Keppra Xr, Lamictal,& Topamax- Costa Rica

kimber Says:

i'm thinking of working in costa rica in a year or so.... i don't know if they have my seizure meds- lamictal, keppra xr, and topamax. they all have to be brand name, unfortunately... i can't seem to find a website that has a list for meds to countries.

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Ishmael Says:

None of those drugs are controlled substances, ask your doctor (and call your insurance company) and see if you can get a year's supply prescribed at one time - most insurance companies will allow you to get a 6 month supply at one time by mail, you can try for a year - if not, have them do the 6 month supply and then have the second 6 month supply sent to your mom or someone else and have them reshipped to you in Costa Rica.

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Verwon Says:

There really is no comprehensive list available, anywhere, for what medications would be available in other countries, other than for the U.S. and Canada. In addition, they also may be known by different brand names there.

The advice Ishmael provided is good and provides a possibility, however, you also need to check the drug laws there, as in some countries, you can only bring in a certain amount of medications, regardless of whether or not they are controlled substances.

On top of that, what is, or isn't considered a controlled substance can also vary from country to country.


Have you discussed this dilemma with your doctor?

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kimbersfrog Says:

Unfortunately state health insurance does not cover going abroad. I can get three months, then my insurance expires completely. I need to get insurance from the job i acquire or insurance through Costa Rica if I can acquire the proper visa. Travelling as an epileptic is full of adventure!!!! thank you for your advice!!!

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Francisco Badilla Says:

Hi, I am interested to know if you were able to find Keppra locally in Costa Rica? We have been able to get it for a couple years and the local drugstore is now saying it has been discontinued.

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Eugenio Says:

Don't know if you still need info, but Keppra is readily available in Costa Rica along with a lot of other seizure meds...I live down here and I use it myself.

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nautracer Says:

thanks for the information. could you tell me what hospital to go to , to get the seizure meds?

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Rroja Says:

I have relatives in CR. They told me lamictal (@ least generic. Not sure about brand) is avail. In CR.
I was in a CR walk in emergency room last month. Cut my finger up.
No 3 year wait.. Maybe 4 minute wait.
The whole thing, including rx for antibiotic, was $42.00 USA. As a citizen there it would be been maybe $4.00.

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