Iron Infusion Side Effects Concern

AwretchedMess Says:

I had my first iron infusion on Monday (it is now Sunday) as I am severely iron deficient. I was not informed that there would be any side effects by my doctor or hematologist. Since Monday I have been bedridden with the worst migraines, chronic nausea, shoulder and neck muscle spasms, loss of appetitive, heightened sense of smell which in turn makes me vomit a lot, no energy, swollen glands, the feeling that something is crawling under my skin, itchiness, irritability, needing to urinate excessively, clammy mouth and sore joints.

Is this normal? I've been to the doctor and he just gave me anti nausea medication which hasn't worked. I'm freaking out. I've just wasted a whole week in bed and still feel awful.

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Verwon Says:

Everything you've described are listed as possible side effects of an iron infusion by the FDA. Additionally, not all side effects go away, some people have life long joint pain and discomfort after receiving them.

For future reference, any time you add such a thing to the body, be it a supplement or a medication, there can be a risk of side effects.

Have you spoken to your doctor about trying oral supplements?

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Smith Says:

You are highly allergic to iron !! So am I - there are many ways to get iron . My father was taking over the counter iron & suffering terrible .He was also taking A proton pump inhibitor like Prilosec which is a Rx in double doses. It said right there in his extensive med. book - that antacids of that type block iron from being absorbed . His hemotogist put him on hemaglobin shots. That is just a shot of very iron rich blood . All I'm saying is if it is that extreme ! There woukd be no side effects that way ? & their are many other meds & ways like food that you could get your iron . Don't ever suffer when there are so many other ways to do this. I thought I would meantion certain antacids , not all . If you know a nice pharmacist that will really talk to you is usually my way . It is the only way to know what other drugs there are & what the pharmacist might think about your very allergic side effects. Looking up all this on the net is always there , too. It does sound like much more harm than good .

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