Is There A Purple Xanax Upj 90
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quill Says:

i know there is a purple oval shaped xannax 1mg that says up John 90 on one side and the other side has a score. i just bought some very similar tablets, almost exactly the same just a different shade of purple and instead of saying up John 90 it says up j 90. is this still a 1mg alprazolam?

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Jayrich72 Says:

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We here in the US have greenstone. In fact, for most of the 27 years I've been prescribed Xanax, we always got greenstone. I lived back in the days of Rohypnol and Tafil 1mg Xanax from upjohn. Ended up getting more benzos here in the US than I ever got in Mexico.

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zaborav Says:

As previously noted, the worldwide (excl USA) imprint for 1mg Pfizer Xanax is 'UPJOHN 90' and no missing letters, on a purple/lavender coloured tablet. In the US they are BLUE and carry different imprint from any other country.

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ted Says:

U say there is no licenced upj90 yet iv been taking them for over a year the sickness from them is unreal no doctor willing to help on on five a day so whatever is in them is highly addictive b careful

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David Says:

@Sal (post #3),

Counterfeits can be made to look, feel and taste nearly identical to the real thing. So if you're not filling a valid prescription at a licensed pharmacy, then the only safe way to verify its contents would be to send your pill off to a lab for further analysis.

Due to the ever increasing presence of counterfeit pills and their ability to mirror real ones, I can't fathom why people still feel comfortable seeking meds through other means... It just seems like a constant gamble with one's health, life, and money.

Have you at least tried checking for the presence of benzodiazepines through a drug panel?

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Sal Says:

Hi, I have some light purple tablets with upj 90 on them, haven't taken one yet, there purple inside too, are they fake and is it safe to take?

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joe Says:

I have some of these pills. They are light purple, they have a sheen, came loose with the marking UPJ90, i took half of one the last week and felt a little bit of anxiety relief. I had consumed 100mg of lyrica and 2mg of valium that day yesterday. I took half of one on an empty stomach and was yawning about 45 mins later so i decided to take another full one and i wasn't sure if i had over done it or it just wasn't plain working. My question is did you consume them and what company or pharmacy do they come from?!? I'm stuck as i cannot see a doctor for 2 weeks and have to travel next week.

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zaborav Says:

Of course there is! The purple tablet, oval, biconvex, single score on reverse side and embossed 'UPJOHN 90' on the obverse is the brand-name Pfizer (originally Upjohn Ltd before Pfizer bought that company - cf HALCION 250mcg tablets, which are BLUE ovals of the same size but flat, thinner score on reverse, and imprint 'UPJOHN 17') XANAX - branded as TAFIL in Germany, Mexico and a few other countries, and as XANOR in Scandinavia, South Africa and a few others. In the USA and UK, they are of course XANAX. If you haven't seen those before then you must have always been dispensed a generic in the past. I pity you if you live in the USA, because out of the hundreds of generic alprazolams made there, I know of only one (Greenstone, owned and made by Pfizer, tablets PRECISELY the same as brand-name Xanax, made on same line in same factory, just given a different imprint - 'G3721' for 1mg on a BLUE, not purple, tab; and 'G3722' for 2mg long, white, triscored bar-shaped tablets - & a cheaper price tag; that would of course be illegal in Europe.) which is up to the brand-name quality and only one other which could be seen as even 'acceptable' quality to us here in Europe; Qualitest 2mg 'V2090'. The other US generics I have tried are without exception AWFUL - even since Purepac was bought by Actavis, their 'P039' yellow 2mg bars are extremely weak; the MYLAN USA 'A1' & 'A4' tablets, 1mg and 2mg respectively, which must rate as the worst alprazolam I EVER had; not to be confused with the Mylan often sold in International Pharmacies, sky blue ovoid tablets, unmarked, which are rather good and are in fact the ex-MERCK GENERICS make - that division of Merck was bought by the far smaller Mylan in c.2007. It is a German company well known and respected and they also have expanded into South Africa and Australia now; Sandoz, which are the most-dispensed alprazolam in The US, are probably next worst quality to Mylan USA - 'GG248/249' tablets of 1 and 2mg are, to my subjective feeling, around half of the stated strength. Also BE CAREFUL - COUNTERFEIT PUNCH DIES TO FIT THE TDP-6 TABLET PRESS OFTEN USED BY COUNTERFEITERS, ARE SOLD IN LARGE AMOUNTS AND SANDOZ US alps are the most commonly seen counterfeits in the world!

If you see the purple tablet, but with a different imprint to the common worldwide 'UPJOHN 90' - the codes, which can be found in the US PDR owned by every prescriber, are '29' for white 250mcg, '55' for pink 500mcg, '90' for purple 1mg and 'U94' for the 2mg white triscored bars - as I was saying, if you come across those purple tabs with the odd 'XANAX 1.0' imprint, they are made under a Pfizer licence (which IMO should he taken from them because of the dreadful quality and short-dosage, average 658mcg/tablet claiming to be 1mg!) by Parke Davis of Karachi, Pakistan and should be avoided at all costs, being as bad as any US generic apart from the ones aforementioned.) It should here be mentioned that I have seen REAL XANAX made in the USA by Pfizer, the 1mg carrying that same imprint but on a BLUE tablet like the Greenstone 'G3721', not the usual purple; also the 2mg white bars are embossdd with 'XANAX' on obverse and a huge VERTICAL '2' on reverse side. Counterfeit punch dies are also widespread for these tablets, so if they are ever seen outwith the US, which unless sent by a friend direct from their prescription dispensed at a licenced US Pharmacy are 100% certainly counterfeit, as they are NEVER seen anywhere else thanks to the US law forbidding export of ANY medicines whatsoever.

It is strange that US residents may acquire medications from almost anywhere in the world, but it is almost impossible to get US meds anywhere else!! (This causes me problems as I am a chronic pain patient and until my friend died, could get some superb analgesics such as Abbott/Purdue DILAUDID 4 & 8mg, Endo OPANA 5 & 10mg, Global Pharma 40mg ER oxymorphone (the Endo original nrand are no good as they are made using the same plastinated gummy substance used for pseudo-OxyContin sold in the US since 5 or 6 years ago when the real thing was banned therebfor some ridiculous reason; Barr Pharma, who make OxyContin for sale everywhere EXCEPT the US, for distribution by Napp, Qdem amd Mundipharma, would never sell any tabkets at all were they to make them using such a method, which feels around half strength and gives the user some terrible gastric side efrects as well. There is also a difference in Law between Europe and the US; over there, generic makes are permitted to contain some percentage LESS than the amount of Active Pharmaceutical ingredient than the patent proprietary brand, in our case alprazolam and Xanax - here in Europe, a generic MUST contain exactly the same amount, or they would not be permitted to be sold. So if your tablet is purple/lavender with 'UPJOHN 90' embossed, that is the worldwide imprint for Pfizer brand name Xanax (or Tafil/Xanor). If it has that 'XANAX 1.0' Imprint then it is the Pakistani licenced tablet which I urge nobody to take on account of short-dosage and ridiculously high percentage profit margins being made by web vendors - the cost at Apollo Pharmacy, Saddar, Karachi for a box of 30 x 1mg Parke Davis Xanax is the equivalent of US $0.08, yet they are sold commonly for over $30! BLUE tablets carrying the Pakistani imprint are US-made Pfizer Xanax, and as such should be very good indeed. And remember that Greenstone 'generic' alprazolam are simply branded Pfizer Xanax with a different imprint. Therefore better value for money. I am afraid I habe never seen the US brand name 500mcg tablets so can not tell you what colournthey should be, buy I CAN tell you that the imprint is 'XANAX 0.5'.

I would urge alprazolam patients in the USA to have their doctor specify the BRAND or the GREENSTONE tablets on the Rx, because then you will not be dispensed the dreadful Mylan, Sandoz, Teva or Purepac or any of those other weak and awful generics; a pharmacist is duty bound to dispense what a doctor writes on the prescription and if they simply put 'alprazolam tabs 1mg' you will ne dispensed something cheap and nasty, so INSIST on what you know are the best! I hope I have been able to shed a bit more light on the question, which I see has attracted a few answers. THERE ARE NO TABLETS LICENCED IN ANY COUNTRY WITH IMPRINT 'UPJ 90'. YOU MAY ASSUME THESE ARE COUNTERFEITS. THE COMPANY NAME UPJOHN IS ALWAYS SPELLED IN FULL, APART FROM 2mg XANAX/XANOR/TAFIL WHICH ARE MARKED 'U94'. (Source: Martindale 2012, vol 2 of 2, under entry for 'Xanax'.)

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