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CyndiSampson Says:

I've suffered with low iron for over 20 yrs..only taking prescription iron pills..and otc...because of GI issues relating to iron pills my GI doctor decided on ferritin IV infusions. My side effects arent bad if given benadryl..My only issue is seeing NO change.after now my 3rd infusion .Im still extremely weak and can no longer work. The feeling of no energy is upsetting from day to day..I pray I improve..

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Cyndi! How are you feeling? I'm sorry about the problem you're having.

Most people complain about suffering severe side effects from the infusions and, in quite a few cases, they were permanent and never went away, so you are unique, but it's awful that it still isn't helping.

I really hope you improve. How often are you getting them?

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Smith Says:

The meds you are taking for your GI? You may want your pharmacist to look that up . If it is a proton pump inhibitor- like my father took with the awful iron that he & I can't take because of stomach & constipation horrible . The RX antacid pills of which there are several - even taking Prilosec will stop the iron absorbsion. He stayed sick on his iron until I read that & then his hemotogist gave him hemoglobin shots . He has no side affects & his iron finally went up.

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