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I wanted to know if you can inject lyrica IV

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Verwon Says:
If it is not a product specifically made to be injected then doing so IS NOT safe.

Capsules and tablets contain fillers and not all of these are meant to be broken down by the human body, they are normally just expelled in your waste.

If you try to dissolve it and inject it, then you are putting these fillers directly into your body and run the risk of creating clots and blockages, which could be fatal.

You can also create blockages in your lungs if you try to snort these substances.


Do you have any questions?

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kathy Says:
ms contin also have filters and iv been doing them for years! dont all the good meds have a filter?

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kogo71 Says:
have u ever tried to inject lyrica?

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missi Says:
Yes I have, didn't have effect. BUT have been injecting ms for years, still alive!!

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swack2000 Says:
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What is ms?

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Ms Smith Says:
MS = multiple sclerosis

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Bworried Says:
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I just injected lyrica. Should I be worried? I have a little site pain.

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nikki Says:
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How often have u done it and does it burn or bubble ur sink

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Dr Sushi Says:
I have injected Lyrica several occasions - doses up to 600mg at a time, with no effect, and no side effects. If it is dangerous I don't know, but I can't see the point by taking it IV when it don't give you anything. Eat them like you should and wait for the effect.

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jojo Says:
I have 50 prefab can I inject them pls replay. Husband is out for a bit

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Squidly Says:
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I just i.ved 300mg pregablin & I don't really feel a thing. Would normally take 7 × 300mg & would be stumbling all over the place & feel pretty buzzed up. Was left with a lot of residue but liquid in pin was very clear, don't c the point in i.ving em!!!

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Squidly Says:
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I totally agree with you Dr. Sushi, waste of good effective oral way!

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smarter than u Says:
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Thats dumbest thing ever!! I had friend of mine staying with me n I just had rush her to hospital bc she started to sieze up n go into convulsions

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highprice Says:
It stands for Morphine Sulfate.

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