I Am Needing A Doctor Who Prescribes Xanax With Methadone

amanda Says:

I have been on methadone and xanax for 3yrs. and i missed my appointment to the doctor who prescribed my xanax 1mg four times a day but i only needed 3 1mg xanax daily and i'm needing a doctor in the middle tennessee area who feels comfortable with prescribing xanax with methadone.i suffer from severe traumatic axiety and panic attacks and i have tried all the benzo family since i was 9yrs old and nothing helped but the xanax 1mg and if anyone has any information about any doctors that will help me in the middle tennessee area please send a reply thanks

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

That's a CLASSIC methadone clinic abuse cocktail. I don't know anyone that stupid or gullible to write for Xanax for a junkie on Methadone Main. I was a very common way to somewhat edge the opiate blocked andante high. We train our residents in all specialties NOT to do this, except perhaps for in-patient and as our hospitals' executive Director of Psychiatry, I officially have recommended the SANDOZ generic, lorazepam (Ativan). Other specialists send these patients for psych consultants and we get to say "No!" and explain the reasons. I wrote that meal specially so all of my attendings, residents, Nurse Practitioners could point to it and say, "The Chief won't lets do this. (And I DO NOT permit any orders including methadone and Xanax NOT be honored by our pharmacy or methadone clinic. How stupid do these patients think we are?)

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Tina Says:

This wasn't for your eyes,so don't be seeking to start something thats non of your dam business! leave others that don't apply to out of your f**ked up head! and besides that person is on neither drug no more! I'm proud of you Amanda for your knew treatment in in Buprenorphine! You are so very brave for coming off the two drugs and it really wasn't your fault for what you had to go threw,you was just a baby when your mom interduced you to pain pills! It wasn't like you had a choice barley a teenager! But your in a safe place now unlike others who never care to do nothing about their addiction! I'm here for you all the way! and I still can't get over how you overcame that everyday dose of 170 mg.methadone and the xanax too all at once! and you did this all at home! I wanting to know your secrets I have been wanting to beat this addiction too! I'm taking 20mgs of methadone daily and I am just scared to.will you please help me through this? I have never wanted to try suboxone and can you tell me what would be the worse of going through using it to come off the methadone? Thanks girl! P.S don't let "BLIND BATS" get in your way! lol...

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

The only way SAFELY to detox from such a large dose of one or even two Controlled Substances is to taper in-hospital. Junkies can't be rate to "do this at home," with the exception of a few Rx opiate/opioid analgesic addicts who REALLY wanted to stop those meds, This is my business. Early on, I assisted a friend who was running a Methadone Clinic and the incense covered both of us. I know Detox Protocols very well. I approved and sign off of them every day and I've treated a few addicts. (I just don't have time to do as much work in this area as I'd like; I'm recovering from a severe parking garage accident and can't run around the way I used to do.) Meanwhile, what's behind your belligerence A shrink refused to prescribe the drugs you TOLD him, too? Or were you bitten by a Master Psychiatric Social Worker. The advice of a using addict isn't quite worthless, but it's not exactly written in stone. A junkie's world is one lie based on a delusional system confused by what could be any number of organic neurological factors.

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hate power trippin doctors Says:

You can have all the medical talk you want but if u want to say Xanax will allow the blocking effect in methadone your wrong. The amount of methadone needed to block any other opiate is 60-80 mg. you have a judgement complex thinking everyone is a junkie. So let me ask you about my situation and how much of a junkie I am or what im doing wrong. Background skateboarder 20+ yrs big ramp's MMA 3 yrs, in total 4 operations, broke nearly every rib on left side causing internal bleeding and collapsed lung, broken neck (fusion needed), non displaced fracture of the fibula and lastly 1 week ago C3-C7 fused with rods and hardware, also T1-T7 lamonectoy, b4 that I was on methadone and oxy as well as .05 Xanax for anxiety. So for you some one who claims to be a DR u rather see people sit in the fetal position thinking they are going to die on a daily basis? I get horrid panic attacks but unlike u im tough and will just dial 911 and if I heart attack out I make sure to fall on the send button. Xanax helps a lot for the job it was given just like methadone and oxy for extreme pain. I'd love to show you how it feels to be so scared then mocked and told no when a cure is within reach. If ur a real doctor man up and help people and not power trip at there misfortune.

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

I'm a little older than you are. Xanax became so popular that methadone clinics immediately were concerned about its being abused my clients seeking to get high. Xanax is a benzodiazepine and Methadone is a lab-made opiate/opioid. initially developed in Germany because of the shortage of raw materials for morphine; it was named after its favorite user: DOLOPHINE (after Hitler). Methadone doesn't block a benzo high. Those docs and researchers who predicted this were absolutely correct. Xanax is the quickest acting ORAL benzo for daytime use. (Versed and Halcyon work faster, I believe, but they're for use at @ h.s only Even Dr. Feelgood couldn't write for too much of these. Most pharmacists are pretty sophisticated). The only people I'm condemning are those "doctors" corrupt enough to write for both at the same for an addict. I'm a Chief of Psychiatry, so I did my time in General Med and Psych EDs a while back, but our staff knows I'm one Chief they CAN call to the ED in an emergency. I get my hands dirty; don't worry about that. I never stated that Xanax, an unrelated drug, could block the effects of opiates/opioids, with or without the accompanying Methadone.

Btw we have a better benzo for Panic Attack Disorder — Klonopin (clonazepam). a C-IV drug (except in states, like NY, where it's treated as a C-II amphetamine or opiate) reasonable, but not "instant" onset," a long half life which makes twice a day doing practical. (Some do once a day; I prefer BID unless QD actually works.) Not a quick high unless an addict is stupid enough to administer it via other means (all of those fillers, binders and excipients were not meant for IV administration or insufflation). As a physician, I do my job. You obviously have read my post too quickly or simply not closely enough.

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HelporHate Says:

I work in the medical world and it is obvious to me that Mr. joey is really a NP or a doctor who lost his license, I could be wrong. Seems like a very insecure person, something seen in a CNA, a know it all that has little clue. Why do you throw out the word "junkie" so much? A junkie is someone who shows up at the ER for a toothache or "back injury", not someone begging for help. A lot of doctors prescribe meds without knowing what another doctor prescribes, it is a shame. I can already guess your addiction, considering your name calling and insecurity, but nobody sets off to become addicted. It is scary as hell to know you are running low or worrying about finding a new doctor. I had major surgery, removing my scalpula was included (how difficult and painful is that doc?) and was given a high dosage of pain meds with Xanax. I finally had enough stomach issues to make myself quit. Hell it took 2 weeks of ups and downs, more mental than physical pain, but am good to go now. Anyone trying to get off needs to be realistic and take time off of work. You need to be left alone and this will sound horrible but some kind of a speeder will help the aches at the start. Also do not let anyone let you feel like you are a worthless "junkie"!! If you need the meds take them, do not feel guilty. Keep it to yourself or you will have strangers start coming around.

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

I'm board-certified MD. My state knows it and the DEA know it. If there's any hesitation it is because you can't do a Ddx through this medium. If you really are in the medical world, you'd know that. Hesitation is not a fault; it's caution in action. All good docs question themselves. My Administrative Asst. is an NP with the Prescriptive Privilege and an MSN in Nursing. Feeling a little threatened lately and want see what unfounded dirt you can spread around? I qualify the statements because I don't have the records, the tests, the Hx and THE PATIENT in front of me. Assuming you possess any expertise you'd hesitate too before making a hard-and-fast decision online.

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DrJoeyMDPhD Says:

Anyone who treats addicts know that opiates/opoids and Xanax are a bad com. There are other benzos and even. I never believed in asntihng but called a "she a shave. One, the Clinical Director of our of our units was reluctant about riving me something — I forget what — but she said, "That's dope-fiending behavior. This lead to productive conversation and I realize that I had been doing just that" O(wth the added leverage being the boss; we unfair!) Incidentally I do take meds for Affective Disorders, but I always get new Rxs a few days in advance. Why worry abut a withdrawal robbed iff the only way that will ever happen if of the world ends,

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Candy Says:

If you, the Dr. , keeps the patient on a strict regiment, what's the problem? Talk with them thourghly and make the assessment if they are non abusive. If they misuse, it's their decision. At that point give the patient one slip up. If it happens again, start cutting them back. Some people truly are in need of such meds.!

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benzo dogg rog Says:

u need to not take methadone with xnax bc they are both central nervous system depp. and will cause u to stop breathing if u take just a lil to much its verry dangerrous

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JustCurious Says:

I know way too many people who died taking Xanax & Methadone...that is a lethal dose ? Why would ANYONE take that ? Addict, Junkie or just someone in pain? Why not just kill yourself...I'm NOT trying to be Rude at all, but if you know something can kill you instantly, who does that ?

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jack Says:

well last i checked in Tenn. methadone wa illegal

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Kannr20 Says:

You're one of the MOST inhumane "people" I've come across on the net in a long time. A professional calling people junkies!!!??? I pray to God you don't have many years left to practice!

Addicts are sick people. Just like cancer patients or any other patient with an illness.

Comorbidity is common. Even addicts can have unrelated panic disorders. They deserve treatments that work for them! And so what if an addict needs Xanax to deal with the anxiety of getting sober! One step and one problem at a time.

I can only hope someone you love dearly ends up in need of a drug combination that some heartless head of a department says they can't have because they're judging your loved one for being sick. SMH! Shame on you!!

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Heather Says:

Benzos are not opiates. Methadone and benzos combined are a killer. 16 ppl died in the past year from my clinic cuz of this combo. Plus the blackouts the combo causes. It's bad all around and Klonopin is just as bad.

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Tara Says:

There is NO WAY you are a Dr. No grown, educated man would ever respond like that. I couldn't believe your disgusting response. Calling people "junkies" because they are on methadone is something a lonely teenager (troll) would do. Maybe you need to reach out and find yourself some friends or girlfriend!! Don't forget these are real people who have friends and family who love them. Doctors should have empathy and have compassion for people. They don't try and hurt people's feelings. Shame on you and have a nice day "Dr. Joey".

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Tricia Says:

You talk about the people you treat in such a disgusting manner. I'm surprised you still have a license at all, its apparent you abuse your power. Everyone who has been through methadone and by the grace of God got off it are lucky, that's sheer will power, because after the people who run the clinics lie, abuse their power, and so forth and so on, patients are addicted to something far worse than what they came in for help with. As far as Xanax and methadone being a cocktail used by "junkies" to feel high, you don't know every single person's experience. Personally, I think you're in the absolute wrong field especially since you refer to patients as junkies. Anxiety is real and if these damn clinics didn't milk the system by increasing people's doses past what used to be the legal limit of 80 mg to keep them on it as long as possible if not for life, this would not be such a big problem. Think about what you said but also try to think about the people you are talking about. Addiction is a disease which harms the mind as well as the body and if you really think every person on methadone doesn't have some sort of anxiety you know nothing at all about addiction, just the policies. Stick to what you know.

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King Springfield area Says:

Re: Kannr20 (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

I agree I have leukemia in remission copd is killing me fypromiagia blown disc PTSD high anxiety Trump has any doctor scared of losing there license my doc retired I'm in mo and have been treated horrible by 2 docs so far just got my disability approved now this I'm worried

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Be kind Says:

Re: DrJoeyMDPhD (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

“Dr” Joey....I don’t believe you are a real dr for 2 seconds. If you are, you are a s***ty one. And if you are, you are the most angry, unprofessional, and judgmental Dr I have yet to come across, and I’ve met plenty Dr. D*****bags in my days, but even the worst Dr would not refer to his patients as “junkies” ESPECIALLY if they are working in the field of addiction medicine. Also, if you were a real doctor you probably wouldn’t have time to be on a site like this especially just to tell all the JUNKIES how stupid they are and to let them know how smart YOU are “Dr.” Joey. You’re just some narcissistic drug addict who gets off on attempting to make other sick people feel like s*** because it makes you feel just a smidge better about your pitiful existence. Ok Doc....I’m all done....you need to get off this drug forum now and go take care of all those patients of yours!

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Patrice Says:

Re: DrJoeyMDPhD (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I have been on Methadone Maintenance for almost 19 years. My doctor never has had a problem prescribing Xanax and he knows I'm on Methadone. He knows I have never abused my medication. Your post was rude and I'm wondering if your even a doctor..You're belittling recovering addicts so if you are a doctor I would stay away from you. You sound like that quack Dr Drew.

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Patrice Says:

Re: Be kind (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

Not only is Dr Joey rude, he can't even spell. He is just some ***** with nothing better to do than sit in his mom's basement talking s***. If he was a real doctor he would lose his license. No, this a**hole is just another loser pretending to be someone he isn't.

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