Is Opana A Mixture Of Morphine And Oxycodone?

just checking Says:

is opana a mixture of morphine and oxycodone? i know that it is oxymorphone, but i don't know what that is and i am allergic to morphine.

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Verwon Says:

No, Oxymorphone is a complete, separate compound, it does not contain Morphine or Oxycodone.

However, it is distantly related to Morphine and there is a warning about it being used in patients who are sensitive to or allergic to Morphine. While it is rare, some can be allergic to this, as well.

Has your doctor prescribed it or suggested using it? Are they aware of your allergy?

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irish 317 Says:

I'm allergic to Morphine and I take 4 40MG Opana ER a day.I've been taking them for 4 months now and no reactions.

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Sassie Says:

I need a new strong pain killer, not the gradual release kind. I've been taking 8mg. Of Hydromorphone 3x a day for 4yrs. My Pain Management Dr. Is in trouble for Medicaid Fraud! Wich is my insurance. Pharmacy will no longer fill that schedule 2 Rx for me!! I need to know if Oxycodone,Morphine,or Opana are a schedule 2?? And if so, can someone please let me know what will work that is not a schedule 2. I also have HepC. My L4,L5 & S1 in my back are all screwed up! I also need both knees totally replaced. I'm 50yrs young and was told by a few Drs. To wait as long as possible as they don't last but 5-7 yrs. I'm in a pickle and down' know what to take or where to start! PLEASE HELP! THANKS SOOOOO VERY MUCH!!

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Drhood Says:

Opana is in a class at the top of the pain killer list, right there with, if not above fentanyl in my opinion. It's very effective in the treatment of chronic pain, but also very addictive if not taken moderately with the utmost respect.

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gloria Says:

Use need antiinflammatorie s and muscle relaxers try lyrica or trammadol ask ur dr for muscle relax these are not scheld 2

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David Says:

People, I have severe chronic pain and suffering from neuropathy and going on to a second hip replacement. I am 62y62yrs young. I would give up everything just to walk around again. I was always a very active person who enjoyed life. I take 3 40 oxycontin and 6 10/325 hydro. daily. Im having a great day if I can lower my pain to 4!! Problem is insurance and DEA is the ones that dictate what you can have. They care less of your quality of life!! Believe me, I wish I didn't need any of this crap!! Just WALK AGAIN!! The DEA is doing their best to keep all of us sufferers from getting anything short of a Tylenol! My advice is to step up and be HEARD. Im tired of being treated like a junkie. Fix my problem and I will be more than willing to stop all these meds unfortunately there seems to be no FIX. Once again start screaming about the damn DEA. They have way out stepped there boundaries. I am considering moving to Colorado for the oil treatment. WARNING speak up NOW!!! Looking for a understanding pain mngmnt dr. In or around st louis area.

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P Says:

Drhood, I am amazed you have no shame in using that username and have no idea what you are talking about. Opana is not a mixture of any drug(s) but and entirely separate compound. Yes it is at the top of the list and can be dangerous if not used properly. You need to do a bit more research before offering your opinions as some people may believe you are a Doctor and know what you are talking about. What you just wrote is totally irresponsible.

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all of us in deep dark pain will soon just have to take a hot shower. most doctors care less.and to put salt on our wounds. most doctors, hands are tied. they can't prescribe much pain meds by law or they loose license for 24 months.I hope some thing good happens for all of us.the only answer i have is hold you head up high,hope for the best,stay positive as best you can and pray that some laws get relaxed.i am not a doctor so i am not saying what you should take GOD BLESS YOU AND HELP US ALL

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Mike Says:

I have been on oxymorphone Dr 15mg 2x a day. I just finally after 2 years fighting disability and got ssi disability. I now have Tenncare Magellan Rx coverage. I was told that my rx coverage will only pay for 40 of 84 of my oxycodone 30mg I take 3x a day. Unless I get a PA for quantity limit to cover all 84. But on my oxymorphone we 15mg, I was told I would need a PA and would cover up to 60 pills. Then was told today since it isn't on preferred list. It probably won't get approved even with a PA. Does anyone have the same insurance as I do and had the same problems with these PA and stuff. Plz help. What do i do

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Mithos Says:

First of all, I'm truly sorry that you are having such a difficult time, and I completely understand your frustration, as I have been very sick since I was about 19. I am only 47 and I have already had 33 surgeries, and have a minimum of 3 more to go. Now, on to your knees. I'm not sure what kind of orthopedic you are seeing, but I would seriously consider switching to someone that knows more about replacements. It is true that about 10 or so years ago, knee replacements would last approx 8-10 years, but that is no longer the case. The hardware has become much better and the technology absolutely amazing. A knee replacement for someone with a normal lifestyle (not a marathon runner, for example) can easily get as many as 15+ years from a replacement if the surgery goes well with no complications. I was told when I was 25 that I needed both knees replaced, but decided I would put it off as long as possible because of my age. I am now at the point that if i don't have them done soon, the surgery will be extremely difficult if not impossible because my femur and fibia/tibia are starting to warp outwards. If you need the knee replacement to improve your quality of life, I certainly wouldn't hesitate at this point. I don't think you'll have any problem with the lifespan of the replacement now. Good luck!!

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Mom46 Says:

I have been prescribed, Oxymorphone 10mg. I came on here to find a real answer from someone that REALLY knows the answer to this question, is it a compound /mixture of Oxycone and Morphine? I like to know EXACT what I put into my body and not just any pop pills. I do have severe bursitis in both hips sciatic nerve damage and degenerative disc disease. On top of that due to the car accident my neck bones are curved opposite of the way they are supposed to be. Please help me find out the answer a real answer thank you

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Mom46 Says:

Yes, I am prescribe 10 milligrams twice a day

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Mom46 Says:

On top of all the issues I have listed earlier, I just found out I have RA and Advanced Lyme disease and severe arthritis. I am trying to find a new chronic pain doctor, that is not a UPMC, in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area. Does anybody have any referrals for me?

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Kria Says:

I read above it's like a mixture of oxymoron and dilaudid.

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ScooterB Says:

In 2006, i fell 45ft off of a stage riser and landed on 5 metal folding chairs. I fractured my spine in 11 places, and either herniated or broke all of my disks. I have literally been on every single pain med that's legally available. Two years ago, I was accepted into an incredible pain management doctors practice. He worked with me to find a combination of meds that would allow me to live a semi-normal life. I currently take 2, 40mgER Oxymorphone and 1, 20mgER every 12 hours. I can also take up to 3 dilauded per day for breakthrough pain. I've had both knees replaced, and will need a hip replacement soon as well. For those who don't know, oxymorphone is the generic version of Opana. It does NOT have the abuse proof coating on it, so it is all getting into my system, unlike the plasticized Opana. Find a reputable pain management doctor who will work with you to find the right medications that'll work for you. Do your homework about ALL of the pain medications, their side effects, and don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions!! The best of luck to you all!!!

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Noitall Says:

Oxymorphone is not a combination drug. It is the strongest pain pill prescribed. You get the 10mg instant release. Oxymorphone is actually what your liver metabolizes oxycodone into. Your opiate receptors in your brain only accepts 3 different opiates. Morphine, hydromorphone, and oxymorphone. So when you take any of these 3 drugs your liver doesn't have to metabolize them before they hit the receptors. Straight from the blood stream to the brain. They actually work faster. Hydrocodone is turned into hydromorphone in your liver. The only bad thing you'll notice about those pills is you build a tolerance to them fairly quick. But good luck with everything.

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Scotty B Says:

Oxymorphone is NOT a combination of different opiates. It has its own chemical signature. It is twice as strong as OxyContin, which was the most abused opiate in its heyday. Since it was abused so much, they changed the formula. Oxymorphone is the generic name for Opana. Opana is also "abuse-proof" following in the footprints of OxyContin. Opana passed through my system undisolved, and I did not receive any pain relief. Thankfully I have a Pain Management doctor who is extremely knowledgable and willing to go the extra mile to find his patients relief. He prescribes me generic Opana, or Oxymorphone that is NOT "abuse-proof." When I told my doctor that I was getting no relief from Opana, he requested a blood and U/A sample to check the level of opiates in my system. Both results came up negative for opiates. Now that I'm taking Oxymorphone, my blood and U/A samples show the correct amount of opiates in my system. Remember... 80mg OxyContin = 40mg Oxymorphone!

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Jane Says:

Just a comment, not about your question but about your username. Is your birthday on 3/17? The reason I ask is 3/17 is St. Patrick's Day. I have twins born on St. Patrick's Day. Better than that, our last name is Reilly. That's pretty Irish, right? I also gave them very Irish first names.
Just thought I'd share my info. I figured with a username like Irish 3/17 you mat be Irish! I hope all is still going well with your pain issues. God Bless!

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Mike Says:

I am in ssi disability but I am in Tenncare Medicaid and I have Magellan Rx Coverage. They don't hardly pay for nothing. I'm on Oxymorphone er 15 mg 2x daily and oxycodone 30mg 4x daily. Now Magellan will pay for the oxycodone with a PA for QL. But will Magellan let me have 2 PA or more? My other 2 meds I take also is on the drug perferd list but says I need. PA for them too. Now since the meds are on the DPL will Magellan cover it if i get a PA for that too? If anyone is on same insurance and knows about Magellan Rx Coverage please leave comment. Thanks

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Nellster Says:

I have almost the same question about the allergy. I have read that people that are allergic to codeine may also be allergic to oxymorphone? Is this accurate, cause I am allergic to codeine and my dr just switched me to start tomorrow. I am happy with the meds I am taking and don't want to be switched. He is switching me cause I'm still suffering at times. I have learned to live with it to the extent that it is. I just want some normalcy in my life. Hard enough having chronic pain and illness and then dealing with going to the drs constantly and getting medications switched constantly.

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