Just Want To Take Suboxone For A Few Days To Detox From Heroin Will It Work

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hey guys, i have been taking dilaudid for about 5 months 4,8mg a day then switched to heroin for 1 month 2 bags a day,now my friend gave me 4,8mg suboxones and told me it would help me get off h for good, i waited 24 hours took half a subox and i must say it works for wd's but when i run out witch i estimate will be in 2,3 days will i just suffer again;like where i left off or will the h be out of my system and the wd's light enough to withstand, please help, im not a newbee to drug abuse had bad h habits in the past and know the nature of the beast, just want this stuff out of my life so i can go back to work and live again, i need the truth or as close as i can get, can i beat it like this or am i wasting my time,maybe i can get one or two more subs from my freind

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hman Says:

yes, make sure u have enough, like 8 to 10 8 mg tabs, and start with one and work it down to half then 1/4 tab. youll get some wd but nothing like the h wd.

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Verwon Says:

Suboxone is usually started a dose they figure equals whatever amoung you were abusing, to help stave off the worse withdrawals, then it is slowly tapered down.

It is, however, a very potent opiate and should not be used without a doctor's supervision.

Common side effects can include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

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day 1 Says:

help what the f is wrong with me, three times now in the last month i've tried to start on suboxone and i make it 1 day before i relase. i am not this stupid. today i am going to try to get back on suboxone.. wish me luck, and pelase let me know what you think im doing wrong

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DC Says:

You arent commited enough. easier SAID commited. but that is your issue AND my issue. my main drug of choice is vicodin which alot of people think aww that aint s**t. i took vicodin for months it stopped workin so i started taking oxys til they stopped workin like they use to. i withdrawaled cold turkey and it was really hard. i was clean for about 45 days and the whole time all i could think about was vicodin. so i eventually relapsed. i thought maybe i could handle doin it occasionally like i use to. i slipped back into my addiction so fast and within like 3 weeks i was back on oxys 6 months go by with about 3 failed attempts to cold turkey it (i have done the suboxone thing but that is a false hope really it is that s**t gets u high and u still arent technically clean.) and i finally made a decision that i was sick of being sick all the time and that the s**t was ruining my life. so i quit cold turkey again. i went about 3 weeks and i was still w/ding so i thought maybe i could take vicodin to ease the withdrawals. i took vics for about 3 weeks and i never felt a pain like that in my entire life. i would take 5 750's and immediately start withdrawaling reallly bad within about 3 hours. so 11 days ago I knew it was now or never. i just keep repeating the same old habits over and over and over again. i quit the vicodin cold turkey and i dont know if it was because i wasnt done w/ding from the oxys when i started taking them but this has been the worst withdrawal worse than the oxys. i know its hard to believe. but I have MADE A CHOICE to have my life back instead of the drug having my life. YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO LET YOUR ADDICTION GO 100% YOU HAVE TO SAY GOODBYE TO IT. its the hardest thing i know (ive f***ed with H a couple times so i understand what ur going through as well with that drug) i stopped taking it because i was too scared to fall into that. but listen to what i am telling you. If you're going to quit you have to WANT it completely or you'll never get clean straight up, you will never get clean unless you are willing to let it go and never look back. Buy an NA book and read that sht it will tell you what you need to do to stop. you dont necessarily have to do the 12 step thing tho youre chances of success are much higher with it. and one more thing that you are probably doing wrong is listening to the voice in the back of your head telling you its ok for you to get high today. thats the devil speaking to you dont f***in listen to that s**t. sometimes its hard to push the voice out. at times he will keep nagging at you for hours. but as each day goes by the voice gets fainter and fainter and those are the words that were told to me by people who have been clean for years. we are addicts and always will be. but there is light at the end of the tunnel i promise. those 45 days i was clean were the best ive felt in years and i still beat myself up over relapsing. but keep your head up THINGS GET BETTER.

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timmy Says:

Ive been doing percs 30 like 2 a day and i have like a suboxone and a half will it get me throught the detox period im going to take a quarter a day my friends said that a suboxone and a half should get me throught the sh*tty feeling of detox!

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Kasake Says:

Been on Hydro/Oxy's for a good 2months ish. Maybe 3months I can't quite remember but I take about160mg a day and don't wanna anymore. I also have a box of suboxone 8.5 subling films. Last night I got sick, total w/d symptons and I ended up taking a single film and felt phenom.pretty quickly.
I need advice on how to take this suboxone drug. Do I need to take another in a few hrs or just take when I start to feel sick. What is too much. Been a drug user my entire life and do smoke daily. I think that's all you ned to know:) any help out there?
Thanks so much! Have a wonderful night!

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mARY Says:


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Michael Says:

You not really ready to quit being high. You either got some major issues in the past your need to deal with and get over or find closure or you just wanna keep getting high. You got to hit a bottom. Most people dont really wanna get clean until they hit the bottom and have nothing and no body. I hope u can figure out that drugs are not the life for anyone. U needa get clean and forget about the drugs and those loser that u hang wit. u might think their your friends but really think about it, they just using you to get high.....

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pixie Says:

I want to make clear that suboxone is not suppose to be used as a quick fix (although it does work). It is to be used for a long term 6months to a year to retrain your brain sensors that have been damaged. I have been on suboxone for about 5 months and it is amazing if you truly want to get off the opiates. It takes the craving away 99.5%, I am starting to get my life back. If you really want to stay off any kind of opiates I would reccomend it to anyone. Just like any other drug there will be withdrawls but I would not trade it for anything. My doc assures me that wheaning can be done gradually so there are 0 wd symptoms. And by the way suboxonne is not suppose to make you high, if it does you are not on the correct dosage. Suboxone can take the withdrawls away for the short term, but it is meant for long term treatment to heal brain receptors. It is amazing if used correctly.

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Pat Says:

First off, go see your doctor before you take anything like Suboxone. It is a powerful narcotic and it isn't something that you can take for a few days and then just quit. Your opiate history isn't that long, so I think you will be ok after the suboxone (If your doctor gives it to you. We aren't doctors so none of us should be giving you advice on taking anything..I wish you the best of luck.....


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hanna opana Says:

yo man. i hope you are over your addiction by now but for anyone wondering if sub works. i was using 6 opana 80's a day since the day that they stopped making oc's. recently i had the revelation that quitting might possible be a great idea. knowing that suboxone has a strong binding (to the brains opiate receptors) affinity and will knock other opiates off of the receptors i decided to take the tiniest piece of sub. maybe.25 mgs. well it made me feel better for about 6 hours. i re dosed with the same amount. at the end of day 4, i still had a 3rd of the sub left, and i noticed that on day three i didn't need to take a sub untill about 4pm, and felt fine until then. day 4 i dosed again and day five was just an amazing day. i had an unexpected run-in with someone that i haven't heard from in a very very long time...that person was me. i literally forgot what it felt like to be normal. i was watching tv and was laughing at what i was watching..i was able to converse with people again, and my brain bounced right back. 5 days and two thirds of a suboxone. did u read how many op's i was snorting a day? that was a f***ing addiction. if i could pull myself out, anyone can. i know that this is a term that is thrown around alot for different situations, but i literally felt like there was a fifty lb weight lifted off of my back when i walked outside. i don't know what the hell happened to me during my addiction, or how it got as bad as it did. what makes me glad is, that chapter of my life is finished. i don't know about relapse. as of right now i never want to use another opiate again...but then again, i also "knew" that i would never let myself get addicted, and if ur still reading this, you now know as well as i do that that didn't work out too well for me. so far something that has kept me hanging onto sobriety is to wake up in the morning and remind myself of how miserable my life was, and all of the bitter bitter things that i did to my life myself my family and my every day world. i doubt anyone is still reading this, but if by the grace of god one addict reads this, just one, and it makes him/her think that it may be time to regain his/herself and his/her future, than i will be satisfied. please just give it a shot, if u don't think the sober life is for you, you're free to relapse again and welcome all of that bitterness back into your world. i have never felt so good in my life, and i know you want to be able to say the same. i was very very high for a long long time, getting high just to feel normal..now that i'm sober, i've realized that that "normal" feeling that i would seek out every f***ing day of my life while i was on drugs was anything but normal. anything but normal. am i the person from the statistics about heroin? am i that "1 in 25 chance" of making it out alive? i don't have an answer for that..i still have a long life ahead of me to live...and thats alot more than i could say two months ago -Matt

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Dee Says:

It is possible!!! I had a Roxi 30's habit of 5-7 a day for 1year. Detoxed off 2 and half 8 mg sub films! Used subs for 6 days..jumped at 2. Took lots of vitamins, Sure it was hell but better than w/d from pain pills! Today is my 16 day off subs!! I woke up and seen the light at the end of the tunnel! Finally slept 8 hours without waking up in pool of sweat! It can be done Good Luck to all!

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james couts Says:

wow....absolutely amazing post from hannah opana. congrats on your recovery.. i too am sober and i can tell just by your post that you are very serious about staying off of the opiates. i have quit many many times, and this last (and final) "quit" for me was the one.. i knew it would be. i felt different this time around when i quit. i was over it all, just as you are saying that u are. good luck

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Pat Says:

I am posting again because I see too many people who aren't doctors giving advice, and although I am sure all of you mean well, suboxone like Verwon said is a powerful narcotic and no one should be taking it unless it is prescribed by an MD.. I am speaking from experience..I never listened to anyone so it took me many decades to get where I am now. I am a 56 year old female who did drugs from a very young age..I have been clean using Methdone maintenance since July 2002, so it took me a year before I even got on the right dose..I am not telling anyone to get on methadone, in fact I think Maintenance shouldn't be used until everything else has been tried, For opiate addicts who don't have a long history of abuse, or for someone who got hooked on painkillers after surgery, I would ask my doctor about suboxone first...I hope the OP is doing well, and remember addiction is nothing to mess with, I have buried more friends in my 56 years than my aunts and uncles have (They are in their 80's and 90's)


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hanna opana Says:

you aren't clean if you're on methadone. u just traded one addiction for another. stop lying to yourself.

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hanna opana Says:

"i have been clean using methadone" haha ...right. i remember being clean from heroin by using fentanyl...found out quick how unclean it really was.

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Pat Says:

To Hanna..This isn't a 12 step forum, it is people helping people without judging..Your comment concerning trading one drug for another is something NA made up. Please leave youre opinions concerning your NA recovery how it relates to you, NA doesn't work for everyone..BTW, I am not putting it down because for a lot of addicts it works, but unless you have walked in other addicts shoes. 2 people I loved dearly died because they were told by NA members that "It always gets better" Those friends both sufferd from PAWS (Post acute withdrawls) in their cases (And mine) PAWS never went away..Charlie was going to get on methadone on a Monday, however, a member told him he wouldn't be a "winner" if he got on methadone. That Sunday night he blew his brains out. My best friend Nicolette died because of PAWS, they found her face down in a gutter in a city she had never been to...Its not your place to judge or tell people they arn't clean unless they are abstinant..Only NA/AA uses that BS..I am clean by using opiate replacement therapy that is my recovery and is none of your concern Matt or Hanna, or whoever you call yourself today


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Pat Says:

BTW Matt/Hanna Here is a website that you will feel more at home with www.NA.org You may also wish to look under 12 step recovery programs on Facebook

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hanna opana Says:

umm yeah, i regretted those posts as soon as i posted them.. i've been a real a55hole since i got clean. i honestly think i have the worst case of Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome ever known to man. for anyone who is looking forward to sobering up from the opiates, i wish you well. i truly do. beating the physical wd's is just the tip of the iceberg. because we don't need to emotionally cope with anything while high, and we use the drugs to mask anything and everything emotionally damaging, our brain does the same thing to your "emotional coping mechanisms" as it does to a muscle that is never used...shut's it down until it is once again built back up from its inert state. while i can say that i do feel better than i have in years, emotionally i am an absolute roller coaster. and apparantly this is common for heavy opiate/alcohol users after they quit. anyhow, my apologies for being a douche bag. -H.O..

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hanna opana Says:

(continuiation of my last post) seriously though i want to talk to you about PAWS. i am ready to give it all up and get high just so i can stop acting like such a little bitch. and in response to the AA/NA comment you made. those organizations will only make you worse. they are all generic garbage, and although i may have addiction in common with the other people in the meetings, i never felt like i fit in there. i don't feel like i'm better than anyone at all, but alot of those people at the meetings, every one that i've gone to whether it be here (philly), san diego, miami, key west.. they are all outcasts and all have that same look / personality / creepiness and i can not relate with any on them. everyone is very very different. there are no two people who are emotionally alike. yet they generalize all of the addicts into one group and give a very generic group treatment. it's buIIs**t

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