin.

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john Says:

smoke weed all you want, weed dosnt effect anything what so ever, if anything weed helps obviously. but weed with any medication what so ever is fine. smoking crack or doing herione some b.s. like that though i wouldnt recomend

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Clarabell Says:

If your smoking pot and taking lamictal is wrong! Physically I am not sure.. but mentially just maybe it's the reason you are on Lamictal. You are depressed right? It makes you depressed after you have been smoking for some time. It's an addition and additions affect you mentally.. you smoke to feel better you dont need it now you have lamitial ..go and fine yourself.. live free.. and feel the you... it can be done

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ShelBell Says:

I have just recently starting taking this medication for a siezure disorder and i have continued to smoke about a blunt a day and it doesnt really effect me any different then before i began taking the meds. i dont smoke week because im depressed or anything i jus enjoy the feeling of calmness. so i say keep smokin that good GREEN! =]

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Susanne Says:

Verwon: How can you say that maryjay has no interaction with prescription meds at all? I've read about ppl who are on several prescription meds at the same time and they get all screwd up when smoking.

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nate Says:

I've been taking prescription anti-depressants off and on for years while smoking pot. Anyone who says there are adverse effects is full of s**t in my opinion.

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shawn Says:

I am currently smoking weed on lamictal with no problems, the weed gets rid of my mania, without it im always hypo/manic

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kelli Says:

i have a few friends and studied up on this and most common reactions have been blackouts manic bipolar episodes and completely counteractin the work of lamictal

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JHasmoobs2 Says:

I'm on lamotrogine for a form of epilepsy not depression or bipolar.. and I dont know if its safe or not. ?

I have sat in a extremely hotboxed tent and got high that way before and had no reaction, other than being very baked...
I have also had a few tokes, but I dont know how safe a whole one is?

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comments Says:

Do ur research - lamictal isnt prescribed for depression. Its a mood stabilizer. Its prescribed for bipolar disorder.

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Emanuel Okonkwo Says:

Heck yeah SHELBELL; I have been on lamictal for 5 years now. I was smoking for 4 years before lamictal and have been taking it since it was prescribed to me in 2006. NEVER ANY COMPLICATIONS. However, what WILL have an adverse affect is if you stop taking your lamictal abruptly. NEVER DO THIS. NEVER TRY TO QUIT LAMICTAL ON YOUR OWN. Smoke all you want though =)

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Emanuel Okonkwo Says:

Its also prescribed an anti-convulsant, which is why I take it, for epilepsy. 100% fact. I have never had a seizure while taking lamictal, since day one. I am soOO fortunate 5 yrs now seizure free. and have continued to enjoy my daily smoke and toke. Thanks to lamictal I live a normal and smoke and drink socially without the anxiety of having that oh so familiar (((("Aura")))) before i fish out and wake up and throw up. Seizures suck and HURT. Thank you lamictal, my friends, mary jane, and all of the people who created all of these things to enjoy. =)

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Emanuel Okonkwo Says:

BULL,I take lamictal myself and I have spoken to my own doctor and he personally told me in his office, "there really is no conclusive evidence that marijuana causes seizures, really anything can be a trigger, lack of sleep, stress, loud noises, falls, hunger, blood sugar or salt content, etc etc etc." Smoke all you want, just TAKE your LAMICTAL.

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Brian Says:

I stopped smoking mj as a late teen and just started again about 3 months ago as a Colorado mmj patient. The first thing that struck me is how weak all the mj is around here. Well, since then, my lamictal (generic), Abilify, and gabapentin, all for hypomania, have increased and now even killer whead can fail to medicate me due to intermittent times when I have to increase one of the pill dosages. All this to say, some psych drugs interact with mj readily, probably due to uptake receptor issues. Also, there are many mixes of hypomania, (read "Why Am I Still Depressed?" by Jim Phelps,) so not all meds, including Lamotrogine, affect all patients the same way, and the particular MIX of your other meds may affect your mj.

All said, I do not think lamictal is affecting MY mj smoking, and suspect instead it is my gabapentin/Abilify combo, since dosage increases in the other two seem to correlate with my decreased receptivity to mj.

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SeverineComplex Says:

I take lamictal for a seizures and bipolar II- the lamictal was a recent add-on, and I have been a day, heavy pot smoker for years- quitting my precious babygirl maryjane was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, but the truth is that all our chemistries are different, and when I increased my lamictal and smoked a bowl simultaneously to taking my morning dose that day, I had a grand mal seizure- it was my first- previously I'd only had complex partials- i did some research and found that this is quite common, simply due to the fact that mj and lamictal simply work to stop seizures through an OPPOSITE neurological mechanism- therefore, for some ppl, these opposing mechanisms cause too much neural conflict an result in a grand mal seizure ( I am of course explaining this in non medical terms, lol)- therefore, yes, mj can interact with your medication- and in this case, for me, two positives equaled a negative- I miss my maryjane dearly, but obviously I can't risk anymore grand mal seizures.... Mary Jane, however, got me through YEARS of pre- lamictal seizure and bipolar prevention- so this is no anti- pot campaign- it's just a plea to always inform yourself- and not be blinded by propaganda on either side of the fence! :)

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BKW Says:

I've been taking Lamictal for many many years. I've not had any significant side effects, whereas I still have lingering effects from a medication I've been off for almost 15 years. I take it for epilepsy, and it works wonderfully. I do carry around a lot of anxiety and tension, and marijuana has been recommended to me for that. I worry about it lowering my seizure threshold

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Lu121212 Says:

I am one of those "Prozac junky kids". Started Prozac when I was 17, and let me tell you something, it is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Have you ever had intrusive thoughts? Have you ever constantly obsessed over the smallest thought because it plays over and over in your head until it makes you feel absolutely crazy? Have you ever been unable to eat much of anything, not because you're sick, but because every time you try to eat something, even the simplest of things and thrown it all back up because you're so anxious and depressed? I began experiencing all of this during my junior year of high school. I couldn't keep focused, nearly everything frightened me, I began failing classes (thank god I was able to get my grades back up) I felt hopeless and stuck in a deep, dark, and scary place. I honestly thought I would be in this state for the rest of my life. And yes, before you say "well therapy is much better than drugs", I did go to a counselor and sought help through therapy. But what's funny? Without my Prozac and lamictal, I don't think I would be where I am today. Neither of these drugs have completely made me overly happy or have altered my state of mind. Neither of these drugs have altered my body and caused me to be a junkie. I am able to stop both meds without craving more. Marijuana on the other hand? Much different story. I quit taking my meds once because I felt better. I started smoking occasionally which eventually turned into an everyday NEED. Without marijuana, I would go crazy. Not because it made me happy etc. but because it was all I could ever think about. It was as if I was hooked on it. I began my medicine again, and after about a month of being on both meds, I smoked. After 2 hits of a small joint I began having awful depression and paranoia. It triggered tinnitus as well. I began hearing noises that sounded like crickets. My entire body felt like it was on fire. I was crawling out of my skin because I was so anxious. I cried for days because I felt myself becoming so wrapped up in the paranoia. Taking 2 hits of a small joint caused this. I'm not bashing marijuana or people who smoke it. My boyfriend smokes almost everyday. Some of my closest friends and family also smoke. If it helps you then great! More power to you! Also, marijuana can cause adverse reactions. Marijuana can cause you to become more anxious/depressed over a long period of time. Depending on how long you have smoked, how often, and other factors. (Underlying mental disorders, chemical imbalances, etc.) just to name a few. I am a medical student. I have studied several topics related to marijuana and how it effects the brain. Marijuana doesn't cause a physical dependence, but it can create a psychological dependence. Marijuana isn't a cure all, just like pharmaceutical drugs aren't a cure all. Please don't speak down upon people who take the step of fixing themselves- even if that includes pharmaceutical drugs such as Prozac. If smoking is what helps you, I hope you continue to get that relief from it. For a long time I was able to smoke and got much pleasure from it. However, it has since caused adverse reactions which is why I quit. Just because someone takes Prozac doesn't mean they are junkies and just because someone smokes marijuana, it doesn't make them a pothead. Think before you speak or type.

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Seatwist Says:

I have taken, then stopped, lamictal 200. Smoked ten years. Smoking with lamictal makes me worse. Both give the brain chemical glutamate to be suppressed. I think they counteract in trying to do the same thing.

I was smoking the past year until a recent episode. But my cannabis intake has decreased and symptoms increased back to needing meds.

I usually feel worse and my ocd thoughts can get worse.

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Zeenal Ali Says:

I am a female and just turned 19 and was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy when I was 16 and am on 400mg of Lamictal and 1500mg of Keppra and am also wondering the same thing. I've only ever had a grand mal seizure because I drank coffee and another grand mal when I forgot to take my meds. I'm also curious as to how cannabis will affect me so I think maybe just try a little bit and see how you go? :)

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Cristina Says:

Queria saber si puedo tomar marijuana en infusion y lamictal para la epilepsia sin peligro

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Lucy Says:

Smoking on lamictal gives me anxiety, makes me become shaky and depressed. Instead of getting high, I just feel low :(

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onion Says:

Smoking stops the weird dreams for me.

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Sam4044 Says:

I am taking Lamictal (Lamotrigine) for my epilepsy, 300mg (1.5 tabs twice a day). I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy when I was 12 and have been taking Lamictal since I was 14. I've never had a seizure or any bad side effects on this medication. I've wanted to try marijuana for a long time but I don't know if I would be affected.

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nat101 Says:

I don't think cannabis can affect your period

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comment Says:

well you obviously dont know what your talking about when it comes to cannabis.

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