Insulin Dosage To Be Used

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what is the appropiate dosage for insulin intake for someone with 230mg glucose levels?

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shahoo Says:

do cheking of Sulfur level inside the Body, If it less ask doctor to prescribe for you something alike it
may it contains in foods as Green Chills Or Get Goats kiddny meat cooked well with no salt added peper or Red chiles /if un comfort of Hot chiles please take some mints chews or take strepls to cool froom itches of bodies

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shahoo Says:

Sulfur mean H2 So

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darvan Says:

your doctor should guide you on this. All depends on reading before meal,and after meal,for given dose. Say 130 before meal. A dose that would result in 190m after 2-hours is ok.If it was 230 after 2-hours increase your dosage everyday to keep ,the reading down,without going into low sugar that is 70-50. If feeling a HYPO take a teaspoon of sugar. But dont make it a habit to go so low down.

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VerFree Says:

Darvan is correct, you should follow your doctor's guidance for how much to take.

There is no set amount that anyone can suggest, especially without knowing which insulin you have been prescribed.

The appropriate amount, however, can vary depending on your overall health, other medications you are taking, your diet, and other factors.

When do you get a reading of 230? Is that before, or after a meal? Before, or after medication? What does your normal diet consist of, and how often do you use insulin? Are you on any other medications?

The most prominent side effect of insulin is hypoglycemia.

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