Ibuprofen And Hydrocodone/acetaminophen

mary Says:

Hi, I got 10 teeth extracted yesterday morning. For pain I was taking hydrocodone, and it makes me so sick with an awful lot of nausea and throw up. I don't wanna take this medicine... still got pain... Can I take ibuprofen instead? Thanks.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Mary! How are you?

It will not likely provide as much pain relief, and due to the risk of bleeding it can create, you should double check with your dentist to be sure it is safe for you.

The FDA lists its other side effects as possibly including headache, dizziness, and stomach irritation.

Are you on any other medications? Will you be getting a partial soon?

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Alicia Says:

Just got my gallbladder out and it seems the norco 5-325 only helps for a short time; so I was wondering if I could mix ibuprofen with norco?

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Sam Says:

Can Norco & Ibuprofen be taken at the same time? Also, what can I do for 7 years of pain caused by a sciatic nerve problem?

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Jen Says:

Hi. I need two root canals done and I've been in pain for the past couple of days. I take a Norco or just 600mg ibuprofen. Is it ok if I take both?

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Victoria Says:

I was recently hospitalized for pneumonia. One of the medications I came home with was Norco. I was instructed not to take any extra Tylenol with it. I'm wondering if I can safely add Ibuprofen 800mg with one of my Norco tablets or take it in between? I'm still having headaches and back pain.

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Mark Says:

First mistake the dentist should have gave you hydrocodone with phenregran in it thats for nauseousness because you probably didnt take with food like it said due to having 10 teeth at one time kinda hard to chew .they used to make hydrocodone with phenregran in it they had green, blue little specs mixed in with each tablet now i believe they just write a seperate script for nauseous but that kind of trauma done 10 teeth im sorry ibuprofen just isnt enough and they are in the news now causing just as many problems as everything else if none of this has been helpful may try orajel or ambosol. Good luck to you

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