Isn't Possible That My Partner Don't Get Treatment Of Metronidazole

monica Says:

I am a 23year gal.I had slept with my boyfriend them later I started feeling iching on my vagina.they gave me fixime 400mg,bio-metronidazole 200 and doxytet.and my boyfriend said his not feel any changing on himself,isn't neccesary for him to go for treatment?

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David Says:

It looks like they've loaded you up with three different antibiotics for this itching you're having. Do you know if they confirmed that it was in-fact an infection and not some other sort of allergic reaction to lube, latex, or something else?

In my opinion, if your boyfriend hasn't noticed any problems, I'd still consider having him checked out (diagnosed) for your own safety. Especially if you plan on sleeping together again. The itching had to have come from someone or something you or him may have used.

I hope this helps to answer your question!

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monica Says:

ohk thnx he did

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