Is Liquid The Same As A Pill Form?

cheryl Says:

I got a liquid form of 7.5/325 of vicodin. I usually take a pill with that same amount. Is it the exact same dosage in liquid form?

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BL Says:

Each 5 mil (teaspoon) has Hydrocodone 7.5 mg & Acetaminophen 325 mg. Each tablet has the same thing.

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David Says:


I don't know if the dosing instructions are any different on yours, but information I'm finding online states that each 7.5/325mg dose amounts to "15 mL" (or 1 tablespoonful) - not "5 mL" as BL mentioned.

This can be verified on the following page under the section titled "How Supplied":

Outside of that it seems like the only differences you might notice may be found within the list of "inactive ingredients" that are probably more prevalent in the tablets rather than the liquid form, since it requires more binding agents.

Hope this helps!

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