I Have Been Taking Hydrocodone 10 And My Doctor Just Changed Me To Acetaminophen Codeine 3


I have been taking Hydrocodone 10 since March for RSD the doctor changed me this week to Acetaminophen/cod3. The doctor said that the law made it where he can not give the hydrocodone any more. I want to know if they are the same? I was told they are the same. I'm scared to take it because I have sleep apnea and a real sensitivity to codone. I get breathing problems and rashes. Not sure what to do at this point. I can not take most opioid drugs.

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Hydrocodone is an opiate. Tylenol #3 has 30 mg Codiene and 325 mg Tylenol. Tylenol # 3 is not as strong as hydrocodone. Your dr can still write rxs for hydrocodone if he is writting you a rx for Tylenol #3. But, a lot of drs are switching their patients from hydrocodone to tylenol #3 because hydrocodone combination meds became a Schedule II med Monday. Also there is Tylenol #4. Which is Codiene 60 mg and Tylenol 325 mg.

Schedule II meds can't be called in or refilled. You must see your dr at least every 90 day. You need a new rx every time you get it filled. A dr can write you 3-30 days rxs, but most drs aren't choosing to do this.

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I totally agree T3 is very weak compared to vicodin or percocet hydrocodone/oxycodone generic names but personally T3 doea not help with pain gives me horrible headaches the law has changed where any narcotic besides T3 can b called n for refills all have to be new scropts everytime like percocet has always been that way you never can have refills on it past or present hope this helps.

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It sounds like you are allergic to codeine. Tell your dr.

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No they're not. It takes 60mg of codiene to equal a 10mg dose of hydrocodone. You're essentially taking half of what you were. there are bunch of liars, my doctors lie to me 24/7. Only if they new i have degrees in the pharmaceutical feild and 2 years into bachelor's for chemistry. I sit there and listen to that bulls*** coming out of there mouths and dont say nothing, but its just funny to me to listen and watch a doctor who took an oath lie to there patients about what they're doing. It is malpractice and illegal. they're sellouts. they dont wana risk loosing their jobs. people need to stand up. i left the medical profession due to the very things that are happening and anybody who says its not the doctors falt it is. they took an oath. Same thing with dea. their gonna get shut down due to a 0 out of a 100 score in 2004. Greed over and over and over. Dea has no business in medicine. Leave that up to the people who go to school for that.

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It is not.illegal or malpractice for a Dr to.lie to a patient. I.don't know where you got your info but it is not correct. If you have the medical background you say you have you would know that

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I am also allergic or have bad side affects to opiates .Almost all of them. In no way shape or form are codeine & hydrocodone the exact same drug. They are both opiates, that are related to the opium plant & they are both used for pain. They are not the same drug by a different name. Hydrocodone was much stronger for me & unbearable on my stomach & the constipation was like no other. Codeine # 3 is a very tried & true old drug that has been around forever. When they took darvocet off the market, Codeine 3 was the 1st one I tried. It is known for making you itchy but that sometimes goes away after you have taken it for a few weeks. For me it is not as strong as 10mg Hydrocodone. Codeine 3 also bothered my stomach. If the itching gets worse or unbearable & your breathing is affected at all, you should quit right away. That is way too severe of an allergic reaction. If it agree's with you but does not feel strong enough, it does come in codeine # 4. codeine # 3 & 4 both have Tylenol mixed in. That is usually the APAP part on your bottle. I have never heard of a rule like that because one is just as addictive as another. It may be your dr.s own personal preference? If the codeine has any bad side effects, there are many other medicines for pain but never take a drug called neurontin or Lyrica. A lot of Dr. are giving those for pain because they are not controlled. Neurontin or the generic name Gabapentin were originally invented for epilepsy. I have to say those were my worst reactions of trying so many. If you are totally out of luck, your Dr. May say forget it but you could try 5/325 Percocet ? It is not 10 mg. like the hydro. It's only 5 mg. oxycodone & 325 Tylenol - your Hydro does come in 5 mg. w/ Tylenol which makes it a bit stronger mixed w/ a little Tylenol for some people. I hope I helped more than I confused you. Feel free to write me back.

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I had no idea that they made hydrocodone a schedule 2 drug. If that is the only drug that does work for you & the codeine gives you a bad affect in any way, like me- I can only take 1 pain med. - I go to a pain management dr. To get my meds . I thought that all people on controlled medicines - that is 1-4 of 2 -4 scheduled meds have to go to a pain mgt. Dr. By law now or certain Dr.s that signed up to do that kind of medication. You do have to go to mine every month & After 9 months - I go every other month. I have to take a urine test every 4 months to be sure I am taking them. Medicaid even pays for lab work. I went through too many side affects & bad drugs to finally find this one. Be sure you use the same generic!!!

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Smith, hydrocodone combination meds became a Schedule II Oct 6, 2014. They can no longer be called in and you can't get refills. You also have to see your Dr at least once every 90 days. Any Dr can write rxs for Schedule Ii meds. There are no laws saying only certain Dr can write Schedule II rxs, although many drs tell their patientss there is

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Aside from the ethical mandate of truth telling in the modern age of medicine, physicians in most states are also legally obligated to disclose all relevant health information to patients. At least one exception, however, exists. Earlier this year, the Oklahoma legislature passed a law that prevents women who give birth to a disabled child from suing a doctor who misled them or outright lied about the health of their baby while they were pregnant — including cases where the fetus had a fatal anomaly that would not allow it to live outside the womb. Bill sponsors say the law is designed to prevent litigation by women who wish, later on, that their doctor had counseled them to abort. But opponents say it protects physicians who mislead pregnant women on purpose, to prevent them from having an abortion. - See more at: physicianspractice.com/difficult-patients/it-ever-ok-lie-patients

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Reserch befor you post its 100 % illeagle in this day of age to lie to a paitaint now good luck proving that specialy for lieing about what pain meds he can give

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It is not illegal for a Dr to lie to a patient. A Dr being obligated to release medical records under federal law has nothing to do with lying to a patient. And that is what the disclosure of health information means.

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Also a scheduled 2 drug requirs a doctor visit every mounth or at can be done electronicly but you only can get script for 1 mounth not 3 mounths

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Lieing about opioid paikiller dosseges is also potentially hazardous a doctor telling you 30mg of codiene is equal to 10mg hydrocodone is wrong and could potentially put the paitaint in the way of harm

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Federal Law states a Dr can write 3-30 day rxs for a Schedule II. You must see a Dr at least once every 90 days for Schedule II. But the Dr can require you to come in more often.

You need to look up the actual federal laws before you post about them. They are in the Code Of Federal Regulations and also at the death website.

The Dr said 30 mg Codiene was equal to 10 mg hydrocodone, which is not true. But he didn't tell the patient to take enough codiene to equal the hydrocodone. The patient did that on their own.

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Dude your basically saying the same thing i did need to see doctor every mouth for new prescription for controled 2 substances altho your doctor can whrite scrips electronicly in certain cases for up to 3 mounths without having to see doctor but by just calling the doctor and he or she will electronicly write the prescription and the 3 mounths includes when you physicly see the doctor any way at very least its every 3 mounths alot of va hospitals do it this way becouse of over crowding and for peaple that live far from doctor

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And the patient never said she was doubling up on her meds she simply asked if they were equivalent which they're not what the doctor is doing is probably just being safe. being she's allergic to codien but there's no reason to lie about doses just tell the patient the truth iv had doctors tell me 90mg of oxycodone is equal to 90mg of morphine tell me in what way is that right of course i knew that wasn't tru and that i was gona have massive withdrawal syndrome. So i just started taking them rectaly increasing bioavalibility and it got me tru thank god but stuff like that lying about equivalent doses and cuting doses by 50% is basically forcing the patient into a bad position im sure you know people that this has happened to and they end up getting opiates off the streets it happened to my friend at the va hospital here in Albuquerque dropped his dose from 180mg ms contin a day and 90mg of oxicodone to half he went into withdrawal and sourced some opiates bam od dead, happens all the time. Have a backup plan people; save up as many backup meds as you can and save them to ween yourself down if something happens.

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Let me rephrase your doctor can write cll script for 1 mounth and if deemed nessasary the patient can call in for the prescription at witch time the doctor can electronicly write the script but the paitaint has to physically see doctor every 3 mounths so has to see doctor 1 time physically then can call in next 2 prescriptions and then has to see doctor again physically but yes they vary rarely do this know ecsept in the va hospitals witch i know is vary commom becouse of over crowding and becouse i work with alot of veterns

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In order for Schedule II rx to be done electronically , the Dr and pharmacy must have approved software and state law must allow it. It is legal for a Dr to write 3- 30 day rxs for a Schedule II Med and give the patient all 3 rxs at that visit and the patient not have to call or return to the office for 90 days.

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Do you think it's okay for your Dr to lie to you? It Is most certainly unethical and yes your doctor has a responsibility to tell you the truth. I don't know where you got your information but the AMA I assure you does not agree.

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If it is legal for doctors to mislead you about the health of your unborn baby .... or at the very least make it where you are unable to sue for medical malpractice when you have not been informed of things that the medical community knows but refuses to inform you about ... it looks like you now need to have at the very least .. one other opinion when those ultra sound pics are taken and blood work is in .... to me this is very sad as it should be up to the individual whether they want to proceed with the birth of a baby that doctors know is not healthy and even worse ... when they know the baby can not live outside the womb but refuse to give this information to the mother because of their own beliefs. OUTRAGEOUS

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- I have no idea what a reasonable comparison is in the eyes of a non pain patient, who's speaking from a scientific strand point... but in my opinion, it takes (3 or 4) Tylenol 3 to offer less relief than just one Norco 10. I think it's definitely a significant downgrade. In my experience- there's a big gap in what's supposed to be adequate, and what's [actually] adequate to offer sufficient pain relief.
Huge Difference Between What Science Says, and What Reality Is for Someone Living with Chronic Pain -

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Tylenol 3 with codeine is definitely NOT the same thing as hydrocodone. Your Dr is LYING to u. If he is prescribing Tylenol 3 with codeine he CAN prescribe hydrocodone as well. There are NO laws in your state saying so. If your doctor knows about the sleep apnea and your bad reaction with codeine, he's opening himself up to a medical malpractice legal suit. I would bring all of that to his attention and if he still continues to lie, tell him you're contacting the state boards, your lawyer, etc... Good luck!

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Re: Michele (# 95) Expand Referenced Message

What's your point? Which post are you talking about? If these posts irritate you... move on.

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Re: Maxundergroundchem (# 22) Expand Referenced Message

Where the hell is this going? I have been reading ALL of your posts, and there are many, and you ramble on and on about nothing. Makes no damn sense. By the way, your spelling and grammar is HORRIBLE! For someone who, as you say, has worked in the medical and chemistry fields, you are NOT very educated, nor very smart.

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You are wrong. You can get 3 of the 1 month supplies called in. You then need to visit your doctor every 90 days.

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I have been taking hydrocodone 10 325 for three years I want to come off pain pills. I don't want to go into withdraw so I'm real funny when I take suboxone it only takes a very small amount for me. Can I just take a little without without being in withdraw

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All of this information is disheartening to me. My daughter, who has chronic Lyme disease, cannot get her pain management dr to meet her pain needs. He prescribes her Norco, 7.5 mg. 3 times a day. No matter how horrible her pain is, the doctor acts like an unfeeling robot. Of course this is after he takes her money and gives her a drug panel almost every visit. Why do they call themselves "pain management" doctors in the first place. They do nothing, but sit there, and print out a piece of paper.

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Marty, lying to a patient or not telling a patient certain things is not Medically Malpractice.

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Smith, morphine is an opiate, and hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid. But you're correct, they are different.
But the way they "kill pain" is essentially the same: They trick your brain into thinking there's no pain. The high is a side effect, it's not what makes you pain free, therefore judging its efficacy upon how high you are is inaccurate and could cause a nocebo effect (negative placebo effect).

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