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I've been prescribed fentanyl 50mg pain patches and i was just wondering if it's okay to cut one in half an chew on it?

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josephwisdom Says:

To the 'alleged' nurse... My son was in a coma on two different occasions from overdosing on tis patch. I have been on them for 11 years now and I do KNOW what I'm talking about. If you were a nurse you would have youyr licence revoked for publishing such irresponsible information which is not the least but true. I have close to $200,000. in medical bills fro the two times my 40 year old son over dosed on Fentanyl Patches. Are you a total idiot or just a crazy liar?
Ye sit is TRUE people have dies placing the patches on people because they were opiate sensiitive. Yes people die often from chewing the patches or pieces of the patch because it freezes the lungs. Anyoe who would advocate chewing or using more than what is precsribed of this or any other drug is both irresponsible and criminal.
I have even overdosed accidently from having my patch on in the hot tub underwater without thinking. So don't tell mme you knw anything about these patches. I have been taking the 100mcg. patch for 10 years after starting with the 25mcg and working my way up. You are a total idiot to encourage peopel to look at this drug lightly. For all you who don't know who to belive, call your local pharmacist or your local hospital. If this person on here is sayinmg they are a nurse..they are an angel of death nurse. Call Walgreens oir your hospital before doing anyhing stupid that you can't undo. And don't listen to idiots like this nurse imposter. No nurse in their right mind would ever encourage someone to take something that is not prescribed to them. This person i a dangerous wacko. If you listen to this person you may die. If you listen to me it is impossile to die. Now call the phamacist or the hospital and find out for yourselves.

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lola385 Says:

i am a 25 yr old 115 lbs female who has been on fentanyl for 6 years due to a neuropathy which resulted in intense burning pain thru my legs and back. prior to fentanyl, i was SUPER sensitive to any sort of mind/physical altering substane. im the type of person who couldnt have a diet coke at dinner bc the caffiene would keep me up all night. i never even took advil and hated being medicated so when my pain was so unbearable i did a S**T TON of research on medications.

nobody dies from TOUCHING a patch. even if they have strong opiad sensitivity they get sick. people do die from chewing, or wearing 2 at a time or rubbing the gel on themselves. no matter what anybody says here, if someone wants to get high, they will find a way. i agree, i think people should stick to pot if youre going to use drugs at all, but lets be realistic, thatll never happen. if people have a death wish, its their problem. there are enough resources (online, pharmacies, hospitals, etc) where they can get reliable info. if someone is dumb enough to chew a fentanyl patch, then congrats. darwinisms survival of the fittest. this isnt like coke where you can call a pharmacy and say hey im wanting to get high, whats the most amount i can take before i will od? if people value their life but are still bent on getting a fentanyl high they can pretend to be a patient and call a pharmacist and say hey was just prescribed this and am a little concerned, for my weight and height, what should my dosage be 25 mcg vs 50 vs 100? frankly i have never had the fentanyl high. i go from excruciating pain to normal to sick. ive never gotten a high, only severe vomiting.

i agree it makes it harder for the rest of us with actual probs to get around with the laws on prescriptions, but if people are dumb enough to do it, nobody is going to change their mind on here. and it sure as hell wasnt the dealers fault for dumb a***s overdosing. people know the dangers of narcotics. even my 14 yr old catholic school, sheltered, perfect angel sister knows not to mess with this stuff.

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sherry Says:

I want to know I am on 100 mg fen.patch and I have been for a year and of course it doesnt work as well as it did in the beginning.I am currently going through the motions to have the pain stimulator put in and I just finished my trail and had it removed today and now my pain is through the rroof so I want to make the patch I am wearing work a little faster are there ways to do this.I do not want to eat them,that is way to scary but I have 7 patches left and need to make them last 2 weeks so I have a little leeway to speed up the effectiveness of them.

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josephwisdom Says:

If you want the patch to work a little faster, you can soak in a warm tub of water with the patch submerged. But you still must be careful so as not to force too much of the medicine into your bloodstream too quickly or you may overdose.
I reccommend you clean the spot where you place the patch be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol. The place the patch on your upper arm and place your dry warm hand on the patch for about 30 seconds. It will stick better. Just make sure the alcohol is 'completely' dry before placing the patch onyour arm. The patch will stick much better insuring quicker entry into your blood stream. I also use Oxycodone when I need an extra boost of pain relief. Ask your doctor for something else to take. Bu only take it when you absolutely need it or it will not work after your body gets used to it. And remember... all pain reliever mimic the pain of injuries when you start to go off them. They play with your mind and your body. If you get off the patch cold turkey, expect to be in both physical pain and mental pain including suicidal, depressed and convinced you are dying. This will last from 7 to 10 days. I have gotten off the patch twice. It isn't easy. The other thing I would like to mention here is that when you have the dry bowel problem where it feels like you are giving birth and eating fiber, taking laxatives and stool softeners fail to work... place vaseline in your anus and around the opening and things will slide right out. But don't do this as you are sitting on the toilet. Do it before you have to go. Your finger or gloved finger with the vaseline penetrating you may stimulate you to go. This will work wonders. Good luck and again... please do not chew even a tiny portion of the patch. Do NOT listen to the people who say they are doctors or nurses on these sites and tell you it is safe or will not harm you. NO medical person would say this to anyone. Don't belive eveything you see in print. Always side with caution. Best of luck to you all.

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EmilyBrown Says:

Joseph: Go do something better with your time and your drugs, doesn't seem like anybody here wants to listen to you. Also, that advice you just gave was COMPLETELY inappropriate, seeing that it was not ASKED for.

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Aymee Says:

Hey y'all! I've been on the Fentanyl Patch at 25mcgs/h, which I think some of you have been mistaking for MILLIGRAMS! MCGs stand for MICROgrams which for 25mcgs=approximately 4.1 milligrams. Fentanyl is given in IVs at 50, 75, and 100 MGs!!! Chewing on 4.1mg is not going to kill you IF you have a tolerance for opiates. However, I definetley would NOT CHEW A NEW PATCH. I have been on the patch for just about 3 years now and am prescribed other narcotics for my breakthrough pain. If I am dying of pain and my path isn't due for another 12 hours or less, (my patch is changed every two days as opposed to the normal 72 hours, because my body absorbs the medicine faster because of the immense amount of pain) I will take a patch off early and chew on the remainder of the medicine and though I don't get a high, which I don't want anyways, it effectively takes away my pain and usually is even able to hold me over until the next patch is due. Obviously abusing prescription drugs or using them in anyway other than the way they were prescribed is illegal and I'll-advised unless you have a cool and understanding doctor who encouraged me to chew when necessary and only after the patch has been used for at the very least a day and a half. Please be careful out there and DON'T ABUSE YOUR MEDICATIONS! I hope this feedback helped! Good luck and may all of your alls pain be eased! Best wishes! :)

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Goonie Bird Says:

eat it im chewing on one right now its awesome well worth the 10 i paid for a 25mcg patch but if you dont have some kind of toterance to opiates then i wouldnt try it

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Painkiller Says:


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crymealulliby28 Says:

Hello, I'm 29 years old. I broke my back two years ago and have had 2 major open back surgery's. I've been prescribed every kind of pain and nerve medication there possibly is, desperately trying to find the right medication to help cope with the pain. Just recently my Neurologist/Pain Management doc took me off my 10mg Oxycodone ,10 mg valum and switched me to a 50mg gel Fentanyl patch. I was also given a prescription of 10 mg hydrocodone for break through pain. ( I have a very high tolerance for pain medication because of the amount I have been perscribed) It took a while for the patch to kick in. On the third day I had begun to notice the slight deference in the level of my constant pain. I've never totally been 100 percent out of pain due to the severity of the injury. When it came time for me to change the patch I decided to chew it hoping to stretch out the ability of the medication. It didn't make me high at all!! The only side effects I had from chewing the remainder was a little itching around the facial area, and a slight dizziness feeling. I must say I did notice that my pain had significantly decreased. Later that evening, my tongue had broke out into canker sores. (Has this ever happened to anyone else?) I imagine that was from chewing the patch, but not sure. As I'm reading all these comments I realize so many have different opinions about chewing the patch. But my question is...Is it harmful to chew the remaining gel that is still in the patch? Could I continue doing this process without the fear of dieing to help with the extreme pain? I'm not an attic, or I'm not buying this medication off the street, I'm just someone who is always looking for a way to dull the daily pain I endure. Also, the people speaking of their loved ones who have passed, I'm so sorry for your loss. I truly am, but did those specific individuals die from chewing a new patch? and was it more than just one? Did they have a low tolerance for opiates? All tho I don't live my life's decision's by gathering information on blogs it is nice to hear others opinions and wisdom that have had experiences. Thanks so much for any responses!

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recovaddict712 Says:

ok first off id like to say to all you hypocrits who talk down about people that use drugs & those in recovery trying to better their lives...first off WE dont ruin NOTHING for YOU!! im 24 yrs old and am a recovering addict and have been for over a year now. i have a great job, great life..everything. there was a point in my life when i was in active addiction that i became so sick, i was fronted one of these patches and was told to chew it and it would help me from getting sick, allthough i knew nothing about these as an addict in the middle of my addiction i did not care, i needed to keep from getting sick. nothing happened to me but it took my aches and pain away. allthough i am DEF NOT happy about what i did and how i would hae taken anything to keep me from getting sick, i didnt care at that point. luckily nothing happened, and anyone who knows anythign about addiction would agree! secondly i wanna say to all those people out there that say they have been on this and that (narcotic pain meds) for so many yrs or months and still continue to say "YOUR NOT AN ADDICCT" are truely lieng and are just in plain DENIAL. not saying anyone who takes narcotic meds are in active addition, but after so long your tolerance increases and you need more/higher doses. you start out by taking more than perscribed. if you cannot take narcotic pain meds without going through withdrawls..sorry to say people..YOU ARE ADDICTED, whether its mentally or physically. there is nothing wrong with being a recovering addict..those of you who decide to CHEW this patch, i could carless if you LIE and say "oh i want it to be more effective w the pain" are just in DENIAL like i said, i dont care how much of it you chew or what the circumstances are, if you feel you have to CHEW a pain patch that is made to release narcotic in your body over a certain period of time and say you are not trying to "get high" your all LIARS. even with my tolerance for narcotics when i was using, i chewed it and still recieved a bit of a high. so to the guy who brought this up in the first place, honestly with all do respect, if you are even QUESTIONING whether or not you should or shouldnt chew a strong pain patch suck as this one have doubt in your head that its not right, and most of the time you should really go w your gut feeling bc majority of the time thats the right decision, and coming from a recovering addict...sorry to say hun but if you even have to throw in that paragraph "you are not an addict" you really are, and thats your concious. now its your life and your decision what you choose to do and im not putting you down in any way, shape or form. now to ALL YOU STUPID PEOLE who are supposadly "nurses" omg!! seriously...are you that stupid..ok well first off if anyone has ANY education and knows anything about drugs will know that is an UBSURD thing to tell people. they are a curse from the devil. they have no idea what they r talking about and why they would tell anyone that, is completly beyond me. i am a RN. not to put my s**t on blast, and not to make myself look good to anyone bc i know i dont need to impress anyone. im just truely upset by what you said about how its ok basically to CHEW pain patches, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST SAID!! if it was truely ok to chew a pain patch, dont you think it would be prescribed to you that way. come on now people, dont be that stupid, anyone with a brain knows better than this. I just had a really bone chilling scare with my big brother/cousin, just thursday 10/28/10, him & his gf both are addicts and in active addiction, ive tried everything, and i mean EVERYTHING i can to help them. but i cant and wont jepordize my recovery to help someone who is not yet ready. so thurs night at 8:30 pm i got a phonecall from a family member saying he was found in his vehicle and was unconcious, his gf found him, and when she found him, she found a fentanyl pain patch hanging out his mouth and it had been chewed up. then there was another one on the floor that he had to already have eaten. so she called 911 and they told her to put him on the ground, and she did so. 911 got there just in time, once he was at the hospital, the only thing keeping him alive was the peramedics keeping oxygen on him. he got to the hospital and was ceasuring and convulsing, foaming from the mouth & had no airway to breathe. so they put him on ventilater & shortly after that he was in coma, let me tell you something, for those of you who have never experienced such a thing as a family member dead and the only thing keeping them alive is the machine it sucks and will change ur whole perspective on live. he has came to, and it delushional. he is very confused, talks off the wall crap, and may have severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain, my brother/cousin's bday just passed and he was unconcious for his bday. you wanna talk about hard on me and my family. experience something like this or worse (which i dont wish on anyone) and then you will understand. granted he took more than usual but even ONE could kill you, you know how they say "ITS JUST ONE" well it can/will kill you. just like they say..i only had sex "one" time and got pregnant..its true. allthough he was taking xanex on top of it, it sstill dont change the fact that that sent him over the edge, take NO CHANCES..thankfully he is still with us today but may never be the same again, so please anyone out there who are even thinking about this or who have done this, dont go against med advice. any dr on their right mind will tell you DO NOT CHEW THEM. if you do its your will to die. whether you do or not, well lets just say..thats up to the lord above. do the right thing, and anyone who is going this far with a patch or even in any kind on addiction, PLEASE SEEK OUT HELP! it can and will work. you may think you have no other option, there is and you do!! it wont be easy, but like they say..NOTHING IN LIFE WORTH FIGHTING FOR COMES EASY, AND WILL GET BETTER WITH TIME..GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK.

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yodopiate Says:

ya chewing them is on methadone due to my former dark adiction...but when i want to get a buzz, which is only like twice a month(cuz of money) ive stopped wasting my time and money on oxys cuz two 80mg tabs doesnt get my buzzed or high at all...maybe a little bit itch on my nose but thats ive saved myself the money by buying 100mcg fent patch(ratiopharm)...i actually have a half of one in my mouth right now...this site isnt used for ppl to bash drugs...its not used for ppl to identify pills...its used for more then that...for someone that doesnt know about chewing patches or someone that needs this med for pain i can see there frustration when they read this but u have to understand that ppl like me use these sites to find out what is safe and whats been done in the past,although everyones different it eases the nerves when ur decideing to use somthing new....if u dont have a tolerance definatley DO NOT F***ING CHEW matter what anyone tells you....i chew them becuz of very bad teeth teeth are f***ed from all the oxys i use to do for 5 years and im scared to go to the dentist...well more embarrassed then anything....and i use these patches to catch a real buzz....but im on 70 mgs of methadone...and two 80s is 80 bucks where a 10mg patch is id rather chew a patch...i have a tolerance to opiates especially the methadone so this is why i do them...when i first tried them i was terrified but it was upto me if i wanted to do them or get rid of them...its not the dealers fault for ODs and Deaths its the user who is at fault for buying the person up above said the drug dealers dont want there clientel to die cuz they lose money in the end....jus safe...dont chew these things unless uve done alot of research on the internet for hours and read what ppl feel like when they do them , then decide if its a smart thing to do....i almost didnt do it but i read this thread and i a te smal peices...and now i know my body well enuf to knwo how much to chew....BE SAFE EVERYONE WHOS DOING THIS...READ LOTS....DO RESEARCH B4 PUTTING YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY...

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Maria Says:

I chewed a 100 mg non gel fentanal patch. It took 25 minutes tp have the full effect. I had the urge to have constant sexual relations for over 9 hours. It got so intense that I had to have my partner scratch aroung my area having the same effect as an orgasim. An orgasim is no longer the same is no longer the same...... I beg everyone ...please take as directed !!

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lshodges Says:

To recovaddict712...thank you. I am on the fentanyl 50 gelpatch and have toyed with the idea of other methods for better results and calling a spade a spade always helps if ur being honest. I'm a recovering addict and yes, I follow meds as prescribed for legitimate medical issues and severe pain. It becomes relapse when these thoughts of 'other ways' pop into ur heads so I guess I have now. Realizing that of couse its not ok or it would be prescribed and hearing about 9 hours of sexual torture from another post....nope, its not for me...still curious but not considering. Peace out.

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Tracy Stroud Says:

My daughters boyfriend just died today from chewing a patch....please... please.... please....dont do this

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Mrswaynesimmonds Says:

This is to recovaddict712:

PEOPLE CANNOT DIE FROM ACCIDENTLY QUICKLY TOUCHING A FENTANYL PATCH, EVEN IF THAT PATCH WAS A MILLION MICROGRAMS, TOUCHING IT FOR A SECOND IS NOT LONG ENOUGH FOR THE MEDICINE TO ABSORB IN TO YOUR BODY. Hence the reason for this blog. People want to know how to more efficiently, effectively, and quickly use their medication for faster results. They are asking for that because it takes nearly four hours for the body to absorb the medication.

Next, just because you are, or excuse me, were, an addict, it doesn't mean that every legitimate pain patient is seeking a high from their medication. I agree that "chewing" an entire patch is completely idiotic. However, in the most EXTREME cases I do believe it's okay to "chew" your patch in increments. For example, my Sandoz patches are about an inch to an inch and a half long and I use scissors to cut slivers off at a time and I suck on that sliver for a few hours, spit it out, and wait until I may need another sliver. This has helped immensely and after four years of bed rest, has finally allowed me to live a normal life. I'm able to go to Disneyland with my boyfriend now, I'm able to go to the movies, and I'm finally able to go on dates and walk around outside and even finally cater to my own needs rather than having depend on someone else for food or drinks. I definitely do not advise people to "chew" their patches however if they do it it the way I do by cutting pieces that are less than half of a millimeter in length it's okay. I'm not a doctor or an alleged nurse like everyone on this thing but I have cut and sucked on my 25mcg patch for 6 months and I love it. It helps immensely and has in fact eliminated the need for breakthrough pain meds. If your curious on how to make it last, just use no more than half of the patch on day one and then the second half on day two. If your patch is supposed to last three days, I would suggest talking to your doctor about lessening the amount of days. Peole like you, make all GENUINE PAIN PATIENTS SUFFER.

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steveo Says:

you want die from chewing the patch but if your gonna chew on them get the ratio fentenal patch and just suck on them , dont chew youll reck your teeth and the reason that it takes the pain away faster is because its in your system faster.

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Your a moron Says:

After they try reviving you for twenty minutes or so and it doesn't work, don't worry about your teeth, you won't need them......

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jimmycann Says:

No, I don't. Because I'm sorry to say that it wasn't their fault.

It's the user's fault, not the supplier.

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jimmycann Says:

Of coarse not. It can be done surely....but that's not how their meant to take.

When you suck on 'em, they wear off VERY fast! After a while, you will run out of patches B4 the month is over and then you'll be about as sick as you can get from WD's Plus your originial pain.

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