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DL Says:

I am lactose intolerant, and am VERY sensitive to medications that have milk sugars in the inert ingredients. Walgreens used to special order medications for me when needed. they are no longer are able to; or so I have been told. I need to know who I can go to locally, and receive my medications? Medicaid is my medical support.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, DL! How are you?

I'm sorry, but could you please post back with your general location?

That would enable someone to suggest a pharmacy, if they know of one in your area. Thanks!

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Cats68 Says:

Hi DL! I am too lactose intolerant and so is a very good friend of mine. We try 2 avoid as much lactose we r aware of. But, just incase of being unsure, we take the lactose pills ahead of time. Have u ever tried those? They work really well. And, if we want 2 eat something with lactose in it, we just take the Lactaid pills b 4. Ask your Doctor about them. It could b an alternative, if they can't order your medications 4 u .

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