Klion D 100 Vaginal Tablets

sasha Says:

On the first period of taking klion d 100 at night in the day i have noticed a discharge of blood and it's not my cycle time. What is the cause of that?

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Verwon Says:

If you're using it due to a yeast infection, it may be due to that, or it could be just due to a side effect of this medication. It's just something that happens and as long as the bleeding isn't severe, there is really nothing to worry about.

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Is there anything else I can help with?

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michealene Says:

I have been spotting for three weeks now i.went to my doctor the first week he give me provera 5mg for seven days and it did not work i went back to him and he give me the 10mg for a next seven days and i we still spotting a friend told me about her doctor i went and he give me klion d100 it two days now feeling a little better still spotting but i am having no pain

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bean Says:

I can't seem to get rid of this discharge am having no matter the medication I take. When I take klion d blood comes. I take ciprolet flaggy it not working what should I do

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samola Says:

I've been using klion vagnial pills for 3nights now. The third morning I've notice a unbearable itchy, burning feeling in my vagina.

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novene Says:

I have been using klion-D100 for what the doc concluded as a yeast infection.. Symptoms I had were foul smell and discharge, intense itching.. I missed taking the tenth tablet..I had my period and two days after the symptoms reoccurred.. my rectum starts itching also..what can I do?

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shanika Says:

i have just started talking the klion D 100 and when i woke up in the morning i start to feel this constant itching and burning, is this normal?

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shanice Says:

I have been using klion-D 100 and on the 8th night of inserting i feel my vagina burning me. Is this normal and what might be the cause of this?

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peta Says:

I just started the klion d 100 last night and when I woke up my vagina is itchying me and am having lit burning as well. Is this normal?

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Cammie Says:

Is it safe to take klion D 100 about to take some

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Nono Says:

Just started treatment d100 its been about 1 week now my vigina is burning and itching my eyes are becoming red is it normal??

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Cammy Says:

Taking klion d 100 on my 3night having heavy discharge like d pill is this normal

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apple Says:

If am pregnant am I at risk of miscarriage by taking this insert?

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sally Says:

Is klion D 100 safe to use for yeast infection what the side effect

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Natia Says:

No. Consult with your doctor to reassure yourself. I used inserts for my first pregnancy and my daughter was fine.

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Girl 97 Says:

I wasn't prescribed klion-d 100 but my first night taking the pill while standing, I felt dizzy and I fell and hit my head pretty bad...so much so that I needed stitches... Can u tell me why this happened? Also, I was unable to insert it far vaginally.

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Sasha Says:

Hi. I'm 25 weeks pregnant.... Started klion-d yesterday and wanted to know if you could insert it without the applicator? I have not been intimately active since I found out I'm pregnant and I'm finding it a bit difficult to use the applicator.

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Kimmy Says:

I use the klion in the morning and hours later my period starts....what should I do?

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Kimmy Says:

I'm taking klion-d 100 and have been experiencing vaginal itching so badly at night time. Is everything ok or should I visit my doctor?

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Amy Says:

I was given 10 days of klion D 100. However, I stopped on day 6 because my period came. I resumed taking it after 2 months because the yeast infection came back. Is it still effective?

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Irie g Says:

I'm premenopausal at 44 years old, missed my period for exactly 6 months, used klion-d for bacterial vaginosis, saw blood after the first insert and now I'm having cramps. Should I continue the inserts?

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