I Am Taking Tryptomer 10 Mg

hitesh kumar shakya Says:

Sir i am taking tryptomer 10 mg since last 9 years as suggested by a neurologist and now i am habitual to take it. i want to stop taking it.but whenever i did not take it in night i did not sleep. please tell me what i should do for saving myself by the side effects of this tablets.

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midhun Says:

iam facing these problam same.I want to escape from these any suggetion please.................

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Verwon Says:

Tryptomer contains the active ingredient Amitritptyline, it is a tricyclic antidepressant and, any time you've been taking something for such a long period of time and suddenly reduce the dosage or stop taking it, it is normal to experience some withdrawal effects.

Have either of you consulted your respective doctors?

Usually, to prevent the worse of the withdrawal and rebound effects, these types of medications must be slowly tapered.


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vj Says:

I am told by my doctor that Tryptomer-10 mg is practically a paediatric dose & you can take it without problems for any number of years. I don't really know but if no nausea or dizziness or vomiting is there, why not take it for a good sleep?

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Sir i am 43 years old and i am taking triptomer 10mg half tablet daily for the past 9 years. I am not able to sleep without that. But I want to stop that. I want to know about the side effects of taking this tablet. My doctor prescribed me for head ache. Kindly reply.

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Kusum Says:

I have migran four 17 years ...and I am taking tryptomer 10 four last 2 year ......Then I started taking .5 now I want to stop this one

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satish singh Says:

i am 47 years old and suffering from migrain since 3 years now i am taking tryptomer 5 mg at night from last 2 months but still i feel low pain at right side of head please advice can dose be increased to 10 mg once a day

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Vijaya Says:

I am every time wierd feeling in my head numbness in forearm.suggested tryptomer 10mg

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Nilesh Says:

Hi, I have a migraine problem. Doctors suggested I take tryptomer 10 mg for the past year. I use this 1 tablet daily at night but i realized that when I started I put on weight (almost 10-12 kg). What should I do now & does it have any other side effects on my health?

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