I Have A Jadelle Implant And Am On The Pill To Regulate My Period And I Havent Got My Period At All This Month Is Ths Normal

bella Says:

i have been on jadelle for four months, and the pill for two. i have gotten my period once using the pill at the end of the month, but have not gotten it at the end of the second month. has this happened to you?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Bella! How are you doing?

Since you're actually combining two hormonal contraceptives, irregularities should be expected.

Have you consulted your doctor?

This overload of hormones may be causing you to not have a normal cycle, so you may miss your period.

Is your doctor aware that you're using both?

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bella Says:

hello, yes my doctor has given me both contraceptives. since its in order to regulate my cycle, you can understand why the irregularities are confusing! thank you very much for your helpful advice :)

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Chantel Says:

Hi. I started with the oralcon pill in the middle of June and didn't get my period for June. Is it possible that I might be pregnant. Because be for I started with the pill I didn't use anything and had unprotected intercourse. Please help

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