I Need To Find A Doctor In Fort Worth Texas That Prescribes Pain Killers


Does anyone know a doctor that is good about prescribing pain killers like hydrocodens 10/325 in fort worth Texas? I am a diabetic type 1 that has a lot of pain and really in need of a good doctor that can help me out and not think i am faking pain.

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Due to the new laws that have recently been put in place, you will most likely be better off seeing a pain management specialist and there isn't a very good chance of getting this particular medication anymore.

The FDA and DEA are cracking down and aren't letting general practitioners or surgeons treat chronic pain that requires long-term regular treatments. They will only be allowed to prescribe such medications for a short period of time, such as for a few weeks immediately after someone has had surgery or been injured.

Learn more pain management details here.

And the medications containing Hydrocodone, such as Vicodin and Norco are being specially reserved for only short-term use, such as immediately after surgery.

Have you looked into pain management?

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There's a couple great doctors I don't know if you have insurance or not but its hard if you are a diabetic bc it raises your blood pressure but there's alot in ft worth that can probably find you an alternative

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Call or txt {edited for privacy} if you know where to get any

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I need to find a doctor not afraid to prescribe Tussionex. I have chronic bronchitis and cough due to asthma and this is the only medication that alleviates all my symptoms as well as helps me to sleep. My doctor keeps denying my refills and I'm afraid of being blacklisted. I believe he thinks I'm an addict.

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What doctors do you know that prescribe pain medicines

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There has to be more going on that i dont understand. I AM seeing a pain management clinic and have been for over two years. They finally have me mostly functional after a stimulator implant and oxycontin/soma and occasional hydrocodone on a weekend if i am pushng m activity. Now they are transitioning me down monthly lower and lower (started a mnth ago) and dr says that they are telling him he basically cant treat chronic pain, and until things change i will be screwed and unable to get around and function. What the heck is going on and who can we get together and sue in class action at civil and criminal levels. This is nothing short of inhumane abuse and torture.

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need meds for my husband.

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P.s. my frustration isnt aimed at my doctors (with comment refering to suits) but towards the states and dea that are scaring the docs so bad they fear for litigayion or license issues. Ugh

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Argh! Horrid spelling while typing on the phone in the passenger seat driving down the road :-). Litigation. My point being that at some point the dam has to break with this crazy foolishness and...

all the patients with legitimately documented needs for pain management will/should be organizing with doctors across the country with the assistance of Pharma companies world wide to file class action suit (and pass laws) to Protect the rights of doctors, patients, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to serve the legitimate needs of patients without fear or harassment. (And maybe HELP states and the DEA to do their job constructively).

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I totally agree with you! I have had problems with chronic pain for 21 years, when my first child was born. Shortly after I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome more commonly referred to now as Fibromyalgia.I also have chronic and horrible back pain due to a herniated disc, probably scoliosis and sciatica issues. Unfortunately, I've been in four serious car accidents, all of which were the fault of the other party who hit me. In addition to the joint and bone pain from Fibromyalgia and back pain, I am also dealing with severe hip pain due to Iliotibial Band Syndrome, chronic pain in both ankles after the surgery that was supposed to make them more stable and less painful, chronic knee pain in both knees after three surgeries to correct a genetic condition and last but not least by any means, my terrible chronic pain of the left shoulder and bicep. I fractured my shoulder at the clavicle in 1998 and also tore my rotator cuff. However, this was not diagosed until 8 months later and several follow up appointmets with the ortho. I had surgery to correct the tear which was poorly done and only lasted 8 weeks. I changed surgeons and had a second but much more invasive surgery the second time which seemed to correct the problem for 8 months when the RC tore again! Finally, I was referred to a "shoulder expert" in Dallas who was awesome!! He did a very invasive surgery to correct the RC tear as well as the bicep detachment which had also occured. My shoulder remains "fixed" but I suffer with severe frequent pain in that shoulder and arm to this day. I have been to pain mangement docs, some nice and some awful, as well as a rehab specialist who also acted as pain management until I lost my insurance. I then began seeing a family practice doc for PM but he has been getting warning letters from the DEA and TXDPS regarding his prescribing practices of narcotics. Therefore he will no longer do it because of the hassle it's become thanks to the damn government who stick their noses into places it doesn't belong. What really irritates me is all the celebrities and big shot athletes who can get meds prescribed to them with no problem just because of who they are and what they are willing to pay. It's ridiculous that we cannot sue the government for interfering with our rights as patients. No one should have to live with any kind of pain,chronic or otherwise without proper pain management. Also, those of us who are suffering should not have to fear going to the doctor because we will be or could be treated like addicts! One of the best things a former PM doc said to me was this: "All patients who are on daily narcotic pain managment will be or are addicted to the medicine. However, this is called medically dependant, not addiction. Most of these patients eventually come off the meds but some do not, ever. When this is the case good constant PM is required and essential." That made me feel so much better about the whole thing. Unfortunately, when I lost my insurance I could not go back to him because a 15 minute office visit is 160.00-200.00! The only bad thing about PM docs is that they charge a fortune for just a few minutes. My question for you is this...are you still seeing the same PM doc here in the metroplex and is he the one who said he would no longer be able to treat chronic pain? Or, have you found another PM doc to take care of you? I desperately need someone that won't break me to see them, but most importantly one who'll be willing to prescribe the meds that work for me without hesitation or fear for doing so. Any help you can offer will be much appreciated! My email is {edited for privacy}. Thanks so much and hope you are doing OK.

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I have had my Pain Dr for 10 yrs and he can't write pain meds anymore. My father and I have both been to this Dr we don't know where to turn. If you know a good pain Dr in Fort Worth or within 30 miles please let me know. I appreciate any help you can give me. My dad is on Oxycodone and I'm on Methadone and Hyrocodone. I have RA and Fibromyalgia and thoracic disc disease.

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I was reading what said about Drs in fort worth,if you know of any would you mind helping me? My father and I had the same pain Dr for 10yrs and he can't write meds anymore we don't know what to do we both have RA,Fibromyalgia,thoracic disc disease,and back and knee problems. I don't know what to do and it is scary. My dad has insurance and I don't. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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I have 2 verifiable and potentially 3 neuromuscular diseases. I have been on & off Hydrocodone for years. My overall condition has greatly worsened over the past 2 years, and until 6 months ago, I had no problems getting refills from my doctor. Then, 2 months ago, she agreed to prescribe so long as I would agree to drug screening every 6 mos and would agree not to obtain the drugs from any other doctor. I had no problem agreeing. Then, when I called for my first 2 month refill, she freaked and said I'm on too much and she can't prescribe anymore. For the record, I'm on less than 1/2 the allowable daily dose. She's referred me to a pain management doctor, but the doctor is EXTREMELY religious, which is a complete turn off for me. But I digress-- Doctors everywhere are simply running scared. The problem is that unless there is some combination of something better out there (that I've not discovered over the past 20+ years of dealing with these diseases), I'm going to lose the small amount of functionality I get to have per day. I'm not sure any of us will find a doctor who will still prescribe, but if anyone does, please provide the name of the doctor. Likewise, if anyone finds any alternatives that work, I'm all ears!

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I am seeking a pain management doctor in Fort Worth for headaches I have been w a dr but he is retiring due to the restrictions. I am looking for a good compassionate dr that will take me seriously. I am unable to work and these headaches are interfering with my life.

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I need to find a dr. here in fort worth, just moved from Woodstock,ga, I have my c-3 to c-7 fused and need the remainder done ,and have my whole lumbar fused w\ 2 pins 8 pedical screws, and my nero surgen said it will not be my last , even my pain management in ga said I will be on meds the rest of my life, I am extremely scared of what im seeing about med scripts. pain management is a joke, see ya for 5 min and keep wanting you back for therapy that lasts a half hor with moist heat. can anyone help me find a pc with a dea licence? would be greatly app. I am on 4 30mg. oxy, 2 lortab 10 every 4 hous and 4 somas a day, yes its a lot, I have been told that in my cond. {and most } long term patiants that I am dependent on them as much as I am dependent on my walker, addiction isn't a issue when you can get addicted to nasel spray. please someone help,

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Sorry to hear about your situation. I can tell you that here in TX docs are very paranoid about prescribing narcotics of any kind. As for muscle relaxers, no one here that I know of will prescribe Soma. It's Flexeril or Robaxin, which as I'm sure you know are weak. I am looking for a doctor my self for a L5-S1 herniation, L4 bulge, iliotibial band syndrome in my right hip, chronic pain in my left shoulder, both knees and both ankles due to multiple surgeries. If you happen to find a doc would you please let me know? My email address is {edited for privacy}. I'll do the same for you if you would like me to.

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Rainman....the site edits email addresses and phone numbers. How can I get in contact with you? I've seen people mentioning private messaging but I can't figure out how to do this. Can you help me? Thanks!

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Did you find a doctor?

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I'm in the same situation as a lot of you. I've had severe chronic back for over 10 years and now my doctor of 15 years can't prescribe the meds I need to have a half-way normal life! I've been through 4-5 pain management doctors that did nothing but increase my pain to a point of thoughts of suicide started creeping in. I've been through different "pain management" doctors, therapy, etc...etc...many times and finally my pcp got my pain to a 0-4 & started to enjoy life again. NOW, I'm being cut back on all my meds and the severe pain is back! What the hell is going on? I don't want to government controlling my health care but it seems they are and we're suffering! who can help us? We need to pull together and fight thru this BS!

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This post has turned into the addicts post spot lol >.>. Just a heads up , opiates DO NOT increase blood pressure like a previous poster commented, it actually lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

For the ones that are actual pain patients with documented pain, go to a new pain management doctor, the rest are lying or got caught doing something junkie like. The ones that are legitimate, you have the right to find a new doctor, just don't receive medications from more than one. Some doctors who overprescribe or have something else happen get there scheduled medication pads taken away.

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Re: Paula (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I have been going to a pain doctor in Burleson for my back and he has helped so very much.

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Re: Lyn (# 34) Expand Referenced Message

Still good Drs but Dr Grant Tom and Thomass Uncle no longer there. All the NP are sweet as can be and office staff too

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My wife is in major pain from a bad tooth, is there a way I can get hydrocodones or something without going to hospital. We're a low income family and uninsured. What can i do for her pain?

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Re: Rain man (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Can you list the doctors please?

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Re: Tami (# 33) Expand Referenced Message

I say it's G.D. time that alcohol start getting controlled! We need a national database to see who is buying what and how much and they need to be limited!! We all know that alcohol is a far bigger killer than any pain pill that someone suffering in pain takes for legit reasons! NO, it's NOT ok for you judges, attorneys, doctors, mommies and every other hypocrite out there to drink your gallons of whiskey, cases of beer and boxes of wine and get totally wasted out of your minds and sit in your glass houses and tell pain sufferers that they can't get any pain medication because junkies are abusing it and OD'ing! Well guess what hypocrites?? The drunks on the roads are killing too many people and we're going to have to take your alcohol off the free market! Let's start a petition to where we can put limits on alcohol purchases, track their purchases so they can't go store to store buying more and what's more, they need a good reason to buy it too!!!

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Re: ROXIERENEE (# 181) Expand Referenced Message

Unfortunately it's only going to get worse for those of us who are already the new victims of this new war on pharmaceutical medication that others have misused and abused... Soma is one of the medications that have been abused so now it's on the hit list to be dc'd (discontinued) as a regularly prescribed medication that truly helped those who needed it. I'm sorry your mother will now have to have a lesser quality of life because of others abuse issues and a government whose over reach has no bounds... Opana aka Oxymorphone has now been removed from the market place because of its abuse my doctor told me this last Friday, what drug is next? We as the suffering patients are the last thought in the miniscule minds of politicians and government officials! After all they're the ones who created this environment for this to happen over the last 9 years and now the legitimately suffering patient is paying the price for their ignorance for looking the other way while it happened!

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Re: ROXIERENEE (# 181) Expand Referenced Message

Your mother can look for another doctor. But, it is highly doubtful she will find one that will prescribe her Soma and opiates and/or certain other drugs. Chances are her age is also a factor.

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My mother has been taking Soma forever.. She has tried all the other meds they have offered her. I took her to her pain management doctor and they just took her off... My mother is my life and I can't see her in pain.... This is ridiculous.

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Re: TexasMD (# 84) Expand Referenced Message
Actually, there are no long-term studies done on opioids...the longest done was twelve weeks, and the fact is, for many of us, nothing works as well and allows us to continue working or having some semblance of a life. Opioids are not dangerous drugs for the most part. You can use them for years without damage to your organs. The only real danger is an overdose, and even this can be managed by a gradual increase in dosages for tolerance, then slowly decreasing amounts to maintain tolerance levels.

You are not helping...drugs are there to be used and provide relief, and if managed well can restore people's lives to them. The lovely poppy should be celebrated as much as marijuana, also a profound provider of pain relief, as many states are starting to recognize, as well as a host of other health benefits.

We are going backwards as far as providing adequate pain relief. We seem to be returning to the days of "just suffer thru it", when it is totally unnecessary as we have the means to address both pain and addiction problems. And now that people are aware that these remedies are available, people are going to insist their pain is treated. They are right to do so. And if they can't get them thru a doctor, they will go to the street. This is why we are seeing the rise of illicit drugs now...too many people cannot get the prescription for pain relief...so they are self-treating. So by withdrawing prescription opioids, they are making the death toll rise by the illegal use of illicit drugs, which are often cut with fentanyl.

Doctors, those that are supposed to "first, do no harm", are causing immense harm to their patients now. They should have stood up to the states and federal government when they decided to place these drugs into a different class. They should have stood up for their patients. That they did not will be a stain on the medical field for ages to come.

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I have had chronic migraines for 12 years. I have a great dr in dallas who prescribes stadol katamine and demorol injections. His nam is dr krusz at the anodyne clinic but he does not take insurance

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