Is Elrredin Like Premarin

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is elreddin like premarin

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linda Says:

I bought elrredin 0.625 in Tiajuana and had been taking premarin 1.25. I started taking premarin 2 1/2 yrs ago for insanely horrible night sweats, cold flashes, hot flashes, mood swings etc. I started cutting the pills in 1/2 about 6 months ago and found that to be O.K. most of the time but every few days I went back on the full dosage for 2 or 3 days when I could feel the sweats/flashes coming back on. As I mentioned I bought the Elrredin 0.625 and was promised by the pharmacist it was the same thing. I started taking one pill a day. I quickly bumped that up to 2 and even at 2 I am having night sweats and hot flashes during the day. Does anyone know why? I have searched the internet, translated all the spanish and the info doesn't answer my questions at all. Thanks in advance

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Peggy Says:

I am having the same experience Linda described. I bought Elrredin in Mexico because it's half the price there and I don't have health ins. All my menopausal symtoms are back, not as severe, but nevertheless, they're back. I've also started taking two but am unsure that's a good idea.

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linda Says:

I am also having hot flashes and didn't experience them with a less dosage of premarin. I am going to ask my Dr

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Sandra Says:

I am having the same issue and was looking for information on Elrredin when I came across your post. In Mexico they swore it was the same medication as Premarin. I can swear it is not. I am experiencing constant hot flashes and night sweats.

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Emma Says:

I also bought my Elrredin in Mexico. I also have the hot flashes in the afternoon and evening. A few years ago I bought a different brand in Mex. and it seemed to work better. Sorry can't remember the name.

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BJ Sanders Says:

I have taken the mexico estrogens for many yers with no problem...when I ran out I found that the premerin was $65.00 for 1 mo. so since we were going to Mex. anyway I got some the ones mentioned above....I'am absolutly about to explode from the hot flashes....guess I have to give in and pay the price. :-(

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M Knapp Says:

I purchased Elreddin from JB Pharmacy, Avenue Benito Juarez No. 126, Neuvo Progreso, Tamaulipas, Mexico in December to start taking it in January to replace my C.E.S. conjugated estrogen. Shortly after I started taking it as part of my HRT therapy I also was getting very strong night sweats and losing a lot of sleep. My quality of life has deteriorated significantly. I honestly think that the Elreddin from the Victory Pharmaceutical Company in Mexico is a placebo and does not contain any conjugated estrogen. Simply a sugar pill, so I would strongly advise anyone not to accept this medication as valid. It simply is not valid. I am planning to send some of my Elreddin purchased in Mexico for analysis to find out exactly what is in this product. It most certainly does not work. It could also be very dangerous for anyone who takes it in concert with the progesterone if it is not authentic medication especially for those who are replacing the natural estrogen produced by the body that was taken away by surgery. Come on Victory - defend your product!!!!!

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Diane H Says:

Thanks for this info. Just bought Elrredin in Puerto Vallarta today - it was made in India. It is also 0.625 mg so perhaps taking 2 would be a more comparable dose to other meds (which I haven't taken). Vaginal creams weren't available & I am having UTI probs which seem to be related to menopause.

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Angela Says:

I'm having the same issues and I'm going back to buying my premarin from 1meds. I can't handle the night sweats and hot flashes, none of which I have had since 1994! I too had used another estrogen pill from Mexico back in the 90's and had none of these problems! I'm sorry all of you are having these horrific problems. Hopefully we can all get on another type of premarin and feel better!

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Marie Says:

I have bought the the Premarin in Mexican version (white pill) for several years and have not had any problems. Then I bought the Elreddin in Mexico for my girlfriend and she reported having hot flashes with it. I thought it was just her. Well, I just started taking Elreddin as that was what the pharmacia had for Premarin and now I am getting hot flashes. Have not had hot flashes before and it's driving me insane. I will go back to the white pills asap.

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Linda Says:

Did you get the pill analyzed?

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CindyVickers Says:

I just bought Elrredin in Tijuana 0.625. I have horrible hot flashes, nights sweats and it has impacted my life. I cannot even leave my house as I am so affected. The Elrredin is not helping. I took Premarin several years back, but can't find a doctor to prescribe it? HELP. I live in Chula Vista. ANyone know a doctor?

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peaches Says:

Try Tradaxium cetirizina, also from Mexico. I have taken them & they have worked for me. I also have purchased the Elrredin, but have not used them.

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Jessie Says:

Only thing that has worked for me is a prescription for CombiPatch by Noven. Takes about 4 weeks to work but it feels like I'm not menopausal at all. These are patches used twice a week and sold by 8 to the box. Ask your ob/gyn about this product. Only $30 with Insurance / Range of $160-$220 without insurance.

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Drema Says:

I bought Elrredin as well (in Nogales, MX). My insurance company decided that at 62 yrs. old, I do not need Premarin any longer. BULL! Since taking the Elrredin, I have had hot flashes that make me dizzy enough to have to sit down, whether it's in a chair or on the floor! I don't believe it has any of the ingredients that Premarin has. I bought enough for 12 months. What a waste! I am going to see my family doctor asap to insist on the premarin again. We learn by our mistakes!

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KarenC Says:

Count me in on this. Elrredin does not work as well as Premarin. I'm having mild hot flashes, but with real Premarin I had none. I wouldn't suggest taking two pills -- it might not be the dosage, but the conjugates themselves. You could be endangering yourself by taking two. I'm unfamiliar with the chemistry of this drug, but am a retired scientist and have a basic understanding of conjugated formulas. It's not necessarily the amount, but the type of conjugates.

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Cifuentes m Says:

Re: M Knapp (# 7) Expand Referenced Message

Please please let me know what the results are about elrredin
I also have the same problems
PleAse post your information

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Mary Says:

Also started using Elrredin 2 years ago when my insurance would no longer pay for Premarin. Worked well the first year but the new supply that I got this spring does not work at all. Horrible hot flashes!! Don’t know if I dare double the dosage.

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Romy Says:

Re: linda (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Please go to see your Gynecologist. You have a hormonal imbalance and a Gynecologist is the expert on giving you the right dosis and method (spray, patch or pill) to help the hormonal imbalance. You may need both estrogens and progesterone if your symptoms are as bad as you’re describing them. We women should not have to go through suffering with these symptoms anymore!

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Mary Says:

Re: Romy (# 19) Expand Referenced Message

Since I had a hysterectomy several years ago, I do not need progesterone. I have researched some pharmacies in Canada and can get the original Premarin for about $35.00 a month but I need a prescription from my doctor to send in or fax. Have a friend in Winnipeg who takes Premarin & buys it there & says it works great! I am going to ask my Dr. for a script when I see her next month. I will keep you posted as to how this works out.

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