Ia There Side Effects From Cipralex,thyroxine And Amitriptyline

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is there side efffects from cipralex, thyroxine and amitriptyline taken together

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Tracey Says:

I am taking amitriptyline for bladder pain, and have recently been diagnosed with under active thyroid. So now taking thyroxin and amit together. Do they work ok together because my bladder has been irritable since taking it? Help please.. Many thanks

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john smith Says:

I was on amit for quite a while when i was diagnosed with under active thyroid, the effect was devastating my weight shot up to 22 stone also my prostate gland became enlarged making it almost impossible to pass water, this then led to extreme water retention further increasing my weight and eventually it became impossible to walk more than a few yards without extreme pain in my lower back (kidney area) my doctor never made the connection, and it was only when i read up on amitryptaline that i decided to stop taken amit,things began to improve, now some 3 years later I am getting back to normal, my weight is still 15 stone but at 6 ft tall it is not to much of a problem imho amitryptaline are a very dangerous drug and when interacting with thyroid all the serious side effects of amit came out in me, that may just be the effect on me and other people may be fine,although I have read, and spoken to a lot of people who have had all the above side effects on amit alone, i hope this helps

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Mary Jo Says:

Triavil uses and side effects Who should not take it?

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Boogie Says:

I don't think Amitriptyline is a good med. as they know little about it or what it does. I just read here someone takes it for their bladder yet my bladder has been a problem since I stopped taking it. It is commonly prescribed for sleep.! Never had any problem before this. I don't get how they can use the same drugs for totally unrelated issues. Makes me highly suspicious about why they would prescribe stuff they know nothing about....I suppose that is a can of worms no one cares to explore.

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