I Need A Pain Management Doctor In Oklahoma Please Help

Beth Says:

Hi all. I need a Pain Management Doctor or a good Doctor willing to prescribe pain medication. My husband and I are both in disabling pain and can't find a Doctor that gives a care about the pain we're in. I don't want to Doctor shop or call around, they'll tell you no anyway. So if someone out there can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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chele Says:

I am in your exact same boat, but you do not say where you live. I'm in Oklahoma.

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Straightforward Says:

Looking for pain Dr in or near Tulsa, OK that will treat pain management w/o requiring I take bunch steriod shots. Must accept Medicare/Medicaid. Pain drs I see now really push these steroid shots, even flat out told me that's where the $ is for them! But am diabetic & the steroids cause blood sugar go out of control! Since Oklahoma changed its drug laws it seems virtually impossible to find pain drs willing to prescribe strong pain meds even if patient really has legit physical problems showing the need for them!
Thx for any info!

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Jturner Says:

I need Dr in fort Smith arkansas area eastern oklahoma Fayetville arkansas that will take insurance bc/bs and gives oxycodone 30s oxycotin 40s and 2 mg Xanax my Dr. In ft. Smith now 2 days before my appointment, is gone they closed, I'm in instant,panic and withdrawls

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Jturner Says:

I live in Ozark Arkansas and have been in pain management since 2013 taking oxycodone 30 mg oxycotin 40 mg and xanex 2mg along with gabapentin 800 mg and Dr tammy tucker is /was my Dr until I got a,message last night 2 days before My appointment that she was no longer in business so I'm desperate to find another 21st that prescribes these same meds and takes blue cross blue shield near Ozark arkansas. Anyone everyone please, hurry and help w suggestions. I will not go thru these withdrawals again. They are the worst ever. I was hurt serving our country and va have 5/500. Screw that please anyone

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Bobbie Says:

Need a cash only pain management doctor in Oklahoma

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