Iam Taking Krimson35 Along With Metformin Tablets What Are Side Effects & What Is The Time For Pregnancy After 21 Days Of Pills

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iam 25 yrs old,my first baby got miscarried in 5 months an year ago, how to get pregnant for the next baby .as iam taking krimson35 along with metformin tablet...

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Ashu Says:

please specify side effects of B-Long F

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praveena Says:

Iam Taking Krimson35 Along With Metformin Tablets What Are Side Effects & What Is The Time For Pregnancy After 21 Days Of Pills

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neha Says:

Diagnosed with PCOD, i am taking metformin along with krimson 35 , what are the chances of get pregnant in how much time?

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arvin perico Says:

my girlfriend is just 18 & she dont wnt to get pregnant,. & shes delayed in menstruation for 1month is she pregnant what drugs should she take if ever! she,s 1mnth or week ?
in pregnancy!. & what are d syd effects...after then.

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vava Says:

iam 25 years old iam pregnent my first pregnency doctor adviced glucophage 500mg if any side effect why this tab taking first 3 months

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chethana Says:

im 25 im taking krimson 35 as prescribed by my gynocology doctor,my boy friend wants to have sex,after doing sex if i take i pill or any contraceptive is there any effects?

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Suji Says:

Did anyone have the vomiting sensation while taking Krimson 35 tablets? Also I am having the pricking sensation in fingers on right hand. I have been taking Exermet along with it. Has anyone else gone through this?

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mallu Says:

Nanu Belgaum navanu nanna maduve yagi one year aethu but ennu nanage makkalu agilla yenu madodu gotthagatha Ella yenadru heli sir

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vanielu Says:

Hi. I have had irregular periods for the past 5 years due to PCOD. My doctor suggested tablet krimson 35. Now I am married I want to conceive. Should I take this tablet during intimacy with my husband? Does it have any side effects, compliances, or risk of miscarriage? Pls give me your suggestions.

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joann Says:

I most definitely would not try to have a baby taking meds like that.... It could cause danger to the unborn baby...

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Shilpa Says:

Hi mam, last month my period was supposed to be on the 23rd of march but I got my period 5 days late; dat means on april 29th, but on dat day only we r going to thirupathi and coming back on may 5th. So my Dr suggested me meprate tablet to postpone my period and the main thing is we already started planning for a second baby des triupathi plan had suddenly planned so i am. What shud I do? I am not understanding. plz suggest me.

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Taniya Says:

I am 20 years old with bilateral PCOD. My menstrual period is very irregular.. Sometimes it has a gap of 8 to 9 months.. Doctor prescribed me krimsom 35 along with some metformin...while i'm taking these tablets my menstrual cycle was regular...but when my course of 3 months was over I stopped taking the pills and my menstrual cycle paused again... Can you please suggest what to do now?....it has been more than 5 months since i stopped taking the pills...should i continue taking krimson...And please tell me if I can become pregnant as i have never been able to conceive in the last 3 years...

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samyuktha Says:

I completed krimdon 35 tab two days ago. Still now i didnt see my periods.. I am afraid..pls tell me how many days after treatment will I have my period?

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Samm Says:

My fiance monthly periods delayed 15 days please suggest medicine

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