Is There Any Drug For The Treatment Of Underweight

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i am very underweight and i need the list of drug names for curing my problem tellme the drugs

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Verwon Says:

There are no medications that will provide you with a way to gain weight, healthily. Even when doctors recommend something for it, they normally give a multi-vitamin to make sure you are getting proper nutrition, which is usually the largest cause of being underweight.

Your best bet is to make sure you are properly nourished, by following a healthy diet and also follow a good exercise regimen.

Also, some people are just naturally small and you may never gain much weight.

This is the way my body is and I have just learned to accept it.


Are there any comments or questions?

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scarred 4 life Says:

I have not taken my meds levetiracetam and sertraline since October 2013 n even though I haven't had a seizure my mood swings are un bearable one min. I can go from happy to sad to agitated within any given min n a day could this be the side effects of not bein medic

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