Is Iilvitrim Suspension The Same As Resmed Co Trimoxazole Oral

Eva Says:

I'M HIV positive and and my 9 months old baby is negative, at the clinic they use to prescribe nevarapine and Resmed Co-Trimoxazole Oral Suspension and they gave me Ilvitrim Suspension. Is it Ok? Because she has flue and ever she seems to be very weak and not eating well.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, it is the same medication, just under a different name. It is an antibiotic and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, non-allergic skin rash and diarrhea.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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mpozi Says:

I'm hiv positive my 4months baby is negative,at the clinic was giving her a nevarapine n ilvitrim bt nw I'm at eastern cape they say a 4months bby is not receiving a nevarapine the nurse give me only it is good cz is hiv negative n I'm still breast feeding her?

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V Mulo Says:

Hi my daughter is 7 weeks. I'm HIV positive and she's negative ,the clinic gave her nevirapine to take daily, and then I went for the 6 weeks check up and they gave her ilvitrim suspension ,my baby tested negative I don't understand why she has to take this ilvitrim and for how long will she hav to take it. I'm not even breastfeeding her. Please kindly explain what is it for.

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daps Says:

hi im hiv + and the last time my baby did test he was _ and im breastfeeding,at the clinic they first gave me Nevirapine syrup,ilvitrim and my baby never had any effect but now that he is taking co_trimozale has rash all ever the stomuch and the back ,are those side effect of he is positive on treatment and im streess so much that im loosing weight

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zama Says:

Hey I'm 29 my son is 4months I'm positive but my son tested negative I'm exlussive breastfeeding . Today I went clinic they didn't give me ilvitrim suspension only got multivitamin the nurse said it not a problem course I'm on arvs I'm worried that I might infect my child please help.

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ntombi Says:

I'm HIV positive my child is using batrim And navarapin but now I'm not breastfeeding but he have a rash there is something wrong but I tested he was negative

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Thando Says:

Hi, am HIV+ and my child is 5 months and HIV-, at clinic they give her ilvitrim suspention 5ml and don't tell me how to use it, please help me

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Trinex Says:

Hie, is the dose correct 5mI for a six month old??

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ellen Says:

Ilvitrim suspension wat is it for.m HIV+and my baby is eight weeks now and she HIV - .at six weeks they stopped neverapin and gave her ilvitrim.nw she has rash on her it the side effect or wat.pls help me.

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Mpho Says:

Hey im hiv positive and my baby is negetive i just decided not to breastfeeding her anymore do i continue with doctrim suspension?

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syete Says:

How long does the baby take doctrim suspension?

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kwekwezi Says:

im positive my child still breastfeeding is 4 monthts they give me livitrim there say im stop navarepi syrup
is okay.

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My name is Zoleka Says:

M HIV + but my 3 month old baby tested HIV - I ran out of lilvitrim & went to the clinic & they gave me Co- Trimoxazole which is new to her. Will this change not affect her?

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lebo Says:

hi just want to know they give me nerevapin after I gave birth nd i only used it twice so now I just come back to the clinic for six weeks and they gave me trimoxazole,so I want to know the damage it can do since I didn't give my baby nerevapin?

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Lillis Says:

My baby boy started ilvitrim suspension at 10 weeks so I wanted to know if is he gonna be at risk of being infected since am breastfeeding him ?

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Tricia Says:

Re: zama (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hi I am HIV positive n my baby is seven weeks n tested negative n my paediatrician stopped me for giving him neverapine n never prescribed anything n I am breast feeding. Is it save or I will infect da baby?

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gaynor Says:

DOc my bby has mumps fr mre thn a week nw they gve him ilvitrim suspension nd gdc doctrim suspension bt seems it don't work

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Zanele Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

So how many ml and how many time per day.. Couse my baby is 3 months old

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Lungile Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

So my baby is having rash on his face is it this medication dat cause the rash? He is 4 months and am HIV positive

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