Insurance-humana Prescription Through Disability

Confused Says:

Does anyone have Humana prescription insurance through disability? My Humana will only pay for 2 long acting pain meds which are MS Contin and fentanyl patches...I've tried the patches and I have a severe allergic reaction to them as they cause itching and burning to my skin and the Morphine ER doesn't seem to work at all. They cover the short acting pain meds no problem it's just the long acting. Even a prior authorization from the doctor won't get any others covered?

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Verwon Says:

What dosage of the MS Contin are you taking?

You may need to speak to your doctor about raising it. The FDA lists Morphine as being a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

Alternatively, you could speak to your doctor about just working out a regimen of the regular release formulations that works for you, that your insurance will cover.

Does anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?

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Confused Says:

Hello I'm on 15mg twice a day

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Verwon Says:

There are higher doses of it available, that's actually a fairly low one.

Have you talked to your doctor, yet? They should be able to adjust it to see if it helps you more.

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Torn Discs Says:

Humira is really, really, bad medicine, tons of patients are sueing Dr.'s and the makers of Humira for subjecting them to medicine they knew, causes major-permanent-nerve damage.....
Stay away from biologics, very little testing has proven these drugs do anything except cause serious optical, and permanent-nerve-damage to humans.

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Torn Discs Says:

My bad I thought you mentioned Humira. I take MsContin, the Mylan 60mg, I was switched to this medication because medicare won't cover name brand drugs(Perdue Oxycontin) that I had been on for over 2 years. To say the least, Mscontin ER is about half as strong as Oxycontin, and barely touches my level of back pain. Hopefully I can get the dosage up'ed to 100 x3 daily. I think the Mylan has a good delivery method but only lasts 8 hrs, if that. Why do drug companies lie about the true durations of their drugs, all it does is make patients that don't abuse medicine,(alike me) look like drug addicts.......

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Steve Says:

I was on MS contin Ext released Morphine for years and slowly my body got used to it. Fentanyl Patches are dangerous. A lot people overdose on them because once they are on they sometimes would rapid release and overdose occurs and death. I went on Oxycontin and it works a lot better than MS contin for me. My c2 rotated from a wreck. I rolled my pick up truck down a cliff when my brake line broke but my black lab saved me from drowning in a creek. I was upside down he pulled me out. I still have my days I wished he didn't but he's still by my side like always he takes care of me still. Good Luck...

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