I Have Been To Two Specialists Had The Steroid Injections Vandalism Radio Frequency Burning Of Nerves Constant Sciatic Nerve Pain Fro

Smccloud Says:

Is there a pain specialist that can control my pain without making out like I'm seeking drugs? I've done everything except surgery. The surgery would be extensive. 8 hour surgery with intensive rehab. I'm tiered of trying to get the steroid shots because they can not do them as frequently as I need. I would prefer to manage with medicine, but like I said the two pain specialists think I just want. Drugs. I just want a pain management system that will work. I've had scoliosis for almost 30 year s. I did well managing the pain without anything until I started working with violent students. I have constant lower back pain and sciatic pain in both hips to my feet. The L2-L4 are crushed and digerati be due to the 48 degree curve. How can I find a doctor that will help manage the pain?


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Verwon Says:

Unfortunately, due to the new regulations that were put in place last year, they all have to be suspicious and very cautious about who they prescribe for and why.

Do you currently have a PCP that may be able to refer you to someone new? That would be the quickest way to get the help you need.

What is your general location? Someone may be able to recommend a good doctor in your area.

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Maro Says:

At end after long time using all kind of medicines for pain, i was suggested from my physiotherapist for DRY NEEDLING treatment to make easier blood circulation in veins. As well I'm soaking my legs till knee in Epsom salt once daily for 15min. In warm water, and once a week in bath tube. Results are 80% better any medicines I used.try and will never regret.

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Annie Says:

Are you in Texas? If so I can give you my Drs info. He is AWESOME and he helped me tremendously. Let me know if you are in the DFW AREA.

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