Is It Okay To Chew A Fentanyl 50mg Pain Patch

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I've been prescribed fentanyl 50mg pain patches and i was just wondering if it's okay to cut one in half an chew on it?

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Roy Says:

I would say definitely NOT - The Fentanyl transdermal patch is supposed to be absorbed by the body gradually. If you were to chew on it you would be taking a very dangerous risk - this is a very strong medication! Chewing on it would essentially release 3 days worth of of a narcotic into your body which is more powerful than morphine! Please post back with any other thoughts you have about this and please be safe!

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comments Says:

Obviously, chewing the patch is unsafe, but again... some people need faster pain relief. That being the case don't over do it, and work with your doctor to ensure you're being safe.

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comments Says:

Keep in mind that fentanyl patches are close to 80 TIMES more potent than morphine patches. And when you chew the patch it can take anywhere between 10-40 mins so there is a big risk of overdose.

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doc-of-med Says:

The last two people have given VERY DANGEROUSE advise on this topic. IT IS NEVER OK TO MISUSE ANY TYPE OF MEDICATION, ESPECIALLY A MEDICATION LIKE FENTANYL. A VERY POWERFUL OPOID THAT CAN KILL SOMEONE. To many times patients are brought in the Emergency Rooms due to accidental overdoses and are pronounced dead. IF this medication was to be taken orally, then it would be prescribed in that manner. So many drug addicts crowd the Emergency Rooms with false pretends in order to obtain all kinds of narcotics. This only hurts the real patients who do have real pain and doctors are slow to prescribe medications and thus the true pain patient suffer. If the person who posted this comment dies due to the advise given, will your other posters take full responsibility? This person who posted this message could well be a teenager who took this patch from a family member who needs it and is just looking for a high.

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A Says:

Do not chew the patch. It's not worth the risk think what it will do to your family if you od and die. I have a cousin this past weekend that was chewing a patch and died. People are always looking for a high, get high on life. Do not chew even a little bit because you will not know if it's too much.

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Makayla10 Says:

Hi there. I just started seeing a PM dr about 3 weeks ago. I was strated on the Fentanyl patch 25 mcg. The problem is I already feel a lot less relief than I did the first week. Is it possible to have already built up a tolerance to it? I also wanted to say that I just read a post here where someone actually asked if its SAFE to chew a Fentanyl patch. 2 people answered and gave better ideas on how to go about this! I'm brand new here and to these kind of meds. What kind of message r u sending here to new people like me????? I even know that's just wrong! Plz keep your sick deadly ODing ideas to yourself and then u probably won't have to be responsible for someone else possibly ODing. That would be so horrible! And thank u for the serious people that r here for support and to help each other only. Makayla10

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Grieving Uncle Says:

DON'T do it ever PLEASE

my precious nephew died doing this very thing. Life will NEVER be the same without him! Plese, if not for yourself....please think of those you could leave behind.

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meh125 Says:

my daughter took an op stronger than an oxy and did not wake up.She paid 30 dollars for it. This medicine is given by pain clinics but people sell it for 30.00 a pill and something needs to be done about it. i don't mind a perocet or loratab but these things are deadly and lethal and people should be punished for this. She was beautiful and so full of life and now she is dead and leaves me a sister, three children and grandchildren and i am getting more bitter by the day at the people who sold her this, and they are still doing it, they make a good living at it, but i have lost all respect for them, does anyone ever thing that one day they will get what is comming to them?

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josieaka Says:

Makayla10, I have been on the patches for 4 years. My Pdoc, starts with 25, goes to 50 quite soon. He said the 25 is mainly to get you used to the drug. I stayed on the 50 for over a year and a half. I use a 75 now, always with other meds for break through pain. I have been very happy with the patches, no highs but good pain relief. This drug does need to be handled carefully especially around young children or pets.

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Cheryl Says:

My brother-in-law just passed away in November of 09 from chewing those damn patches that he got from a friend. The friend told him that if he chewed them then the medicine will get into his system faster. Oh and it did. The coroners report said that 2.0 is considered and overdose, his was 18.0. So please please use then with extreme caution. And only if they are prescibed to YOU! Chewing them should never be a option. I just wish he would have realized that before he died.

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Thaboys 21 Says:

I am now using Fentanyl 75mg as of this monday. I know that I have a high tolorence for opiates. I have read so many articles on the Fentanyl patch that I have become dizzy. I know that it must be very tempting to use them the wrong way. But I would rather also smoke some bud than to O.D. for an high. I live in California and I have a legal cannibis card and have now started growing in my basement due to the expense. I know that in the long run it will be a great deal cheaper to grow it, Plus I can control what goes in my plants thus what come out in the end product. a $1000.00 investment for the equipment will reap me unbelieveable results. They cannibis strains just for pain. I also have a license to grow for medical MMJ useage.

You can still grow this stuff without a license in your state but you just have to be very cafeful and not tell anyone.

I am already a little over a month in my grow and in another month and two weeks I should have enough to smoke until summer if I were not to grow any more for awhile.

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MethaContin85 Says:

this is for Meh125

im sorry for ur loss and everything u said but , i am a recovering opoid addict, im on 150mg of methadone , anyway my mother wud always go nuts after ppl who supply the sh*t...but guess what ur girl, or me or u or any1 has a brain a will and the ability to take something themselves, unless some1 shoves something down ur throat or up ur nose or in ur arm then im sorry u have nothing to be bitter about towards the person who sold it to her because u know how many ppl probly bought sh*t the same hour and it was all there own faults just like i can admit that it is no1 elses fault but mine that i became addited to heroin and oxys and morph and fent and all that, but guess what i myself seeked it out plotted how and where to get it and administered it to myself . so think about that for a minute , becuase like a lot of ppl who think that way its very ignorant way to think, people take responsability for what they do the outcome is always becvuase of their own actions not from some1 making a transaction . think about it for a minute . yea ur mad but one day ur going to have to get over the fact that a drug addict is the one who makes the move, not the dealer. i know i am totaly responsible for my overdose i almost died i was blue and gray and unconcious on the floor right away my mother is screaming at me im gunna kill the asshole who gave this to u, and I'm like wait a minute ok, like i wanted this so i went out and got it and shot it in me so ur lookng to b mad at the wrong perosn b mad at me for doing it. like we all know dealers don't care much about their clients but i dont think they want them dead then they loose ......i dunno thats my feel of it and many others ive talked to agree.

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Golden Says:

Im a chronic pain sufferer and have been on many different types of opiods in the past. Fentanyl 50 has been great, and true any drug can be abused. But due to people abusing them it makes it hard for people like me to get the drugs that I need to live a more normal life. Geeked on Coke and Its Me don't seem to need opiods except to get high - S**t I like to get high, but I like to control my pain more and I know that if I chewed them (even slowly) they wouldn't last for the 72 hrs there supposed to last for and I'd be in deep s**t also could be dead with an overdose. Also I agree with what Meh 125 said - people do have to take responsibility for their own actions. I wouldnt sell my meds at any price but that wont stop people who really want these drugs to get high - they will either go elsewhere or steal them from somewhere. It is not the person who supplies the drugs that forces the buyer to use them. The user just needs to admit they have a problem and get help for it before they do damage to themselves and hurt others. Including genuine pain sufferers that do rely on these drugs.

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Non Nobis Solum Says:

I for one ate a 50mcg/h patch and I ended up in the hospital, my wife had to take me. I almost died. DON'T THINK ABOUT IT! DO NOT CHEW OR YOU WILL DIE!

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josephwisdom Says:

I have been on Fentanyl 100 mgs for nine years. Some times I forget when I'm in the hot tub that my arm with the patch is in the water and I stop breathing. If you chew a patch, it WILL kill you. Even if you just wear one without building a tolerance it may KILL you. My son overdosed on Fenatnyl twice and was in a coma both times. DON'T EVER CHEW FENTANYL PATCHES!!!!

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momupana Says:

I take my fentanyl 100 mg non-gel patch and cut it into 1/4's. I then chew on the 1/4 all day. This is much more effective than applying them to my body. Is it safe? Sure feels safe.

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elle Says:

what if your in pain but your doctor wont prescribe you anything that helps right now so you've been getting meds off the streets to help the pain and make it day by day until the day he does prescribe? Can you cut it into 8ths and chew to make the pain go away? not a high but just be pain free for a couple hours?

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josephwisdom Says:

People have died just touching the patch to place it on someone who needs it. You CANNOT chew ANY PART of thsi patch! It can kill you!!

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ftynal chewer Says:

people are so dumb they blame the people who sold it when the one who died made thare own dicision to buy the drug you are your own person and when you do drugs you know the consequences

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Barry Anoia Says:

Ignorant people should not voice their opinion... No one has ever died from touching a patch and applying it to someone (unless they had the most ridiculous allergy ever). I am a nurse and a pain patient. Take them as prescribed please and blame noone but the ppl who ODed for their actions. It took me a long time to get proper hlep for my pain, and yes, after some time i took matters into my own hands to handle my pain until my DR's began to help. Chewing it is likely a waste neway especially if you have any type of opiate tolerance. You take any opiate you automatically have a tolerance to fentanyl (its called cross-tolerance). People need to do research before they give terrible, stupid, advice or make outrageous, ignorant, stupid comments like Josephwisdom just gave. Sir, you are an idiot, stop trying to give advice/scare ppl because you just showed us all that you know perfectly-zero about this topic. Thanks, Bye

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